Oliver J. Lodge


Oliver Joseph Lodge (1851 – 1940, famous English Physician, Wikipedia etc.) published a large number of scientific essays and books. He occupied prominent positions; amongst others he was an eminent pioneer in the field of broadcast/radio.

Oliver Lodge was deeply engaged with the topic “Life After Death”. In this connection he composed besides books regarding other fields of topics his well known book “Raymond”. He dedicated this book to his son who was killed in action 1915 during world war two and with whom he had many dialogues via various mediums. Our conversation with Raymond you will find separately under the topic “Raymond Lodge”, the talks with Oliver about the Scole Experiments will be published under a special topic “Scole”.

In the following chapter we will report about the conversations with Oliver Lodge, whom we already know since 1995 from séances in England. Oliver again came back to talk to us via Claudius in 2001, and we are still in contact with him.


Subject of Conversations

1. Ether and Cosmos

2. Ectoplasm and other Physical Phenomena

3. Various questions addressed to Oliver during a Group Sitting

4. Extracts from conversations with Claudius and spirit friends about Oliver Lodge


1. Ether and Cosmos

Cl: Here is – and he is more often with me – and since you have lately often talked about him – Oliver J. Lodge -.

W: Yes, Joseph.

Cl: We will see if he can talk to you. He endeavours to talk through Karin, the last time he talked through a male medium, through Raymond Smith (Engl. Trance Medium whom O.L. gave daily messages over a long period of time with the result that three books were published).

But Oliver tries to talk through Karin in similar way, because the structure is very similar, the kind of mediumship, he says. Should you have questions about it, you might ask him personally. So I shall lean back now and watch how you get along.

W: Can we just arrange in which language we talk?

Cl: You will see. I hand you over now to Sir Oliver J. Lodge.

E: Well, what a surprise - one has to swallow first – hello!

OL: Hello friends, please do me one favour. Let me just start introducing myself in English and when I got used to the voice of the medium we then shall switch over to your language which, of course, is easier for you and I probably then can adapt.

E: Thank you.

W: You are very much welcome in our round.

OL: I am Oliver Lodge. I am so 'proud', I must say - I don’t really like the word 'proud' - but still I am a bit 'proud', I must say - you can put that in brackets - that you are so interested in my work.

Raymond’s (Raymond Smith, Engl. medium) and Karin’s structures, as Claudius already said, are similar. They have the same way to translate thoughts from our world to your world. It is a certain kind of mediumship, if you would like to put it that way that is to bring it over more in the philosophical way.

Good. So now let’s try to switch over to the German language. Perhaps you start in saying something in German.

(Note: In the original script the part beginning here is all in German)

W: Well, then I will carry on talking in German. I am incredibly happy, and I think here I also talk in your behalf, Ernst ...

E: Of course.

W: … that we are very privileged to have you here tonight as our guest. It is a great honour for us. We read many of your writings. Also the messages you channelled through Raymond Smith have impressed us very much, because it is similar to the style Claudius conveys to us.

OL: Yes, this is just what I wanted to tell you. This kind of mediumship is similar to what you are doing here. You are more working in a dialogue form, whereas with Raymond Smith it is more the monologue including other spirit entities as well.

But principally it is in its manner comparable to your style in communication, and therefore it is quite easy for me to talk to you.

W: With the German language you don’t have any problems, compliment.

First of all a personal question: I have the feeling that in Scole we perhaps already have talked to each other, is that right?

OL: Yes.

E: This is new to me.

OL: Yes, in Scole we revealed our real names somehow in a hidden way, open for speculation.

W: For various reasons, I can understand that.

OL: But it was probably obvious, since I used my second name (Joseph).

W: Thank you very much for the confirmation.

I would like to come back to the three books in which you gave messages through Raymond Smith. We like them very much, and I am always again surprised how these messages are in line with those of Claudius, how strong the conformity is.

OL: Yes, because we on our level have an interaction. If at your side questions arise then we bring them up for discussion over here as well.

