Parallel Worlds



Claudius and his friends introduced us to a conception that we simultaneously exist in addition to this life at this very moment - which we perceive as reality - in additional existences.

Introduction by Claudius: We talk about parallel worlds, a fascinating topic which will if you dive deeper into it not release you anymore.

Your world for you is a physical one. A parallel world, a parallel incarnation - in which you play a role as well - only exists virtually for you. If you have the ability you can mentally travel into this world perhaps in an altered state - but consciously aware of it - during an Out of Body Experience or in a dream.

 Cl: There are topics that are elementary contributions to understand the whole existence of mankind and one of it are the parallel worlds so that you understand that all that you experience in this life momentarily is only an extremely small aspect in comparison to the whole of your being.

St: I believe to understand this is similar to a religious enlightenment. It is something that you rather conceive emotional than rational.

Cl: It is to be seen as a hologram, each world, each existence is part of all existences, countless existences altogether which again only represent probabilities.

W: I would like to focus on parallel words and also on time which for us is difficult to understand. In our last sitting you said that there also is the possibility to immerge into other realities. Could you tell us more about it, because this would implicate that there exist more realities at the same time.

Cl: Last time we talked about reincarnation or incarnation into the past, into the 16th century, this was St.´s question. And I think you mean that I answered the question so that this is a immerging into another world.

W: Which also exists.

Cl: Yes, which also exists. I will reach out a bit further to give you a comprehensive picture.

While you sit here in your physical world, you penetrate – or vice versa – other worlds, parallel worlds, past and future without consciously perceiving this. Once in a while – that means not everybody has got the ability – there is the possibility to immerge into one of these worlds within an altered state of consciousness. In your wake consciousness it is not possible for you.

These worlds you can also call parallel worlds. But I would only to a limit call past and future parallel worlds. It is more that you in parallel worlds live through parallel incarnations simultaneously to the life in this world, whereas both worlds from each respective view occur real and stay in an interaction. That means you are interwoven with these parallel worlds and benefit from this without knowing.

This parallel world is so to speak one of the probabilities of all probabilities that exist, and it was always possible to visit them in the past as future. As you have for the year 3.000 or 4.000 various probabilities, in which you can travel in an out of body experience, so was this parallel world and your world already present in past times and in “future” probabilities. Do you understand what I mean?

W: Yes.

Cl: Your world seems very much real to you, but this momentary constellation around you is only a probability of the many probabilities that are existing at the same time.

W: That means that we would find countless parallel possibilities to exist.

Cl: So it is. In addition past and future have to be added with their various probabilities. And this is something - if people are clear-sighted - they can perceive. They are able to look into one probability in the so called future, and it might be that this probability turns up and comes into reality.

W: Is it possible that the time in a parallel world, in a different world of consciousness runs differently to ours?

Cl: Not in principal. If the parallel world is bound to your planet, no. There are parallel worlds outside your universe where this might be the case. But if you take for instance an earthly parallel world in the year 3.000 the same rules as yours apply.

W: Yes, but I though more in direction of fundamentally different...

Cl: You mean parallel universes. These are totally different structured.

W: And time can be different there? 

Cl: Yes, time can be different.

W: That what we perceive as effect that comes before the cause, is this possible in another universe?

Cl: You again talk about time. There the effect takes place simultaneously with the cause, the beginning is at the same time the end, the end is at the same time the beginning.

And in this context I would like for example come back to the incarnation into the past. I told you it is an immerging into another world; it is principally an immerging into a simultaneously existing world which is pervaded by you and the other way round where the principle effect (present) – cause (past) happens at the same time.

W: Which is based on our consciousness, not possible for us to realize?

Cl: You are not aware of it. You asked me if you can bring into the past the knowledge of today’s time?

W: That is right.

Cl: This is possible, but not the way you might think that you step back into the past. Since this incarnation in the 16th century takes place at the same time with your incarnation momentarily, because of the timelessness there is no going back...

And the information of the current time cognitively flows in, so that in past times there were exceptional wise people that had the knowledge of today, they were advanced, because they basically were mentally in contact with the 19th, 20th or 21st centuries and open for modern knowledge.

There is a constant interaction, a mental interaction, since all information already exists and is at any time available for all mankind. It is only necessary that a human with his brain structure and with his intelligence is able to take on board the information of modern times into his time frame.

W: In form of intuition, or how is it to be understood?

