Claudius answers questions concerning the transition from earthly life into the spirit world and gives spirit entities at his side the opportunity to speak.


Cl: When you enter the world of the afterlife you know that you arrive in vicinity where almost all humans arrive that means on the astral plane where you are welcomed by friends, relatives and spirit helpers. You will - to begin with - be guided to a so called regeneration centre, also called reception centre, depending in which condition you passed over.

Then you are able to make decisions about your further steps. You probably will make use of your spirit helper’s guidance to progress in your consciousness. And when you are ready to openly look upon your passed life and if you have decided to work off certain parts of it and do not want to sweep things under the carpet, than this is the best condition to automatically go forward on your spiritual path.

Cl: Originally your spirit structure did not include polarity, but to live a physical life it is necessary. The further you drift away from the physical aspect, the lesser you need the contrast of polarity. This also applies to the typical human emotions and feelings. It does not mean that when you leave the earth you automatically have eliminated these aspects. Your spirituality does not change instantly because of your transition.

Emotions occurring during a mediumistic connection with spirit are mostly caused by you. I intentionally say “mostly” and not “always”, because it also depends on the spirit plane you have contact with. A just deceased person will pass on to you their emotions still for quite some time.

A: (Adelheid) It is of great help if the world beyond is not totally new to you. I already was able to start quite easily to explore and get to know it. I had not problem to get familiar with it. It really is as you would move from one house into another, into a real good one.

W: What did you feel during your transition, did you have the tunnel effect?

A: The transition is individually conceived. I had the feeling of an out of body experience that means I was able to suddenly float away. I did not really sense a tunnel. While floating away for a while I could not reveal for how long in time.

It was so wonderful, and when I eventually immerged into the world I am now in, I was totally regenerated.

My body was totally renewed. I knew right away that this was the last journey. Because this time everybody was present to welcome me.  

A: Many spirit people celebrated my arrival, principally all those that are attracted to me. I can not remember all names, but there were relatives, friends and people I knew.

W: I would like to come back to what you said before. When you had the feeling of recognizing spirits was this connected with the memory of former joint times, perhaps even concerning a former life?

A: It is at first only a remembrance that comes up. If you get deeper into contact with these entities, individual fragments fit together and create a full picture. It is for me like piecing together a puzzle.

St: Could you say you grow into your new identity?

A: This is quite all right, this is my perception. After the transition you are not someone else, you bring all your attributes, characteristics with you.

Cl: The collected experiences of your past life or better of your entire past lives are – as you know – are recorded. You call it Akasha Chronicle. Some people that come over to us do not remember anything of their past life of past lives at all.

If these persons would not get any help – we call it “slight shock therapy“, then they would remain without any remembrance – possibly for a long time, not to say forever.

E: If somebody passes over like Adelheid without this problem how is it with the remembrance of activities he conducts in spirit world, does he remember what he has done before and after?

C: This is an interesting point. In case somebody passes over with full consciousness it is not at all difficult for the person to remember earthly processes. A person that has had in life on earth a precise memory will take this into spirit world. After a while they will perceive all activities instantly at the same time.

W: Can you remember your transition, did you have a kind of tunnel effect?

WS: It was like an out of body experience, but there was an assurance that now all is over. It was very quickly, but I could not perceive a tunnel, I orientated on the light.

W: Did you have the feeling that it was quite a distance to the light?

WS: The light you perceive is far away, you do not reach it, but you are in the illumination of the light from the beginning.

W: Is F. with you at the moment?

MaK: He is in the background.

W: It would be interesting to know about his eyesight.

MaK: Eventually after his transition he was able to properly see, he never was able before (was almost blind in his past life). He is a wise spirit. This he already was in his earthly life. He is always in the background but is active in moving things from there.

Cl: In former times mankind was not able to interfere with the normal transition artificially, so that humans came over to us in a different phase of life and in a different state of consciousness. It often meant a release, especially in times of epidemic plaques. They came over in a state of salvation, something that is nowadays not valid anymore. Because of the medicine faculty that offers them kind of “eternal life” humans come over nowadays often in a confused state of mind, a fact that makes our work a bit more difficult. Fortunately with quite a number of newcomers we do not have problems like that.

W: How did you feel after your transition, was your physical pain eliminated?

SW: I had less pain than others in my situation. Now I feel very good and released, also mentally, because it was the right time. Afterwards I did realize that.

It was the right time, because we are now together again, my husband and I (husband died 6 weeks before) and we eventually are able to work together on all aspects of our past life.