We are not all-knowing too and often have the desire to figure out things and find out what is behind it. We are not always successful, because still on our level there are mysteries, but we have a certain imagination about what will follow.

Also we cannot perceive the conception behind creation, but we do not question it. We perceive that creation contains a cosmic law and that the universe is - how shall I say - ...

W: … built up?

OL: ... built up, and that you can comprehend this built up of the universe with the help of mathematics, but at a certain point you have of course limits as well. The universe can be conceived mathematically, because also there is one and one two, but you still cannot look behind the creation, something the natural scientist would like to be able to. And this is neither possible for us, and if you ask me what was before the so called - I purposely say so-called “Big Bang”, then I cannot give you a good answer. And this nobody is able to do in our spheres.

E: In this respect I have the following question. We are principally all spirits and we humans are quite a bit constricted and restricted and we cannot perceive all that you can as bodiless entities.

Does the cosmos exist for you as observable something or do you have to step into some other spheres to at all recognise the cosmos, for we are told that you do not have a material surrounding, and we are as scientists over here of the opinion that the cosmos is a material structure?

OL: The question is discussed at your side – it is asked by Wheeler: Does the cosmos exist at all if you do not investigate it, if you do not observe it?

E: Right, yes.

OL: And it is similar over here at our side. If we engage ourselves in these matters, we have to dive into an artificial world, an artificially created world, in a world that normally does not exist for us.

E: Exactly.

OL: So that, if we are not interested in these questions, for us this cosmos does not exist for us as you perceive it from the physical standpoint. It is a kind of special form of our imagination.

And therefore it is difficult to give you a more plausible answer, because even for the mystic as well as for the natural scientist the cosmos exists, if it is observed, objectively in the same form.

Thus from our side this applies as well, if we focus on the cosmos and comprehend what you on earth do or question, then we do not get a different answer as you do.

So that the mental activity on our side in comparison to your activity in this regards on earth is not too much different.

E: Well, then there occurs a problem. We are quite convinced that our scientists receive a certain spiritual leading or impulses from your side, ...

OL: Yes.

E: … that activates the development, and these then would have to be on the basis of your own imagination – and as you described it – that there is a certain plan to transfer these impulses to our scientists, or is it an automatic process included in cosmic affairs?

OL: It is actually an automatism within the cosmic plan. But we as scientists came from the earthly to the spirit environment with our earthly concept. If we in lifetime were already very open for different areas, let’s say the more spiritual areas, then we can from our view now evaluate differently. Then we are more open here and can pass respective impulses onto you. Scientist who still insist on their rigid earthly arguments will still give impulses from here to you on earth in the same way.

So that the number of those - if you consider the spiritual advancement in the nature science - that effectuate the spiritual development in the natural science on your side via impulses is not too high.

E: This is plausible, don’t you think so, Walter!?

W: Yes. Obviously it seems that these impulses reach some of our scientific individuals more than others.

OL: Certainly, this has something to do with the cognitive structure.

E: Yes, we won’t get along without the structure.

OL: Yes.

W: I would like to come back to the consciousness of the cosmos at your side. If we talk about cosmos then automatically time is involved.

OL: Yes.

W: That means we can follow a development, we see how stars are born, die, how the cosmos, the universe changes. How can I get a clue about a cosmos without time?

OL: Assume that the ordinary human comes into spirit world, that he will not be  interested anymore at all in cosmic matters. But spirits like me or my colleagues, we are still interested in these topics and of course follow with interest the news what happens on earth in this regard.

Since the cosmos is only in our earthly memory present, we still get kind of trapped by time, imagining that there is a sequence of time involved. We know better, but still this is not yet totally out of our mind.

It is not that after the transition the time feeling is totally eliminated within a moment. You take the memory of it with you. And now we try to get rid of our old habits concerning cosmos and universe. But, believe me, it is not that easy.

You live if you concentrate on these things in a different world. I can dive into your world...

W: Yes.