Cl: It is a calling up; it is the individual antenna that makes it possible to intuitively retrieve the knowledge of the 21st century into the 16th century. The information, the knowledge is latent equally available for all mankind at the same time.

In the 16th century it was generally not possible for humans to construct an aeroplane, but there were some that already had the idea, because their brain structure functioned in a way that they intuitively were able to take on board the information which for the 21st century is common knowledge.

W: They had a vision.

Cl: They already had a vision; they partly pictured images that are for you in your time reality are the most normal things in the world.

The information is available for everybody, but the Stone Age people for instance cannot cope with information of the 21st century. But principally there is no progression in information, principally every part of information was available since the beginning of all times and will be available non-finite.

W: There are certain indications that suggest that reality systems once in a while interact in small areas that effects from a different reality system invade into our reality system.

Cl: While information out of your time penetrates your “past”, this is also possible the other way round.

W: Are there physical effects in our system to create that the effect comes before the cause? Is it a penetrating of a different reality system - tachyons, scientists say, are running backwards in time what this effect would provoke.

Cl: You can call it an infiltration of a different reality system. This actually is possible, but for the normal educated human not accessible.

W: These effects are only possible to prove with a great effort.

Cl: Yes. I would want you to understand this topic. If you still have questions, also in connection with the so called past, then we can clarify this, as far as I can make it understandable to you.

W: It is so extremely difficult for us to understand that the incarnations that for our understanding have existed in the past are actually running simultaneously with the one at the moment.

Cl: So it is. It is an interaction between you in your present incarnation and the one you might have had in the 16th century. There is a mental interaction in form of a cognitive exchange. It sounds like a fairy tale.

W: Yes, I just try to get a picture.

Cl: But we have to speak a clear language if we discuss these topics with you, so that you understand that a person of the 16th century had ideas that are valid and brought into reality in the year 2000.

W: There are some breakthroughs in time – for example the book “The Vertical Plane” by Ken Webster, 2109 – where also for us understandable, the 16th century is still in existence, because Thomas Harden still lived in his house where Ken and his girlfriend lived at the same time in the 20th century, and they interacted in conversation.

Cl: This for me is the best example, a better one I could not tell you.

W: It is the proof for the simultaneity in time.

Cl: It actually is the proof for it, yes.

St: Since there does actually exist no past and no future because of the timelessness there is no chronological process, but for us in our lives with time factor there is a chronological process with past and future.

Cl: It sounds crazy, I agree. Perhaps you can upon what I tell you build yourself a picture. But with the next reflection you get stuck again. Although all probability worlds exist at the same time, for your perception a time schedule does exist.

W: I think about the actions of individuals over the course of their lives. You change something, you build a house for instance or you this or that, all for us perceivable as sequence.

Cl: This house already is altogether in existence. The information house actually includes various probabilities.

W: Yes, you could have built the house in a different way.

Cl: So it is. And in another reality this house is even built differently.

St: To bring it to a peak, the smallest thing, each twinkle of my eye, all I do or what I don’t do is a world of its own.

Cl: You can see it like that. Everything is seizable for you, all is latent available, everything that ever existed and will exist. Every thought is existing, there is nothing predetermined, and you can choose with your free will how you live in this life, how you challenge yourself and frame the probability in which you live.

W:  I would like to come back to the many probabilities of live. We make decisions and go within the many probabilities a certain path. I could as well have decided to live in Africa.

Cl: Of course. This is the range. If you would have incarnated in Africa there you could not live as a black person a life of a white skinned European, so that your approximate target already results out of that.

W: Is there a direct interplay between the incarnations that all are lived through at the same time?

Cl: Yes.

W: But not conscious to me.

Cl: It is an interaction. This is the reason why information from a parallel world flows into your life and the other way round, past and future.

W: Consciously?

Cl: You are not aware of it. It only happens once in a while that you perceive it in an alterated consciousness for example during an out of body experience of a deep meditative state of mind.

St: I did not work up all you told us in our last discussion. It was quite some information but interesting about synchronism of time and incarnation in parallel worlds saying that parallel worlds are equally real as it is our reality that we exist at the same time in both probabilities. The question might be legal about how real is matter at all, how real is the picture of our world, or can you compare it with the function that we create via computer worlds with a stimulation?

Cl: You can see it alike. It is a world within the world. Within your world you create other worlds, and now you might question if these worlds for the figures in these computer plays also reality?

