Time – Timelessness – Simultaneity




Time/Simultaneity/Timelessness is extremely difficult to understand. We were only able to draw closer to an understanding, but believe that the topic represents a key position. Following are the questions/answers to this topic. It is obvious how hard it is for us to step out of the sequential process of our reality, even only intellectually.



Introduction by Claudius:

 Within timelessness there is no evolution in its meaning. For you, since you live in time, a consecutive development is recognizable, a sequence in development.

In the spirit spheres everything exists in every possible stadium anyhow. There is no development. Only out of your view you have to take an initial step to hypothetically re-enact the next one. Concerning your life you yourselves are able to reconstruct certain developments.



St: If there is no time than there is no difference between past and future.

Cl: Yes.

St: Without disregarding our free will this does mean that what happens in the future already is available.

Cl: Yes.

Cl: A human with a precise memory during lifetime will also retain this over here at the beginning. But these remembrances are after a while not important anymore, because he does not anymore recognize his life according to the earthly sequences. He will – and this is difficult for you to understand – conceive the processes and circumstances altogether simultaneously.

W: It is striking that out of body (OBE) you have a different feeling for time.

Cl: It is similar to a dream where the scene of happening will be conceived by you as a sequence of hours, but in the wake consciousness state you recognize that this was not at all the case. When you look onto your watch you estimate that it altogether could have been only minutes or seconds.

W: I think about the bush that shows during an out of body experience every state of its development – at the same time the blooming, the fruit etc. – things that for us only take place one after the other. Is this really only a construction or idea by us or is it caused by the time that runs extremely quick?

Cl: You cannot talk of time. This is simultaneity in perfection. Spirit without the hindrance of the physical body is able to freely recognize all that is hidden behind the physical presence.

W: I see it as an idea. Is this idea stretched for us in time, in sequential processes?

Cl: Walter, You again ask questions! The bush - from beginning until its dye-off – is one process and happens in an instant. What for us in the timelessness is 5 minutes, for you it is 50 years.

W: I do understand that more as a support model, because even 5 minutes is still time and sequential. Is it the attempt to give us a feeling or is it really a ruffled time appreciation – what I do not believe?

Cl: Five minutes is an ancillary crutch. How should I explain?

St: An instant, a stroke of wing!

Cl: Yes.

You have to imagine in the state of timelessness the bush is in all possible forms - with or without blooming, small or tall, big or thin - at the same time present. During an out of body experience you are in a so called altered state of consciousness without physical boundary and therefore your consciousness is able to look into past and future simultaneously.

For us it is only an assisting tool to explain to you that there does not exist time. You perceive it as sequence in time: past, present, future. After returning in your physical body you otherwise were not able to cope with all that; as human you cannot perceive timelessness as it is. Once in a while you might have a consciousness flash into it. It is only a short insight within an instant, and than you lose it again.

Cl: Part of the impressions while on an astral journey you cannot remember anymore later on, even if you try hard -. That means that during the travel you have a different perception. You have the perception of timelessness, but translated into earthly reality you remember it as a sequential process. It is not possible to transfer the feeling of timelessness into the physical.

W: Yes, that I experienced myself.

 St: Do you see me simultaneously as child and as old man or all together my whole being?

Cl: I have got an overall picture of you, as I have the picture of a tree. Although maybe this tree is being felled 50 years after it was planted, I can see it in an age of 500 years.

Now you don’t know now how old you will get, because you are not comparable with this tree, but you get an idea about how everything looks from my standpoint.

Cl: It is an adaption process. The spirit that arrives here on the astral level will still experience time somehow. Only then when he is conscious about that over here time has no meaning anymore - it is anyhow plenty of it available - and that there is no time stress anymore then he will slowly get used to the idea about timelessness and freedom.

W: Than we are out of all time pressure.

Cl: A human that in his lifetime is constantly under time pressure will only gradually get rid of this feeling. A human that already lived kind of timelessness on earth, because he had no pressure of a time schedule in his life, will have not a too big problem with that over here. Because when he already did not have a feeling for time in his life he probably will just carry on normal as before.

A: (Adelheid) I waited the whole week. You now would say there is no time for you. But as Claudius explained when we reach out into your world we take over a bit of your feeling for time. And it is something special to dive into “time”. Spirits that do not do this are always very much surprised when they hear about it, because after a while you do not recognize time over here anymore. So that when we exchange thoughts it sounds for those that are only concentrating on spirit world affairs to them like a fairy tale.

