Raymond Lodge


For many years we are interested in Oliver Lodge’s (English Physician 1851 – 1940) books and have his pertinent works concerning contacts to the spirit world read with great interest. Especially the contacts to his 1915 deceased son Raymond via various English mediums fascinated us very much. Due to the many discussions about Raymond within our circle he came to talk to us during our Claudius Sitting on April 14, 2007.

Protocol/Script Claudius Sitting 14.05.2007

Participants: Walter, Ernst

Spirit Visitor: Raymond Lodge

W: Introduction

Cl: ∞ Ave, my dear friends.

W/E: Ave, Claudius. 

Cl: It is nice to be with you again, and we of course have listened to your conversation.  I would like at the beginning to respond to two topics that principally are not to be classified too far from each other. With some fantasy you could say the so called white noise replaces the spiritual fact in the life stream, Walter, you talked about)

(Note: Topics during the afternoon within our circle was the white noise as information carrier, brought into conversation by Ernst, and the life stream, a physical sensation the English healer E.G. Fricker had when healing. It was conveyed to him by his spirit helpers as sign of the energy flow and which he described as “life stream”.)

In the white noise information is included as it is in the so called life stream.

In principle both are a support to describe the feeling of the flow of energy, and also over here some spirit entities sense it that way. Other spirits have different opinions about information transfer.

In this case it is to be understood that both terms principally serve the same purpose.

I will only give you a short introduction today, I have somebody (spirit voice in the background) invited to talk to you later.

W/E: Thank you.

Cl: We also had an exchange of ideas over here about the parallel worlds, be it past or future, representing the biospheres in your time, only in altered form. We can accept your idea that this principally is an illusion. But even illusions are in a way reality, otherwise they would not exist. Also you are an illusion, although you yourselves feel very much existing.

For us you are present in other worlds likewise. Since we however communicate (spirit voice in the background) with you at the moment, this in this moment is for you as well as for us so called reality.

This was a short introduction to react to your topics this afternoon. I would like to pass you onto our guest speaker. It is kind of surprise, but there is nothing we could not arrange.

Walter, I know that is your heart’s desire to bring more light into the dark of the paranormal, so I hand you over to Raymond Lodge.

W: This is very nice, thank you very much.

E: Thank you. 


RL: Hello friends!

W/E: Hello Raymond!

RL: Please allow me to start in English, since I have no experience to converse in your language, and also since it is a long time ago I talked at all – most talking my father did from here within this and the last century.

W: That's right.

RL: So, please allow me to talk in English, and perhaps later on we can switch over to your German language which I like to hear and would like to speak myself.

W: First of all thank you for coming to us, and we hope you will excuse our limited English compared to your perfect English.

RL: We will try to do our best.

W: Very good. So, thank you very much for coming.

RL: You're welcome.

W: While reading much about you, what your father published regarding your spiritual-earthly connections, I was and I'm still totally impressed about into what the co-operative nature this work developed, it is absolutely amazing.

RL: Yes. Well, when I follow specially your conversations in this room and the interest you have, I find it quite different from that what people were interested within the time period when I passed over. So, it was more the proof and evident effect during that time, for us spirits sometimes very hard to provide, because people were very sceptic. It took quite some effort from our spirit world to convince them.

So, now it is much easier, because you don't stick to certain celebrations or a certain metaphor. It is much more relaxing now to communicate with you here, because I have the feeling, you are in a way much more open to get information what brings yourselves forward in your consciousness.

W: Yes.

RL: This was not so much the case at that time I passed over. People were not so much interested in their own state of consciousness, they just wanted to have proof and …

W: …evidence.

RL: Yes, and evidence about the fact: Is there life after death?

W: Right. It was a different emphasis and a different target.

RL: Yes, that's right. So, now for me, I enjoy to talk to you in this atmosphere, and please, if I can help you with some uncertainties, ask me. I hope I can give you an adequate answer.

W: Right. Thank you very much, and you are most welcome.

RL: You are welcome, and I would like to pass on to you regards from all spirits here around me.