OL: ... and realize again that for you time has a great importance. I am of course aware of that and I am at the same time aware of the cosmic timelessness.

But to totally imagine a cosmos - where everything is existing at the same time - this is still for us not possible to capture, this I must honestly admit.

W: Yes. I am glad about your honesty. We would anyhow have problems if you would say that you have a feeling for it. This again would initiate many questions by us.

OL: It is kind of insight and, of course, I have the knowledge of a timeless cosmos, but my consciousness is not yet able to fully activate this cognition.

W: Yes, I understand what you mean.

OL: And this is partly on hand like a flash.

W: Now independent from the timelessness. If you are now - in comparison to earthly times – occupied with the cosmos, especially with the ether that was introduced by you quite strongly, ...

OL: Yes, my favourite topic.

W: … have you now - since you are over there now – revealed new insights in this respect?

OL: This ether theory, stressed by me, of course is not to understood by many people, but here there is in regard to the conventional opinion a not to big difference.

For me ether means the cosmic substance that keeps everything alive - to explain it an easy way to understand -. It is not measurable, of course, and at the same time it is no – I would like to point out – natural scientific theory. It was meant by me actually always as a spiritual substance that cannot be measured or captured in a scientific way.

E: Now I have a question about the wording. The word substance means for us something material, but I think it should be seen more as a carrier system.

OL: Exactly, this is a good term.

It is difficult to convey it. In the past - and still now – I was asked why as a scientist I do not channel scientific discourses to you.

This is a basic problem. We depend on that what we can convey through the medium that means if we would have a scientist as medium a scientific conversation would definitely be easier in regard to scientific data and terminology.

Since we have to cope with the mental structure, the education of the medium it is not possible to talk in scientific terms more intensively.

E: Yes, it would be a dream if one day spirits were able to activate a computer.

OL: This might be possible in future, although a connecting human person on your side is still necessary as link. To work with technical devices alone, this I cannot imagine at the moment. There must be a personal connection in the first place to a human being who is operating the device.

E: Yes, this is interesting; you probably have heard that we earlier talked to Claudius about computer influences that have taken place in this house. Claudius said that they have tried to make an attempt via computer. Since only Karin was at home and could have sat in front of the computer during this computer contact, she probably then also functioned as medium in this case.

(The attempt by our friends was an e-mail-contact by a spirit person named “Paul”)

OL: Yes, certainly. This also would have happened if she would not have been within the room, respectively it presumably did happen when she did not sit in front of the computer. Her former presence as information of her personality alone was sufficient.

E: Yes, that is interesting. Last time I asked if it would not be possible that more advanced spirits could manifest through the structure of the device without human medium on our side.

OL: This was your conversation with Claudius who - as far as I know – who explained that spirit takes every possible opportunity to manifest, do you mean that conversation?

E: Yes, yes.

OL: But this certainly is a very, very, very advanced form where spirit does not represent a spirit entity out of our world, but spirit neutral as spirit information.

E: Not material but spiritual.

OL: Yes, in a spirit sense, that means therefore if a technical device - so called intelligent devices – once will be constructed and spirit will manifest in it then it will not be in that way that a spirit person, coming from our world, will do that, ...

E: Aha.

OL: … what you have at the moment (EVP).

E: Yes.

OL: If your computer, if your tape recorder is manipulated then it is so that this comes from our spirit world. Concerning these future devices that might come into use, this then would be a different form of manipulation.

E: Yes.

W: It is interesting that we just a while ago have heard your voice that has manifested independent in the room at Leslie Flint’s home.

OL: Yes, I have worked with very good mediums. But as I said before, they are more on the philosophical side and it was not possible to bring through scientific contents. And this you will have noticed during your previous work within the Scole group.

Also there we have had the chance to talk through two excellent mediums and only were able to give instructions and vaguely explanations, because even for a scientist over here it is sometimes very difficult to explain experiments that are even for us here are partially not repeatable.

W: This repeatability is a characteristic of the scientist here that when something is repeatable it reaches credibility.