No, I would not want to go too far, otherwise I confuse you, but you are right, this world here is a bit similar to a computer world.

St: If you talk about a parallel world then you cannot equate it with a possible imagination world, or is every imagination world we carry around with us also a parallel world, because there is nothing that does not exist?

Cl: The imagination world includes parts out of a parallel world which you yourself puzzle together in your own imagination world. But it is not an actual animated world.

St: But a parallel world is animated as it is our world?

Cl: Out of the parallel world’s sight it is like this, but not out of your world’s sight.

St: For me I could imagine to live somewhere else. To live in a parallel world form it seems like living in Africa, for me this is also far away.

Cl: Yes, you can look at it like that if you never have been in Africa or only in your dreams.

Parallel worlds exist for you in form of unlimited probabilities.

W: What I just think about representative for this approch is: a parallel world, a Europe for instance without Austria, is that one of the probabilities?

Cl: It is a probability. There it might be an environment like it was 500 years ago.

W: You also could imagine that it is similar to our present time, only in another configuration of countries?

Cl: Certainly.

St: And this world exists equally?

Cl: It is for the circumstances there perceived as existent as for you your world exists and is functioning the same way. This world results as one possible form out of the actual circumstances in your life, out of certain actions. If perhaps 500 years ago humans would have acted differently other European borders would exist. And this probability is actually available.

Cl: It is difficult to understand. I have to bring it over to you quite explicit, so that you get an idea about these parallel worlds. If I would tell you that they only exist in your fantasy because you want to believe in them it would be wishy-washy. And it is not a dream as well; each parallel world is as real for its inhabitants as for you your world is real, because you do not at all have an exceptional position.

St: Don’t we also change the worlds through decisions, via each of our actings?

Cl: Your whole existence draws through past, future, parallel worlds. And with all the influences coming from these worlds or “times” you are connected in this life und are influenced constantly and vice versa.

W: Practically out of all that exists.

Cl: Out of all that exits, that means when you have a happy moment in one of the parallel lives it influences you in this life as well.

W: Yes.

St: You say that parallel worlds are as real as for us our world is.

Cl: Yes.

St: That means also that we simultaneously exist in hundreds, thousands, in a countless number of parallel worlds.

Cl: How is it phrased in the ZEN? The pupil sits under a tree and asks his master about the number of lives he still has to live through, and the master refers to the number of the tree’s leaves.

St: Yes.

St: I would like again to talk about parallel worlds so that we perhaps can build up a model, talk about possible definitions, so that we can get a better understanding.

Cl: A model, do you mean the conception on casual relation?

St: How you may demarcate one parallel world with the other.

Cl: A demarcation is insofar not possible, because one world is reaching into the other and the other way round; everything is networked one with another, as I said before, like a hologram. In each part of the one world is the information of the other world or the other worlds included. It is a flowing crossover from one world into the other, without, of course, that you are aware of this. You only might perceive it in an alterate state of mind.

St: Does our consciousness draws the demarcation between these worlds?

Cl: Yes.

St: Is it that we are imprinted with the will to survive, as animals altogether are? Is it the limitation that we are not able to register other worlds that our senses are only used to survive?

Cl: What the animal concerns is it with its partial-consciousness in comparison to your full consciousness much more open in perceiving other worlds. But the animal is not disturbed by these awarenesses, what would be the case with humans if you would step into a parallel world on demand.

Your life would be so much influenced that you constantly would be in a dilemma, because you could not cope with the knowledge of your actions or happenings in this parallel life. The task of your life is that you in each incarnation follow the respective goal for this individual life and to reach it. There is no room for constant irritation coming from a parallel world.

It is only important for you to know that parallel worlds do exist and that there are other forms of consciousness that for you are possible to enquire, but only in alterate state of mind. Knowledge does not irritate you, but the insights, to deep insights while consciously awake would bring your life totally out of order.

Cl: Basically everything is available, each possibility and probability, and even one of you actions creates a new probability.

You for instance go to school – I even could start earlier, but I start with school – and you learn. Already at this moment there are thousands of possibilities available in which you can develop, and each of these possible situations is already in existence. Do you understand what I mean? To begin with you choose a path way which already is available. You could go a different path way and would be challenged by another situation which as well already would exist.

W: Yes.