E: Yes, this is the difficulty you earlier talked about. In that moment when we talk about the terms “to learn and to progress” this is always for us connected with a sequence of time.


A: So it is. It is not possible to tell you all this without a feeling for time, because you just live in time. The timelessness to bring over to a human is one of the mot difficult tasks altogether. Even as spirit you have to study the timelessness to understand it. At first over here you are still bound to the earthly concept, well, it just takes its “time”.

Cl: You asked me if you can bring into the past the knowledge of today’s time?

W: That is right.

Cl: This is possible, but not the way you might think that you step back into the past. Since this incarnation in the 16th century takes place at the same time with your incarnation momentarily, because of the timelessness there is no going back.

And the information of the current time cognitively flows in, so that in past times there were exceptional wise people that had the knowledge of today, they were advanced, because they basically were mentally in contact with the 19th, 20th or 21th centuries and open for modern knowledge.

There is a constant interaction, a mental interaction, since all information already exists and is at any time available for all mankind. It is only necessary that a human with his intelligence is able to take on board the information of modern times into his time frame.

 W: In form of intuition, or how is it to be understood?

Cl: It is a calling up, it is the individual antenna that makes it possible to intuitively retrieve the knowledge of the 21st century into the 16th century. The information, the knowledge is latent equally available for all mankind at the same time.

In the 16th century it was generally not possible for humans to construct an aeroplane, but there were some that already had the idea, because their brain structure functioned in a way that they intuitively were able to take on board the information which for the 21st century is common knowledge.

W: They had a vision.

Cl: They already had a vision, they partly pictured images that are for you in your time reality are the most normal things in the world.

The information is available for everybody, but the Stone Age people for instance cannot cope with information of the 21st century. But principally there is no progression in information, principally every part of information was available since the beginning of all times and will be available non-finite.

W: There are certain indications that suggest that reality systems once in a while interact in small areas that effects from a different reality system invade into our reality system.

Cl: While information out of your time penetrates your “past”, this is also possible the other way round.

W: Are there physical effects in our system to create that the effect comes before the cause? It is a penetrating of a different reality system  - tachyons, scientists say, are running backwards in time what this effect would provoke.

Cl: You can call it an infiltration of a different reality system. This actually is possible, but for the normal educated human not accessible.

W: These effects are only possible to prove with a great effort.

Cl: Yes. I would want you to understand this topic. If you still have questions, also in connection with the so called past, then we can clarify this, as far as I can make it understandable to you.

W: It is so extremely difficult for us to understand that the incarnations that for our understanding have existed in the past are actually running simultaneously with the one at the moment.

Cl: So it is. It is an interaction between you in your present incarnation and the one you might have had in the 16th century. There is a mental interaction in form of a cognitive exchange. It sounds like a fairy tale.

 W: Yes, I just try to get a picture.

Cl: But we have to speak a clear language if we discuss these topics with you, so that you understand that a person of the 16th century had ideas that are valid and brought into reality in the year 2000.

W: There are some breakthroughs in time – for example the book “The Vertical Plane” by Ken Webster, 2109 – where also for us understandable, the 16th century is still in existence, because Thomas Harden still lived in his house where Ken and his girlfriend lived at the same time in the 20th century, and they interacted in conversation.

Cl: This for me is the best example, a better one I could not tell you.

W: It is the proof for the simultaneity in time.

Cl: It actually is the proof for it, yes.

W: It is extremely difficult to understand how to get used to the idea that there is no time involved.

Cl: It is not possible for you, you can do what you want, since you live in it. It might be possible if you would live the rest of your life in a dark room. Then you perhaps would get rid of your time perception, because you wouldn’t recognize day and night anymore.

W: Yes, time is always a comparison between two conditions.


W: If I assume that no time is involved then there is no history.

Cl: For you history exists, and this is of importance. You are very much interested in and engaged with history, you like to go back in historical happenings to explore them. This is very important for your existence.

Certainly there is principally no history, historical happenings, because they are reality, since they are all tangible right now. But for you – you cannot capture it otherwise – historical events mean for you past history.

W: Yes. As engineer I just bring it to the point: if I have an apparatus that gives me the possibility to look into the past – as is obviously was possible with the Chronovisor  – then I imagine at least mentally to let it run the other way round to be able to look into the future.