OL: This does not apply to us as experimenter; we are convinced by the phenomena, but not all scientists over here. There are quite a number who reject it.

But if we engage ourselves to be in contact with the physical world, we know what principally happens during the experiments, but we unfortunately cannot repeat it always in the same manner, since we depend on the all over constellation in that moment.

W: Are our physics - as we see it in our earthly environment - a special form of a superordinate physics as it is seen at your side?

OL: Yes, you could say so. If you will, everything is in order. The universe, the cosmos is built upon a numerically foundation and is to be calculated virtually to a certain point. It is a simple language, and your earthly physics is an adjusted special form.

W: Targeted to describe material things.

OL: Yes, that’s right, you do not have a different possibility. And the cosmos is not to be conceived other than with mathematics, with physical laws by you.

W: Have you got in your world regularities, a cosmic law?

OL: You mean to conceive the cosmos?

W: Laws similar to the physical laws? I don’t know if my question is asked adequately.

OL: I told you at the beginning that if we dive into these areas we were interested already during lifetime, especially the physics, where we were very limited in comparison to the knowledge nowadays, so we have of course advanced over here as well and research and develop together with you, because otherwise we have no possibility available.

The way is to transfer earthly physical laws into the spirit spheres, a different possibility, I at the moment do not see.

W: For us higher dimensions that go beyond that what we can conceive with our senses are for us mostly only mathematical constructions.

OL: That’s it.

E: You say that a numerical principle is the basis of the cosmos.

OL: Yes.

E: Or the other way round that we as humans, as scientists have only access by describing these coherences or laws by these numbers.

OL: Exactly.

W: The mathematics in principle.

E: The mathematics of course and it is always said that mathematics actually is a humane discipline. Und thus, Walter, your question about the mathematics as humane discipline, numerical principles, imaginary numbers – as we call it – which do not have for us a real, tangible basis, but still are suitable to describe the cosmos. Regrettably during our whole education at the universities the background of the spiritual part in this context is no topic.

OL: That’s right. It is all based on numbers, and it is principally a uniform language, the cosmic language concerning the mathematical setup. But actually the source of all is spirit.

E: This cosmic mathematics might be quite sophisticated, but we on earth approach it with quite a primitive assumption and fail eventually upon the contradictions or the complexity.

OL: Yes, it is not necessarily intended that the earthly scientist will get beyond this point, because otherwise the whole earthly framework, law could get into confusion that means as long as the earthly scientist is left standing in a kind of darkness, he will be down to earth.

So that from my view I can’t see a great change in this respect that your research will reach far beyond the current status in the future. I think, this also is subject to a certain cosmic law. This is my personal opinion; perhaps you receive a different answer from different communicator.

E: Yes, I understand that. Years ago during a sitting Nicola Tesla expressed a similar opinion, because he also was with his perception ahead of time and he failed.

OL: Yes.

E: Since we humans are absolute hungry for energy there are predictions by scientists that we will not be able for much longer to operate with our energy sources as we do.

And searching for new energy sources there are talks in this connection about a so called Free Energy or Vacuum Energy of which - so we are told - plenty is available, but obviously a possibility is not yet being found to utilise it.

OL: Yes, I know the problem. I even believe it is the greater problem, the energy, since humans in the meantime have exuberantly expanded it. Now they do not want to give up their standard, the only possibility would be conservation.

But I think, if a positive motive would stand behind it, it would be possible to extend your research and to find a solution. It is not in the plan for the human being to step back in past times. But they will in future develop as they did before, perhaps with a bit more consciousness. And if they use this consciousness reasonably, there will certainly be a solution. I am in this direction quite positive.

E: Yes, this is of course a problem.

OL: It’s not going backwards.

W: We would have to find regenerative energy which does not change the condition of our environment.

OL: Yes, this is the thought behind, because going backwards is not in the human plan of existence. He goes forward and not backwards,

W: I think so too, unless a great catastrophe would arise which would initiate this. The goal should be to find energy, energy sources that overcome the constraint.