Cl: This situation does not get into progress, but you on your path way select something that already exists as probability. In one situation you are perhaps a very clever pupil and therefore develop into a certain constellation which already is on hand to be a good student. In another situation you develop differently and might take some other path way into a different profession. All these possibilities are already exist as probabilities.

St: Could you compare it with a road junction. There are different directions available to go and you choose one you think is right. Only to imagine countless numbers of them is difficult for us.

Cl: There is a countless number available and this is why it is so difficult to explain it to you.

Cl: I could paint you a picture. You see a house in the centre, and you see around this house a ray. In each of all the small rays which creates the big ray, this house is included, in thousand variations, with a red roof, with green one, with two doors, with one, with five windows, with one, with trees, without tree, in thousand variations the house in the centre is available.

W: I understand that with all the possibilities we have available we can develop into all directions. I can sympathize with that conception. It is a junction where you have to choose a certain way.

Cl: Yes. And every situation on this way until the next junction already exists. Than there comes a crucial point and that happens often in your life. Because than you again have to decide if you leave your present path way and perhaps head back to the path way you initially have chosen for that life and you meanwhile had forgotten to go.

Not only your wishes are playing a role, but of course to a certain age also your education, your parents and the surroundings. But then comes a point when you are able to decide all alone by yourself. And you cannot give up anymore the responsibility for your life to some other instance.

W: I would like to come back to the parallel worlds. These many countless possibilities that are available, do I make a walk or do I stay at home, do I drive with the car or not or whatever, all this you as well have in a parallel incarnation.

Cl: Yes, certainly.

W: And still we are all together one with the other connected?

Cl: Yes, because you are multidimensional. Now you might understand the multidimensionality. You exist multidimensionally.

 W: But in a parallel world I have got the same personality?

Cl: Certainly, if it is a parallel world that results out of earthly conditions.

W: There are also parallel worlds that do not function upon earthly rules?

Cl: Yes. They are non-earthly parallel worlds.

W: Which function upon different rules?

Cl: Which function with different rules. But to explain this to you is almost - I would say - a dead end discussion.

The nearest you understand are parallel worlds that go conform with your world – with or without Austria, with or without Germany, whatever – that correspond with your conditions. There principally exist the same regularities, presumed that mankind does not totally change the environment, but all in all the cosmic rules are the same as in your world.

Cl: It might be that some people claim that they were told that they have a certain number of incarnations and that they with this one have managed the last one. They are often given a picture they can understand. If you would tell them that they while living this life exist at the same time endlessly, they would even if they are occupied with spiritual matters worry. To give them an overall picture you have to set a limit in explanations. And many are totally over challenged by the idea of parallel worlds.

St: I still have questions about the parallel universes/worlds and about consciousness.

Cl: It is not surprising that you are engaged in these topics. It was my hope that you will take it into consideration, and I am not so sure if it was me or you that initiated the discussions about it actually, but I think I had sent some impulses to you in that direction in advance.

It is a very interesting topic, although it is very complex and hard to understand.

W: It is, I think, a central topic.

Cl: It is, as I said before, an elementary topic to get conscious about the composition, the interplay concerning all cosmic regularities within your whole existence, within the existence of all that is. These might be perceived by you only limited, but these regularities are in existence beyond the barriers set for you.

W: Seen in this respect it is a tremendous extension for our thinking.

Cl: It might confuse you on one side, because it destroys the picture of one step after the other totally.

W: Considering that we simultaneously exist in various forms in various parallel worlds is it possible to shift over experiences or duties we have chosen for this life into another life in a parallel world, and if so who watches over that?

Cl: It is an interaction. You for example have – to make it quite clear – a market chain that is consisting of footwear stores. In each town you have a branch store in which all the same shoes are sold. In one store a certain type of shoe is sold better than in other stores, so that the non-saleable shoes are shifted over to this store where they find a ready market.

It might be a simple example, but it kind of resembles the situation. If you in this life want to accomplish something that is not possible because of a certain constellation, but which is necessary for your advancement in consciousness, it is possible that it will be carried out in a parallel incarnation if the constellation is right for it over there.

W: This is a nice outlook. That would mean if you look at it from a superior point of view that we run through a learning programme that indicates the probability to come to a good result eventually.

Cl: A great probability, you are right. I do not want to look into the exceptions, but they exist as well. It is a great probability that if you are conscious about the fact that you besides this incarnation exist multidimensional this realization will affect all your other incarnations as well in that respect.