PE: (Patre Ernetti) Certainly, this would be the conclusion which was – I would not want to say already possible – but was something we had in mind.

W: The glimpse into a probability?

PE: Yes, in one or more future probabilities. But basically humans are rather content with to look back into the past.

Not even we can estimate what the “future” will bring, if we at all talk about future.

W: This again it the problem with the timelessness.

W: I wonder how it would be if we could perceive everything that happened in this special area (an area with great history in Germany) simultaneously, how for example the Celts lived and fought there as well as the Romans later on  - and now we walked on this special ground a few days ago?

Cl: For you both these things are very interesting, since you inherently are engaged in aspects about the so called “past” and historical events.

Certainly these events are still relevant, as all other incarnations you had – because the Celt’s time did not pass you traceless.


W: Now to the Celt’s view: do we walk in their future through their present?

Cl: Yes, more or less! If they had the ability, if they were psychic then they had kind of a vision or still have it respectively.

W: We then theoretically could have contact to a Celt of his time who is kind of clear-sighted?

Cl: Theoretically this would be possible. It would also possible practically, but not necessarily advisable or designated. For both of you it would be a shock, you might cope with the past, but it is more difficult the other way round.

Since you are busy digging into past and future there is almost nothing strange to you, but to a Celt that lived 5.000 years ago you would be a totally strange appearance he could not classify.

W: When you perceive us walking along a Celtic bank do you at the same time see the Celts as well?

Cl: I can recall or construct it ...

W: ...overlay?

Cl: … I can see it overlayed.

W: ... as we walk through the Celts?

Cl: Well, it is  - I do not want to devaluate it – it is not so interesting for me as it is for you. We are, as you would call it, grown out of these shoes.

St: Before we had discovered the parallel world, we had the concept of a chronological sequence of reincarnation cycles. Since we have time and space relativized this now is actually replaced. Now we are in theory in a parallel running probability world. Does one negate the other, does it replace it, or can we nevertheless talk about a chronology of sequences?

Cl: You as humans anyhow have difficulties to capture timelessness, because for you the mediaeval times are past, and after that the next time frame follows, your time span, and the future is something that comes next. This is the way you perceive it. And for you this is still relevant.

You can perhaps at least get a clue about a synchronistic time picture if you try to see it in an abstract form.

You probably would be able to get an idea if there would be for every time epoch a different surrounding; that each time had a special platform.

It is for you hard to imagine to live on the same ground the Dinosaurs have lived - where you find their fossils - and now it all runs at the same time on the very same ground.

Since however the cognitive aspect has to be taken into consideration – a fact your scientists have problems with – everything is latent available. It is only available of course if you dive into it, if you are engaged in it. Otherwise it does not exist.

E: (Ernst) Keyword time: Is it at all justifiable that the time periods our geologists, biologists and evolution researcher claim make sense or can be interpreted sensible.

Cl: There is no other way.You are not able to conceive infinity. Therefore you must have the chance to get a picture of these time periods. And coming from this side your scientists´ data about time chronology is justified. You live in time and therefore that’s the way it works for you.

E to W: Walter, what shall we do with that? (joking)

Cl: Humans need the time designation to create themselves a picture. The three of you sitting here, you already go a bit further in thinking and exploring. But for of the rest of the population, for 99% of the world population, these time frames are important, since they otherwise would be totally confused.

W: I have not really a problem with the fact that since we live in time we count in time.

Cl: Yes, that’s it. You can of course think about how a timeless world would function, but living in is not realizable for you. Therefore it is important that you get along with the possibility to get informed about the happenings on that planet millions of years ago.

By all means, you live on this planet which is for you existing in material form and these things millions of years ago are valid for this material world of yours.

Once there were dinos on that planet - and they are still virtually there if you accept the simultaneity of time - . You might accept this point of view, but just go and tell your neighbour about it; it will not be possible, because only a few humans like to look over the horizon to realize that there is more than the physical world presents.

Most humans have to have something they can cling on, and this is by all means the past.

W: Is it right or wrong if I say that we in principle only describe with the factor time a possibility, one of the many possibilities, ...

Cl: Yes, ...

W: ... accessible for us?