A: Principally we are without any body. But after the transition you still feel kind of body, otherwise newcomers would be shocked if it suddenly would have vanished. I believe this has something to do with the afterlife regulations, so that humans do not awake after the transition in a situation totally strange to them.

E: How would describe the state you are in if we use the earthly expression happiness?

A: If I use the word happy it is most appropriate for the moment of transition when I realized how wonderful it is to be freed from earthly heaviness, from pain and malaises. In this state I was “happy”.

W: We discussed the matter about somebody who was in the state of half coma before his transition and the question is if there is already a connection to spirit world in so far that the person is moving forward and backward from one into the other world alternately.

JA: Yes, it is like a pendulum. Even a diseased patient with open eyes might at that moment be mentally in our world.

W: You passed over as a child. How did you feel about your age in spirit world?

KC: (died with 5) You arrive over here as a child, and you behave for the time being like a child. Since you have got all opportunities on the astral plane, you will be integrated with the help of guiding spirits in a surrounding where you will be happy, therefore in a child-like environment.

After a while when you realize that there are other possibilities to use your abilities, you explore other areas as well.

Cl: Livia was not able to adjust, because you are not different when you come over, you know that, so she had quite some difficulties. But the helpers were very successful; she now is in a different conscious state. It helped her a lot that, of course, we all came together and helped her. So, I would not say she is in "heaven", but half way.

SA: But not a goddess?

Cl: But she really thought, she believed …

SA: Everybody did, didn’t they?

Cl: Yes, she specially did. Augustus did not believe in it to be a god. He didn’t care, he was of a different kind.

StA: Have you settled well in the spirit world.

A: Yes, very well.

StA: That is good.

A: It’s an excellent place. If you would know, you would come over right away.

HS: You were received by your loved ones, was it like the passing over is described often?

A: Yes, by some special people to me. But, as it often is described, I did not have that tunnel effect when you see that beautiful light at the end. What I had experienced, I went over passing certain….how can I say …

W: Stations?

HS: Yes, I remember, you mentioned stations in the report to Karin.

A: Yes, stations.

HS: So my question is: what kind of stations?

A: It is difficult to say, because everything is floating. You do not have firm stations, but we have to find a word for it, so we call it stations.

If you consciously pass away, you realise what is happening. And then you still feel a kind of body, it still exists in your mind. You go – like I experienced it – to spirit world in steps. From step to step you lose more "body weight" until you feel free of that. Besides, I experienced before I died that I was constantly already going back and forth.

You cannot measure that in time, it’s in a flash anyhow, but you experience it even as spirit as sequence. It’s like dreaming, a dream lasts perhaps a few minutes, but you experience it as hours. When we go to spirit world we still have this earthly time thinking where we go a distance.

HS: Distance?

A: Yes. From the position of spirit world it could be that you die and in the next moment you are over there, but the traveller to spirit world experiences it as a distance journey.

As well the people that go through that tunnel, they also experience the journey as a distance from here to there. But there is no distance, you only experience it like that

W: In which phase of your life would you describe yourself as you appear now, in the thirties or so?

FS: I tend more to the age around, if I would describe my appearance now, the forties. As man with forty you feel it is the best age when slowly the hair starts to get grey.

OL: (Oliver Lodge) The most important perception after the transition for me was that my mind still was in that same state as before. I had already contact to the spirit world, but could while living on earth not imagine that I as Oliver Lodge would pass over into the world beyond with the same mental structure I had during lifetime.

Cl: You die and you are within a moment over here and finish your thought sequence you started thinking before the transition. Oliver was in that position where he finished a thought that started when he still was alive.

W: This of course is a phenomenon.

Cl: Yes, a great phenomenon.

W: Yes, now I understand much better what Oliver tried to explain.

WSch: The transition was similar to a dream I had once before in which I visited the world beyond and where received with much devotion, so that I felt very well.

During the transition I then remembered this dream, and I longed again for that feeling of happiness which I was able to trigger off. I did not have, like many others tell you, had that tunnel feeling, it was more that I was attracted by a wonderful atmosphere, to be described as some kind of light.

It is not an earthly light, you have the feeling you are surrounded by love, transformed into light, not to be really described actually.

JG: (death caused by overdose of addictive drug) You are not really conscious about the fact that there is still a part of you left, a part of your aura. In my case I enjoyed the transition. It was a great release.