W: If you experience a sudden change in your mood, could that be by all means an impulse coming from a parallel world?

Cl: Yes, unfortunately you are also confronted with this kind of impulses.

W: The other way around as well?

Cl: Yes, so it is.

W: You are only not aware of it.

Cl: It is a close interaction, so that also the “negative” impulses reach you, not only the joyful ones. You are then wondering at certain times why you are suddenly fall into a negative mood, but you also often get a feeling of elation and might not capture where it comes from.

W: Yes.

Cl: …something that you do not inquire the reason for.

W: That’s right.

Cl: It is similar to a telephone call when you within a few seconds are in a devastating state because of the conversation. And similar it is with the connection to a parallel world, it is not the telephone line that connects, but the mental bound.

You can strain the bow further and go into a parallel universe where other cosmic laws exist, where the tasks are different because ot the constellations and various manifestations. But everywhere the highest principle is love, which is for you difficult to really define clearly.

W: I already was struggling. Love is the highest principle; could you classify perception beneath it?

Cl: Yes, I would do that, because in love itself perception is as partial aspect included.

W: Yes, I can accept that.

To reach that a richness of possibilities is available. To come to recognize love is there a certain number of lessons, a certain amount of experiences necessary you have to live through while collecting and which everybody has to undertake?

Cl: You mean if everybody has got the same schedule?

W: Yes, in modified form, but principally with the same schedule.

Cl: Yes. I would say it is not a stiff programme. Because however of the rules, of the cosmic fairness it is the case that no existing entity, no existing form of life has to contribute less than others, so that the scheduled programme is according to the local respective law and conditions the same.

W: You said we are a result of other worlds as probabilities. Is it the case that we then stepped into something already existing, or is it also that we create something with this step that was not in existence before?

Cl: The information, each individual fragment of what is possible to acquire, what is ready to be tailored into something is available. You do not create something new. You put together the parts of information, the fragments and come to a certain destination or aim.

W: A consciousness, a conscious being, the perception?

Cl: Yes, the perception and for you of course as well matter, physical forms in this incarnation. In another incarnation you activate your consciousness and “create” – as you call it - a different live frame out of the information pieces that are ready waiting for you to be used. And this world of yours also only is a probability, a possibility.

W: But built upon something as a foundation, which then allows a further probability to come into existence, or does the probability already exist an we only activate it, bring it into resonance?

Cl: It is not that there is a so called foundation that you have a work piece that you bring into shape. It is not like that.

W: That means recognizable?

Cl: Principally a thought flash and the probability are available and are then activated by you.

W: It therefore already existed?

Cl: Yes.

W: That means everything is available.

Cl: As possibility available. It is not easy to explain creation, and your scientists have a hard time with it which is understandable. They concentrate too much on visual viewing.

W: Yes.

W: Does a fatal act affect parallel worlds?

Cl: This is an interesting point. This act might have impacts, but not that parallel existences are affected the same way. But the negative energies are picked up and might change the course of the existence.

In a parallel existence you for example experience a certain change in your life. You are perhaps suddenly a broken person. You might not know what actually happened, but you suddenly behave differently, and you probably will make your environment responsible for it, although you yourself create a negative presence, caused maybe by interactions with other lives.

St: Parallel life means that another person with a different name with the same I-consciousness I have in this earthly life exists parallel?

Cl: So you can see it. You embody in this parallel life principally a structure similar to the one in your life over here, only that this parallel world has derived from a different probability.

Cl: All the time we talk about the fact that you live in different variations simultaneously, and this also has something to do with the substance of the body. As you appear here there are more variations of you, just in different probabilities, because at the moment you yourselves live within a probability.

You could as well now live here under a glass dome, and then you would believe, you and the glass dome are real. But this glass dome with you actually exists in a parallel world and over there you might as well talk to Claudius in the belief that what you have over here is the existence of a parallel world.

W: Do you see us in a parallel life as you see us here?

Cl: If I like to and find the entrance, I even can communicate. But at the moment it is better that we concentrate on our discussion, because we probably have to let the information get settled a bit further before we dive deeper into this topic.

The parallel world we talk about is not somewhere in space.

W: It is here?

Cl: It is here, so that I can simultaneously gather all that is connected with you, all the probabilities.

W: Yes.  