W: Thank you very much.

There are a couple of very interesting aspects in your father's book “Raymond“. One thing is fascinating, and this is, when you described how you had the chance to look into the so called “upper floor“ or to the upper spheres. Maybe you can help us somehow in describing your experience.

RL: Well, it is not so much different from what was described to you already by Claudius and by Adelheid. She experienced similar effects.

If you are ready to open your mind totally and want to go forward, let's say, you are ready to leave the astral plane, then you might have the opportunity to look into other worlds where you gather some inside information, and if this is that what you want, you are able to decide sooner or later to move on.

After moving on, you then have the opportunity to, let's say, have a look from third class into 10th class perhaps. There you might have some difficulties to cope with what you receive on information, but your helpers always will explain to you.

So, having decided to go forward and let's say, if you are ready for it, you have the opportunity to do so. But if you do like to stay where you are or move on a bit slower, you have this choice as well. I think, this already was explained to you.

W: Yes.

RL: So it is your own decision, if you are ready you are always welcome to speed forward or to do it the more calm and slower way.

In what you both are probably interested in is: What is the contents of this higher planes, as we say?

W: Right. Perceiving your description, I have the feeling it comes from an engineering or exploring mind, and I would consider myself a bit similar to that, always interested, what can I learn out of something.

RL: Yes.

W: And since this book “Raymond” – as revised version, finally written in 1936 or so -, for our time schedule quite some time ago, and meanwhile you have developed, you described it by the time as pretty much also new to you. First I would again be interested to get it in your words again directly what you meant by it when you saw this “highest …

RL: …. stream.

W: … stream“, how would you describe it in your words? I know, this is difficult.

RL: You mean the “stream of life force“?

W: Yes.

RL: “Life force“ is an earthly expression, of course, but even in spirit world it is valid, because we live. So it is very difficult to translate into earthly words what this means for us, therefore I call it life force to give you a feeling for it.

W: The difficulty I have is, when I ever hear the word life, I think of animated things, but life force does it include also the non animated, like material word?

RL: This is what I meant. It is very difficult to explain. Usually you use this expression for human beings.

W: Yes.

RL: But over here we are of course spirits, so you could from your point of view rather say “Spirit Force“ for better understanding. Since in these higher planes you have no body anymore, no physical thinking as you still have in lower spheres where you have still this physical earthly sensations, you feel as if you are part of this life force, you are a particle of it together with all the others.

W: Does that include also to our standards the not animated, non living material, the earthly matter for example, is it more creation like? I have a problem with that life force.

RL: What exactly do you mean with non animated?

W: No plants, no animals, no life really.

RL: No nature?

W: It does not include the complete nature or creation?

RL: There is no differentiation anymore. Of course, there are not included any plants or animals as perceived by you. It is not important anymore, the form, structure, the origin substance. It is not even you in your earthly origin. This has nothing to do anymore with earthly life impressions. You are in your essence, in your spirit essence that has nothing to do anymore with your physical life.

W: Yes.

RL: And it has nothing to do really with non animated things, because in that moment you even are not animated anymore, it is the pure information of all, you cannot differentiate anymore.

W: So, it includes the complete creation.

RL: Yes, yes, you could say so, you could say so. But I would like to say if you are not yet ready, let's say, to exist there, you experience it as a film, like an illusion. When you get back (to your normal spirit plane), you feel as if you had a dream at night where you were able to float. I do not mean an Out of Body Experience, because this you experience (as human) as real, I mean a dream where you fly, and you experience the whole universe in a floating sensation.

Of course over here you do not have any sensation of a floating body anymore, you do not have the impression of an universe. It is only pure spirit which has principally nothing to do anymore with your earthly life.

W: Do you see yourself still as an individual or do you see yourself as part of several?

RL: You are a part of it all. Is that what you asked for?

W: Do you still feel as Raymond?

RL: No, not really. No, it is not important anymore. Of course, if you are present only as a learning scholar, you have difficulties being back in your usual sphere, your normal plane to really remember all you experienced. You have remembrance compared to the amount of information you take back when you awake from a lovely dream as a human. While taking back only fractions, you have a feeling for the whole.