FH: People say there is a tunnel and at the end you see a light. For me it was more that I floated into spirit world within an army of white, silver white clouds, you could say sitting on a cloud. Everybody describes it differently, in my case it was a cloud.

Of course at the end there is a light, but you will not reach it, it is too far away, but you are attracted by it, a situation I am still involved in for the sake of increasing my consciousness.

AE: (Albert Einstein) You have to consider that when you “get into old age” there are not too many people left you can converse with, because most of them have died in the meantime. And this happened to me with some of my friends that have left earth before me, those I was able to communicate in a way I liked to. Now I almost was alone in this world, and then it was not interesting to live anymore.

And since I did not think too much about the situation if it would be better or worth after death, but I was positive about the fact that in the world beyond it must be better. So I not really enjoyed the thought of dying, but I was open-minded and curious about the afterlife. This made the transition kind of easier.

You meet these spirit people that are in mental harmony with you with a mental structure similar to yours. And now you might imagine whom you yourselves meet and how things develop.

NT: (Nicola Tesla) You know about the ritual that you after the transition are welcomed by spirits and that you choose an area where you feel at ease. There you will be together with spirits of the same interest (birds of a feather flog together). I received help in so far that I was brought together with spirits that during my lifetime already had inspired me in my work as physician.

Cl: If you are open minded, and if you as human already were an open person, than you will find open doors within the worlds beyond.

If you however were a person during lifetime that mentally blocked you might have difficulties over here, since after the transition your earthly behaviour does not change instantly.

E: The main point is the connection between the two planes.

HD: (Helen Duncan) Yes, that’s very important, and you will find when you come over …– of course. I was trained to be connected with spirits, and you are trained in a way, perhaps a bit in a different way, you are more trained with spirits perhaps than I was, because I usually was constantly away when they worked through me, but still I had connections, I felt it – … so when you come over and you already had connections with spirit entities it is so much easier, it really is because you are already used to the nature, to the structure of spirit "people". So, you can converse right away in a way – before you would have had difficulties – just mentally, just mentally. And if somebody is not trained and comes over to the spirit world, to the astral plane they cannot put things together.

E: Yes

HD: They are in a kind of dream. They think they are dreaming, and then they wonder because usually a dream ends and afterwards you are again in a different state. This they remember that when you on earth you have a dream you wake up and then you are again in a different state. They have this remembrance. But over here the dream goes on, and on, and on.

So if you are not trained in this, you might have difficulties. Some people who had no connections before and are very good in learning, they capture it right away, but most earthly people, coming over to our plane, cannot put things together. So it is very valuable that you had connections before.

Cl: I would like to talk to you about the fact that some spirits still feel physical sensations after the transition.

If humans as example are abruptly taken out of their life caused by an accident or an act of violence within seconds they probably do not perceive right away what happened to them. They might arrive over here with phantom pain in the belief that their body still remains in physical condition.

We then react accordingly to these complaints about the pain and treat the injuries as your earthly medical physicians would do, since on astral plane newcomers still have a sensation for their body and will for the time being retain their so called astral body, since out of earthly memories they still feel physically.

Of course we do not have anything material over here, but we do not intend to take away a spirit’s illusion of a physical body sensation, since the astral plane is a world of illusions.

It is not that after the transition you will find a paradise over here right away. It might be paradise in comparison to the hell humans create themselves on earth.

A: When you rest on your death bed and want to die in peace you do not want to be disturbed by actions of the harvesting your organs (concerning organ donation). And you are for some time after death still connected with your body.

W: Also with the lifeless body?

A: Of course you do not want to get stuck in a lifeless body, but as long as the body has got a temperature you still feel at home. These are the moments you do have still some connections, not in the body directly, but the life cord is not yet cut through totally, there still is a kind of bonding. It is a floating process. And now you don’t want to be disturbed by a team of physicians maltreating your body, no matter if heart, liver or anything else is concerned. A transplantation process is in any case a fatal procedure.

Cl: Mainly you have reports on Near Death Experiences with a tunnel effect, because people talk about these experiences after their return.

But the actual transition has to be seen a bit differently. There might be similar effects, but it must not be a light at the end of the tunnel or a tunnel at all.

It depends on the circumstances of death, if the deceased person desperately fights against death or if death is caused by tragic. During wars many soldiers that perhaps die with terrible injuries, they are not prepared to die and will therefore not experience a tunnel effect, because unaware of the transition they mentally remain at the location of combat and do not realize that they are dead already.