St: Before we had discovered the parallel world, we had the concept of a chronological sequence of reincarnation cycles. Since we have time and space relativized this now is actually replaced. Now in theory we are in a parallel running probability world. Does one negate the other, does it replace it, or can we nevertheless talk about a chronology of sequences?

Cl: You as humans anyhow have difficulties to capture timelessness, because for you the mediaeval times are past, and after that the next time frame follows, your time span, and the future is something that comes next. This is the way you perceive it. And for you this is still relevant.

W: We came to the conclusion that a fatal act affects parallel lives (concerning killings in rage).

Cl: It has an effect on everything, even on the probabilities in the “future”.

St: Can we assume that there is a direct correlation between the big picture of world affairs and the micro world that facts of both are alike?

Cl: Yes, there is a correlation similar to the micro and macro cosmos. All is connected with one another. And therefore such an act is an expression of your present times.

St: Is it an energetic status, what term could we use to describe the state we are in at the moment?

Cl: It is like an infectious virus that takes over within the human being. Some are infected and practice violence, because they are in an uncontrolled rage where they are not anymore able to control what they are doing, and others use this violence to make profit out of it, something even worse, because it is always provoking violence again, and so it is in the small world affairs and in the big ones too.

W: It is important for us to understand that there is a difference between parallel existences and the various incarnations.

Cl:  Every incarnation includes its individual parallel lives.

HS: Claudius, I have another question about parallel worlds. Is it correct that we live in different worlds at the same time?

Cl: Hans, this is also one of Walter’s favourites. We talked about parallel worlds for weeks, but, I tell you, it is a never ending story.

It is true. Unfortunately, your scientists in this matter put the spirit side apart. They try to find parallel worlds in a material way, and they will not find it. Even if these parallel worlds or universes they look for would exist, they would never reach them. Mathematically they are so far away that the necessary energy would not be available, and the whole journey could not be funded.

They constantly look for wormholes to make short cuts to these parallel worlds, not taking into consideration that with this material world here all other parallel worlds interact, you need not to travel through universes to find them. It is a state of consciousness to dive into a parallel world.

It is possible, but not physically. With your spirit you go there, as well as you cannot travel into spirit world physically. You go there mentally or you have a so called “Out of Body Experience”.

That means you can with your spirit mind or out of your body visit a parallel world. It might look the same as your material world here, but perhaps people talk differently. You might not understand them, although everything looks earthly, the language is not earthly. So there might be slight differences.

But you yourself live in parallel worlds as a possibility, as you would say in German as Wahrscheinlichkeit.

W: Probability.

Cl: Yes, probability. For every of your incarnations there exist probabilities in parallel worlds.

It is all in your mind.

HS: Could it be I personally experience things in a parallel world which happen in my dreams? I remember them, but they don’t fit into our surrounding here, they are completely different.

Cl: Yes, of course.

HS: It comes to my mind as a dream.

Cl: You have to train yourself. It is the same with an Out of Body Experience in your conscious state, and then you know it is not a dream. But sometimes you have the OBE in your sleep state. You can train to realise what it is by differences.

When you are out of body and you are able to float, you do not have to walk on your feet, and you realise you can go through a wall, then it is an OBE. If you bang against the wall it is only a dream. This is an indication.

A visit in a parallel world is similar. You do not necessarily have the feeling your body goes on a journey, but your mind/Geist.

W: Spirit.

Cl: Yes, spirit. And when you touch this world you might have funny experiences. You perhaps realise: these people know me, I know them, but there is something I can’t recall. You are drawn to this world, but you are at the same time drawn back. You know what I mean?

You went into your parallel existence. And I tell you, it sounds perhaps mad, but it could happen that you interchange. You as Hans here go with your consciousness into your parallel existence and this guy Hans there or whatever he or better you are called there dives into your consciousness over here.

HS: It is an interchange.

Cl: Yes, an interchange, and nobody will notice, because this parallel incarnation is anyhow connected with you. So unconsciously by everything happening there you in this incarnation will be influenced.

It is not a strange thing really to interact with this “other” person. Only there is one problem, you cannot put things together as you think: I know everything, but there is something I just can’t recall, something is drawing you back to this incarnation where you belong with this consciousness.

Cl: Is this that what you mean?

HS: Yes, yes, in this direction, yes.

I experience things in dreams that are very real, but I only know, I have not experienced them here, but I truly experienced them.