As I remember, you do not feel very much individual anymore. Perhaps – I just don´t know how to explain – you could say, it is a borderline experience. I think if you even go further the whole individuality is totally gone, I have a feeling for that.

W: Yes.

RL: There is no contents of any physical or animated life anymore.

W: If this is at all possible to explain, what kind of feeling do you have, is it being absolutely over the moon or…?

RL: The feeling “being over the moon“ that you have as human, you take with you into the astral plane. You even partly have it still if you move on into spirit world, but very limited, because you leave all preferences mostly behind, you develop more and more, let's say, into a group spirit with a collective consciousness.

Of course, you are still an individual if you need to be. The moment, Claudius or I talk to you now, we feel more like an individual. But if I do not talk to you, this is not valid and I´m part of the collective consciousness. If needed, I can take myself out.

But if you are up in these higher spheres you do not have that choice anymore. That means, you do not even have the opportunity, because there is no possibility, by being not connected anymore with earth at all. So you have to decide, and it is perhaps sometimes rather important and sensible to stay a little longer in the region where you can be of profit to others.

W: So there is not a driving force that maybe pushes you in any direction. It is more or less your free decision to go ahead or not.

RL: Yes, it is more a free decision, but at times we have the feeling you get drawn to it.

W: As an attraction.

RL: As an attraction, you get drawn to it. It is both, it's rather funny, you can't really explain it, because it happens automatically, as if there is an automatism behind. It depends on where you have activated your spirit light, your spirit flame, as it was explained to you - I just use some of the words you are used to -, that means it is of importance in which realm you have activated you consciousness. As you know, you are already present in every stage. And it depends how you are attracted to go forward, and, of course, it has something as well to do with your earthly life.

If you were a very prominent person and liked people around that admired you, it probably takes a bit longer. There is no judgement for that. If you were a rather humble person, it probably will not take you long to change from the astral plane to the spirit plane.

W: Yes.

RL: So it depends, but this has nothing much to say, because every spirit in astral plane is important. Most spirits have to go through this stage, otherwise if it would be too easy, everybody would quickly change into spirit world, and it would be deserted, the astral plane.

W: You said, you are helping others. Can you describe that a little bit?

RL. Yes, of course, you always have to offer your experience. Although you do not suffer anymore by your own cause of death, you remember what was necessary to get you to feel well when you came over to spirit world, astral plane first, of course and what you mostly needed at that moment.

It is a good feeling, since you have made the experience yourself, to help others that come over in the same condition. This is not all that is important, but if I'm needed I'm there. Now since I'm now a more grown spirit, I have other occupations as well, more in that way that is more connected with spiritual contents, you know what I mean. It is not so much connected with needs you have on earth or in astral plane.

W: Yes, that would have been my next question, if this is already disconnected from earthly elements.

RL: It has nothing so much to do anymore with it, yes. Although it is always a new challenge again to have contact to earth if it is in a more intellectual way. I would not want to get connected with earthly matters that I´m not so much interested in anymore.

In these connections with earth it is important that we have the feeling you have understanding for spiritual matters, trying to explain them in a more scientific way. It has nothing to do with traditional earth science really but trying to get into explanations that go in this direction.

W: I think you perfectly know what is going on here on earth, for instance the dramatic climate changes that will with a certain probability result in disadvantages for special areas. Is that something you already left behind?

RL. Yes, of course, the moment this topic is coming up we are interested in it, but not in that way that we are alarmed. This is the way earth will probably not end but maybe …

W: Develop.

RL: … develop into or it has to start all over again, as we had that before every so many millions of years - once or twice or three times, but we are not alarmed, because in a way it might be even not that bad, if it all would start again.

(amusement on our side)

You know, what I mean? To get order out of the chaos!

W: You have to be far away to have that position, yes.

RL: What happens is based on your own decision. And of course these developments and current happenings are strengthened by human thoughts. So if you consider it as negative it will be negative.