Cl: … accessible for you. In a parallel world humans perhaps have access to different past events because their researchers in this world made different discoveries in respect to ancient findings, and there also might prevail a different human intelligence.

E: They find an ancient skull or a bone, and the rest is only interpretation. And the interpretation changes with each new philosophy.

Cl: Ernst, you should not only see it from your point of view. You try to look behind those processes. But there is a past and future tangible. You have to live with this common fact, and the rest of humans are living very well with it, since they cannot imagine that in principle everything is anyhow only illusion.

W: We see a development, we see how stars are born, how they die, we see how the cosmos, the universe changes. How can I at the same time get picture of the cosmos in a timelessness?

OL: (Oliver Lodge) Assume that the ordinary human comes into spirit world. He will not be anymore interested at all in the cosmic matters. Spirits like me or my colleagues we are still interested in these topics and of course follow with interest the news what happens on earth in this regard.

Since the cosmos is only in our earthly memory present, we still get kind of trapped by time, imagining that there is a sequence of time involved. We know better, but still this is not yet totally out of our mind.

It is not that after the transition the time feeling is totally eliminated within a moment. You take the memory of it with you. And now we try to get rid of our old habits concerning cosmos and universe. But, believe me, it is not that easy.

You live if you concentrate on these things in a different world. I can dive into your world ...

W: Yes.

OL: ... and realize again that for you time has a great importance. I am of course aware of that and I am at the same time aware of the cosmic timelessness.

But to totally imagine a cosmos - where everything is existing at the same time - this is still for us not easy to capture, this I must honestly admit.

W: Yes. I am delighted by you honesty. We would anyhow have problems if you would say that you fully have adapted it. This again would initiate many questions by us.

OL: It is kind of insight and of course I have the knowledge of a timeless cosmos, but my consciousness not yet is able to fully activate this cognition.

Cl: If you look at the difference between the so called astral plane and the more advanced levels of the spirit world than the astral plane is more related with earth and therefore spirits there are more inclined to give messages including time sequences.

W: Due to memory?

Cl: Yes and the strong connection still to earth. You will find it partly as well in “higher” levels, as Oliver explained. If spirits are still very much interested in their earthly occupation and still want to dive into this topic they have to interact with earth. And therefore they then are confronted again with earthly sequences.

W: I get stuck somewhere, since here everything is sequential.

Cl: Principally everything is available - you only have to activate it. Your knowledge drowses until you activate it. This is partly the fact over here, that still one step after the other is valid, like it is for you.

W: I have to activate.

Cl: To realize that principally you whole consciousness is actually already available.

Timelessness means for us: it is already available, you only have to activate it.

AE: (Albert Einstein) Multidimensionality and timelessness is connected with each other, whereas you can be simultaneously at two venues. We try to explain it to you in easy terms.

W: Not only at your side - what I would expect to be a great help - but also here. I would like to come back to Ernst’s term of “high dynamic”. Even if I say it is high dynamic there still is a time sequence implicated.

AE: Yes.

AE: Also we over here use those terms in some cases, not in the same wording, but working in certain areas we have got kind of sequence.

It has actually nothing to do with time, it only has something to do with your consciousness, but as newcomer over here you are still in the earthly thinking: I have this to do and then something else, and after that ... etc. There is no time involved, and if you get the awareness of it you might activate your whole consciousness in an instant.

W: If I look into the direction of development I have to exchange the time axis into consciousness axis.

AE: Yes, but this awareness has even here not every spirit.


MK: (Montague Keen) Still it is also for me a little difficult to get this all in line, because I just arrived here half a year ago, about six months, and this is quite short if you think in time, and I still have a sort of time feeling. It’s not that you just come over and can eliminate that totally in an instant. So you have to learn about the timelessness as well.

Cl: Predictions are the most possible probability into the future. But you cannot make hundred percent predictions, since something unforeseeable can still happen. You might predict with some assurance the next step instantly after this step right now, and even here you could be wrong, because in an instant a bomb could smash down.

Cl: I just try to give you an impression, a picture of the simultaneity of time. It is quite difficult, but we will try.

Imagine a water drop falling for your perception from somewhere above to the ground. This drop you see as one single water particle falling down in a certain time sequence. But it actually falls in steps. Each step can be held on, also visible to you with a respective camera. But you see it only in one step.

Let’s say, this water drop in any position between the beginning of the fall and the bouncing always exists, in each position as single form, as individual reality, and in the moment you watch it falling, it seems to you to be a single process.