Cl: These experiences are not really bothering you, you can accept them?

HS: Yes. They are very nice.

Cl: Touching a parallel incarnation, everything is possible. There is nothing in this world, in this universe that is not possible.


A: (Adelheid) Well, while we are together with you in this sitting, your problems are already solved, you have handed them over into a parallel life.

W: Well, as long as I am unaware of the effects.

A: So Walter in its parallel life has to carry the burden with the problem you handed over.

W: Perhaps I also handed over to him some good ideas.

A: But besides that it happened as well the other way round, when Walter in a parallel life did not want to bother, he sent the problem over to you.

E: Curious about how Walter here will handle it.

W: I am willing to believe that. He probably shuffled quite a bit over lately.

(amusement on both sides)

A: Have a nice evening.

WaS: The whole existence is made out of probabilities. The original source was not matter, it was spirit, you would say illusion.

Because there is no beginning and no end, everything was always in existence and will be forever. This is something that not all entities in spirit world understand, but we have the information available.

2109: A for us of course special challenge was to connect two parallel running worlds with a great time difference between them, and in addition with physical and material impacts. (The Vertical Plane/Webster)

W: This afternoon we had a discussion within the circle about parallel worlds. What Karin read in Fred A. Wolf’s book is similar or almost partly identical with your implementations. Is there a constant process of progression, is it something that grows, or is it again only a matter of awareness?

Cl: It is the awareness, because principally there is nothing that grows, because it already exists, it only seems to grow for you, but it only expands within the given range. I understand that you have great difficulties to understand this, but on the other hand side it is a challenge to work on these topics. It expands your consciousness enormously and your spiritual awareness.

What I tell you about parallel worlds has directly nothing to do - only figuratively - with physical equations, with quantum physics. What I tell you is independent from the scientific view, although this scientist (Fred A. Wolf) fortunately considers both sides. This is the reason you find it corresponding with what I tell you.

W: You approach it more from the consciousness side.

Cl: Certainly, that is what I mean. In this case it is confirmed by the physical, even the geometrical, mathematical approach, by a different view.

It always depends on the scientist who partly does not miss out the spiritual component which is important to make it a bit more understandable to you.

W: Yes, the more we are engaged in these topics the more our feeling and understanding grows.

Cl: You have to understand that even in spirit world not all spirits are interested in parallel worlds. Only if you have entered a certain consciousness level things like that an open for you.

PL: And if I have something running parallel, I just imagine a team with horses that pulls a cart. If the horse on the right side does something wrong it will create a chain reaction. And I imagine that this applies also to our parallel existences, a situation we can as humans with limited senses not capture. Now I get the picture about what you said earlier about the transfer of problems into other worlds.

Cl: You have given a very good example, the team of horses in front of a cart. So it is.

W: If I am entitled to decide something in this incarnation, my counterpart in the parallel existence - perhaps No. 27 – thinks he as well is entitled to make a decision. Then my decision is only the result of a collective decision.

Cl: Yes, of course. But it depends on how strong you defend your decision, it might be that at times your decision will push through, but you are not aware of the exact procedure. You are part of the network of your incarnations; you are even involved in a network including all humans.

W: Is it partly also the interplay within the parallel incarnations that influence decisions? We had a discussion about that before, I know, but from where do the thoughts actually come from?

Cl: Yes it is like that. You make a decision at this moment that you reject in the next moment. In this case it might be that somebody has intervened, but you are not conscious of it.

W: Something the other one is also not aware of?

Cl: The other one also probably is not aware of.

AE: (Albert Einstein) Well, I would like to answer the question in so far that any incarnation -taking place by own choice - equivalent to human earthly conditions here on this planet and in parallel worlds are virtual probability worlds, always of course seen out of the respective view.

If we consider that spirit initially decided to adopt physical structure we have to assume that this was basically done with free will. The question concerning free will incarnation on this planet I would answer with yes, in regard to other structures it would be only speculation.

W: Well, many thanks.

W: About Lucid Dreams?

AE: … lucid dreams, in which you are aware of being able to change an action sequence are the dreams in which you have probably entered into a parallel incarnation, because you are not only dreaming at that moment, not only work up the every day experiences or problems, but you emerged into kind of parallel world where you act with awareness.

Cl: The planet you are incarnated on provides all the possibilities to take on board: negative aspects, but also positive aspects to find the best way to live a content life.