W: Sure.

RL: But I cannot agree that when you consider it as positive it then will be positive. This is not what I would want to say.

But, to let you have my answer to the question, we are not alarmed by that. We just watch the outcome of that what anyhow was expected. That is all. We do not watch it as you watch it every day in the news, no, it is not that important anymore.

In astral plane, by the way, in fact the astral spirits are not so much interested in earthly matters. Usually people that pass over are as spirit happy if they at the beginning cope with all new environment. So, earth is not so much of interest to them either anymore. But there are others that are still interested and try to give their inspirations (to earth) in both ways, negative and positive.

W: Something comes to my mind regarding the kind of communication through Feda (a medium's spirit communicator Raymond was converting through with his father after his passing over in 1915). I always have the feeling, and maybe you correct me, if I'm wrong, that you somehow gave her pictures she then converted into words, or was it mainly a kind of communication like we talk to each other here on earth?

RL: Both. As spirit sometimes you are not able to convert it into earthly words for what you want to bring over, and then you give a picture, similar to what Adelheid gives Karin once in a while when she cannot explain it with other means. It is a bit similar to that. But others (other mediums) may not be able to visualize, then you have to give symbols.

W: The time, this book was written and you had the communication with your father, you were quite sure that spiritualism and the continuation of life after death would be the “key religion“ for more than 50% of humans. What would you consider the reasons that things developed differently?

RL: As a spirit you are euphoric, you know what I mean?! You want to convince everybody, you want to share the experiences you made (after passing) with everybody (on earth), it is more a wishful thinking.

W: All right.

RL: Of course, it could have come differently as well. But as spirit at the beginning you are so much involved in euphoric thinking, especially those that already experienced spirit connections on earth. You want to believe that in 10 or 20 years time everybody on earth must stick to it.

W: I would like to confirm that. Even in our days sometimes we have the feeling that spirit world or some spirits are quite overwhelmed and almost try to talk things to existence. Do you know what I mean?

RL: Yes, I know what you mean.

W: And this enthusiasm, that everybody is expecting results fast.

RL: Yes, often it is based on a wishful thinking by humans and …

W: … the response from spirit people goes into the same direction.

RL: Exactly, but not always. It has sometimes to do with the medium as well, the medium's influence. Sometimes the medium is not able to exactly get through what we actually want to say.

W: Is there something what in principle you want to say, or do you have any special wish?

RL: Yes, I would like to say that I enjoyed talking to you, and I hope I can do that again. Next time perhaps I will give the word to my father, but not today. He is stepping back at the moment, so that I have the privilege to talk to you.

I would wish for more groups that work in your way. Of course all others are important as well to get the proof, some people want to have, but this does not really make them a “better“ person, for I wouldn't want to say, your work directly makes you a better person, but let's say, it leads you in stepping forward in consciousness. This is what we over here would want to happen more often.

W: This is maybe, since you were an engineer with a more scientific thinking, this is something I am thinking a lot of: what is necessary to really convince more people about life after death compared to what has happened in the past. There were some things that were extraordinary within the last century, but unfortunately a lot of things happened just in the dark, and that makes it very difficult to exclude the suspicion of fraud or cheating. Do you have ideas to improve the situation? We do not have to discuss that today.

RL: What I will do, I will discuss the topic over here with my friends. Of course, these are discussions we already had, but before I´ll give you an answer, I will discuss it with my colleagues.

My thinking is similar to yours, Walter and Ernst. You are persons that are not, let's say, only satisfied to know that there is a spirit life, you want to know more. These were the things, I would have liked to discuss with my father and others after I passed, but at that time, it was not at all relevant, it was proof and evidence. You almost had to dance on the table so that they believed, it was you. This was hard. I think, it was a certain direction. Perhaps if at that time more people already would have thought the way you do, it would have helped the whole development, I just don't know.

W: Everything has to be seen at the time it happens, and there is a certain development in it. I really appreciate the efforts and how things developed, because you first have to establish the fact: Yes, there is life after death! And then you cover the field of how it functions.