W: Yes.

E: I have a picture in mind, perhaps it applies to what you want to tell us. If you actualize with your consciousness the different phases, the different stages of the water drop’s fall you are aware of these single steps that are fixed timelessness, a process we normally perceive only as a sequence of time.

Cl: Yes, you might say so. Fixed is expressed a bit drastically, but, to illustrate it, you could say so, fixed in every single position appearing to you as running.

W: And this applies to every single raindrop?

Cl: Yes, this applies principally to everything. This is timelessness. It did not happen yesterday, it does not happen today, it will not happen tomorrow or the day after. ”It is”.

You can any time dive into the falling water drop, and it will always exist within the single phases. Therefore there is no past and future, it only is.

Your dreams you perceive in a time sequence, but the whole dream is an instant process.

W: In a different time span.

Cl: So that you might realize that you are already unconsciously living in a kind of timelessness, but you cannot reproduce it in your wake consciousness.

AE: Walter and Ernst know these implementations made by Claudius and Adelheid. You have to activate your consciousness for realizing that you are already present on earth, on the astral plane and in the spirit world as pure spirit.

It is for you hard to imagine that you at the same time are present everywhere, and this is simultaneity of time.

RE: How do you know that is long ago, you do not live in time?

A: But talking to you I commute or balance between two worlds. At the moment I am in time. After all I have lived as human and therefore I am able to re-enact the feeling.

A small spark of time you still have in this world over here, once you will experience it yourselves. It might be that you bring it as information over to here, an illusion out of your memory.

But we rather drop the topic now; otherwise I get into trouble if I tell you too much about matters that are not so popular over here. (joking)

RE: Is it right if I say, time is an experience depending on the individual’s consciousness?

A: Yes, you can see it like that.

Cl: A life for you means sequential process, be it now, in the past or the future. But we can out of our position automatically instantly dive for example into your past medieval times. It exists, since for us every moment is simultaneously available.

W: Existing.

Cl: At the same time existing. This of course is not possible to gather.

W: Right.

Cl: We talked about the water drop for example. We see the whole of this drop. We see instantly its consistency, we see it as drop as such, we see it in its initial state and in its shape at the end when it bounced off. Und there is no sequence involved.

E: Yes, for us it is again within time.

Cl: We perceive everything simultaneously in one picture what you see as sequence.  

Just the thought of it will do to be aware of that a part moves from A to B. We catch the impulse and in the imagination of the movement from A to B everything is included.

Instead of language we use impulses similar to perhaps Chinese ideographs or other glyphs where in one glyph more than just a term is included, and depending in which context the glyph is used it has a certain meaning.

E: Could we say that, independent from the time sequences in which we live, you combine a sum of various affairs (objects)) and perceive them globally in one instant?

Cl: So it is.

W: All potential possibilities this object could do or it could be used for?

Cl: Yes, we already have its probabilities in mind while perceiving this object.

A: The last sitting was not lasting too long, but I think it was sufficient. For you it surely was a duration of 2 hours, for us it was in our timeless time not even a second.

W: Now the question comes up what are you doing in the other seconds left?

A: Yes, quite right. It might for you be interesting to know about timelessness, but perhaps you rather imagine everything over here runs the same as in your world, this idea is much more comfortable for you.

(amusement on both sides)

Cl: Your discussion today was again about “time”. Now, what do you want us to tell you?

W: Yes, if you have a little “time”, perhaps we could talk about it. (joking)

We talked to Raymond (Oliver Lodge’s son) earlier who would be according to our calendar now almost 100 years old if he still lived on earth. We therefore talk to a person of 1915. The question is with which Raymond did we at all talk?

Cl: You talked to a Raymond that goes conform with your consciousness, who is capable to communicate with you in this way, because you are interested in the same topics he was and still is interested in, and he still feels the urge, as you feel it in your world, to be a researcher.

Cl: Often you live through a timelessness, especially if you are intensively busy with something, let’s say if you sit behind the computer. This is an adequate example. In this case you do develop a different feeling for time, you loose the time principally, or you overleap the time.

Perhaps you work with the computer for an hour, and if you are asked spontaneously about your time feeling after that hour, you probably would imagine it was 10 minutes. This would represent a restricted timelessness, since you still had a feeling of time.