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Mediumistic contacts with the Claudius Congregation via Half trance Voice Medium

Remark: Over the next weeks most of the German texts will be translated into English



This website reflects dialogues that were achieved by mediumistic method via a voice medium throughout a number of years. The mediumistic contact still is in progress, so that this website will be constantly extended and updated. Besides publishing latest topics, it is planned to gradually add the considerable mount of communication over the years.

The main target of the contacts is posing universally valid questions. There is no commercial usage of these contacts.


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Claudius Congregation

The term Claudius Congregation was chosen by our spirit friend Claudius; it is in its original meaning to be understood as non-religious.

The usage of the term Congregation signifies that Claudius’ messages are in consonance with his cumulative consciousness and other spirits with structures alike.

For the sake of convenience we will within the dialogue documentation only use the name Claudius instead of Congregation. Further clarifications can be found in the topics area under Congregation.


Why Portal?

A portal can be passed through either from one or the other side.

It therefore is superficially helpful for us to imagine a communication between various realms.

That the various realms are all in all not too different from one another, and much less locally apart than we usually think, is the content of subsequent interesting dialogues. The traditional concept of ”here” and “there” with potentially looking upwards will be questioned later or revised.


Overall Aim

Main target as well as purpose of this website is passing on dialogues of our contacts with a world we call “World Beyond” to people that are, as we are – interested in these issues.

Helpful is to question our learned behaviour and to replace the phrase “that cannot be!” with a natural openness with the phrases “why not - which evidence supports, which does not?”

There is no intention to “missionize” from our side, we do not want to convince anybody.

The dialogues speak for themselves. They either reach the reader´s interest or not, you could introduce the word resonance.


Our Motives

It is our curiosity, the interest, the desire to “look behind the curtain“, that have confronted us with phenomena that on one hand side are not to be explained with our normal physics and on the other hand side have confronted us with answers that made us wondering.

They are the natural questions we are interested in for many years “Is there life after death – If so, how?” – ultimately also in the broader sense an attempt of finding a deeper meaning. Also the question: Is this all we can perceive with our senses, or is there more behind? Is it possible to imagine a world view containing our observed environment, but which reaches far beyond the normal perception?

We do not want to convey the impression that we are able to answer all the questions to the reader satisfactorily on this website. We even got stuck in our dialogues at some points and reached boundaries where obviously the human vocabulary on hand is not sufficient or adequate for descriptions of circumstances.


Development of the contacts to the Claudius Congregation

Looking back there were many encounters with the extraordinary: suchlike with for us inexplicable phenomena during many Scole Sittings as well as some séances with Ectoplasm phenomena. Throughout the sittings we often had the opportunity to conduct dialogues with spirits through the mediums.

Besides the witnessed phenomena as such especially the dialogues were and still are fundamentally important for us, since they give the opportunity to pose questions.

Therefore the long-term participation starting in 1989 in many mediumistic sittings with our friend Franz Schneider, through which the Claudius books by Hildegard Schäfer emerged, were of special significance. The adjoining 6 years we lived in England offered us the possibility to deepen and o extend our experiences by active participation in many mediumistic sittings.

At that point we did not consider a mediumistic contact through my wife Karin, but still it resulted in such. Consequently the intensive engagement with the relevant subjects, such as a training as NSFH  Healer with Certificate, the friendship and the exchange of experiences with the Scole mediums as well as the interest and the support of our family have contributed to this.

 The development to a half trance medium did not happen suddenly but it was rather a continuous process over an extended time period.

Since our return to Germany in 2000 we now have mediumistic contacts to our spirit friend Claudius respectively – as explained above – the Claudius Congregation.


Group Work / Proceeding

Basically we have our sittings – apart from a few exceptions – in a small circle, for quite some time at the beginning they were held just within the family.

A frequent active participant within many sittings is since 2002 Adelheid’s*) husband Dr. Ernst Senkowski, physician, formerly lecturer and professor at the FH/Technical College in Bingen/Germany. His book “Instrumental TransCommunication” is a comprehensive standard work, it shows his enormous competence in this field.   *)Adelheid died in 2000

Remark: My own background: Masters Degree (Dipl. Ing.) Engineering Technical University, long-term professional occupation domestically and in foreign countries.

All sittings are literally documented as scripts. Over the course of the years several thousand pages of transcribed dialogues have emerged. With this website we undertake the attempt to pass on the information concerning some major subjects.

We will not provide our personal interpretations, but we leave it up to the reader’s own thoughts and judgement. The reader also determines if he can accept the identity of the spirit dialogue partners mentioned by name. Most of them are familiar to us for many years, some of them we know from former contacts in the course of our attendance in sittings in England, but also in connection with Claudius sittings via our friend Franz Schneider at the beginning of the Nineties.


Topics in general

To the communication with Adelheid there is a pre-publication by Ernst Senkowski in the comprehensive and recommendable website issued by Rolf-Dietmar Ehrhardt  www.horizonterweiterung.info  (Über das Alltägliche hinaus!!) with the title MTK-Adelheid Senkowski.… . This summary was completed by us with further statements.

New topics are gradually incorporated into this website.





Comments to the Phenomenon of the Mediumistic Ability 

Mediums are normal persons with all their strengths and weaknesses.

They are channels and not causer/originators of messages.

They are subject to the danger of a special, overdrawn attention by sitters because of their so called direct access or direct wire.

Mediums are without exception involved in the messages from the so-called Spirit World with their own mind. This influence varies but can by all means amount up to 30%.

Basically influencing in regard to the “Quality” of the messages is the medium’s motive.

A strong religious minded education or a dogmatic background is mostly reflected by the choice of words by the medium.

It is important to mention that the so-called deceased giving messages through a medium are not only because of the fact that they are departed necessarily all-knowing (information bureau) or refined.

There is no neutral way of information transfer – also not in the instrumental communication; there always is a medium involved.



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