RL: If it would have gone parallel, the proof and the philosophical and scientific approach, I just don't know if that would have helped.

W: When I look into the development it was absolutely fascinating what happened in the time, you and your father lived, in the séance rooms of the mediums. Things have changed and we now have different experiences, we have events where computers are involved, experiments have changed. I am always fascinated by that what happened then, but I'm also fascinated by that what happens now, for example, the communication between Thomas Harden, Ken Webster and 2109 – The Vertical Plane incident – and the computer messages received by Adolf Homes and the messages in Luxemburg.

RL: Yes, and telephone connections.

W: Telephone calls.

RL: We get the information through the knowledge and the mind of the people we are interested in, so also about what happens in your house.

W: The point I want to make is, and maybe we have a discussion on that later: What is necessary and what makes sense, would it help, if you would have the ability, not you personally, spirit world, to, let's say, speak on the daily news or print a complete computer text in the papers or is that limited by your abilities, or does it need our co-operation, or is there another law above, that says, it has to be done in little portions?

RL: I know what you mean. In fact, it is part of everything. The collective consciousness is not yet ready. It could be done more, I'm sure, but the collective consciousness is not ready. It is just not enough if, let's say, out of five billion people one billion are believing or are just interested in things. It must be spread more over.

W: And that takes time?

RL: And it does not look as if this would change, the situation. You have Christians, you have Moslems, you have all kind of people thinking in a different way.

W: Yes, sure.

RL: There is no collective consciousness! You know what I mean?

W: Right. It is a strange idea, but if, for example, our pope in Rome would levitate and fly from one side to the other, back and forth and around in circles in front of a great audience, this would be a major event.

RL: Yes, but he will not.

(amusement on our side)

RL: He would like to, but he will not.

W: What I want to say is, an Engineering thinking going into extremes. This would be something where the whole world would be quite astonished.

RL: Not the Moslems. They would deny it.

The American president, if the pope would carry him up, then they would believe it, yes, because they both ”represent heaven” - at the moment they just don't know who is near to heaven, the pope or the president.

W: Sure …

RL: And then people would believe it, yes. Then they would believe everything.

W: To put it in nicer, more normal words, you would have possibilities to really demonstrate astonishing things.

RL: Yes, sure, perhaps not myself, but others over here would have the ability to do that.

W: But you are refraining from it?

RL: Yes, it would at the moment not reach – let's say – the right people, even if we would do things like that. Those who would have the power would misuse it, we know that. It would not be very wise.

W: I'm not looking for giving power to certain people, but more to demonstrate something like: Yes, there is something beyond our normal thinking.

RL: It has nothing to do with wanting to give people power, but we would give certain people power, even if we would not intend to do that. They would misuse it. I´m sure if we would – let's say – interrupt the television programme and spirit would talk, it would perhaps reach some people deeply, others would deny it, and others would take the opportunity to perhaps misuse it, it would inspire people to fake it. With the technology and the power you have got in your world, you can fake almost everything.

E/W: Yes, that's right.

RL: So, I don't think, this would be wise.

W: All right.

RL: Anyhow, we will discuss what can be done to perhaps have a better understanding, a better connection to spirit worlds, but I do not think, that we can give you just an instruction. It has something to do with your humbleness, with your deep understanding and the drive to understand, with your deep desire to understand, deep wish to understand.

W: Yes.

RL: Some people only want to appear as if they want to know. This is not enough, it must be a deep desire, a real deep desire. For this desire you have to take the necessary steps.

W: It takes time.

RL: It takes time ...

W: Well, Raymond, we appreciate it.

RL: … and the necessary effort.

W: This also, yes.

RL: So, it was very, very interesting to talk to you, and I must retire now to discuss some topics over here, and I would like to say good bye to you tonight and we will talk again, if possible.

W: Now, Raymond, thank you very much, and please give regards to all your friends around you.

E: Thank you.

W:: This was really a great surprise, Claudius, Thank you very much.