OL: But for sure the consciousness of humans would have to change …

E: Yes, that’s the point

OL: Because what is the use if you have the wonderful mountain slopes in the Alps and you ruin them. Humans should also in this respect realise that this not a regression, it is perhaps a little limitation to do the necessary steps that nature will survive and does not suffer by  uncontrolled human actions too much in addition to the natural catastrophes.

E: It is said: Humans are intelligent beings. If we observe the human behaviour throughout the history then we have to have great doubts if it is intelligent to act with no view into the future about the consequences of our doing. And therefore I would say, humans are not intelligent, because no intelligent being would saw off the branch he sits on.

OL: You are quite right. Intelligence should be defined differently. Intelligence has nothing to do that perhaps somebody is a luminary expert in mathematics for example. Intelligence has something to do with the safeguarding of survival.

You can compare humans with a cancer cell which also does not show intelligent behaviour. It destroys its host and dies eventually as well. This is the human behaviour and this has nothing to do with intelligence.

Humans have in comparison to animals the advantage of a full consciousness, but there are animals that are much more intelligent than humans out of the view we just discussed.

W: This is the basic pattern of taking advantage. I see relatively small chances that there will be a change, unless an emergency situation occurs. It seems to be a law of nature, not a nice one, in ancient times perhaps for self-preservation, but nowadays excessive.

OL: I’m also not happy how life on earth is being arranged, but we have to cope with it and have to be humble about the fact that there really might be a sense behind it. But I neither have the total overlook about the superior knowledge.

W: We have some knowledge and learn out of the happenings in the past and out of the respective consequences, but it does not help the earth, if it at some point of time does not catch up.

OL: Yes, it is still open how life on earth will continue and what will happen to mankind. I have still hope that somehow some day there will be a change in the human consciousness, be it by a painful learning process, so that mankind might start to reflect. And this will most probably be a starting point for a change in thinking.

E: Well, once there came through in a spirit message in Luxembourg by Konstantin Raudive via a technical device - radio - and he just said the same as your statement and our opinion:

“People learn only - if at all – because of negative experiences and even then some do not learn at all.”

OL: Yes, like the cancer cell, it is not learning that its host’s body is going weaker and weaker and that at the end they die together. This is human behaviour as well. The difference is that the cancer cell is governed by an automatism. It cannot learn like humans can do, because it has no consciousness.

E: Exactly.

OL: So that the human consciousness would be able to eventually effectuate something.

E: It is at the moment just underdeveloped.

OL: Yes. The worst is the dreadful greed. An animal that had enough food for the moment leaves the rest to its herd or pride so that they do not have to starve, but humans do not indentify themselves with the act of sharing, even if they have more than enough for the rest of their lives.

W: Is this way to think or act continuing in your world?

O: Yes, since the consciousness will not change just because of the transition. This will continue until spirits are willing and ready to see reason. If not it sometimes comes to a, how shall I say ...

W: Stagnation?

OL: Yes, Stagnation.

W: Now you could come to the conclusion that if in the spirit world everything proceeds in a more senseful way than on earth you would have the possibility to help us in changing our behaviour and actions on earth. Since it is not the case, I assume that it is meant this way, so that we can collect our own experiences.

OL: It is a very difficult task. If a human incarnates he takes certain abilities into his life, principally to adapt to earthly conditions, that means he automatically accepts the conditions and adjusts to them.

Even if he has got good intentions - to just describe it in easy words - to reach his goal, it might be that the environment, the conditions in this life that make this intentions impossible.

It is not easy in this world of greed for an incarnated spirit to come to his set goal. There are too many temptations on his way that make him stumble which in former times did not happen in this extent.

W: Was the temptation not that big?

OL: The temptation was lesser, and it was above all more stability to hand. If you incarnated in a poor family you were aware of the fact that you would live in poverty. Nowadays you might, as you yourself always say, get from rags to riches.

And this is so difficult to fulfil your task, you have set for yourself, because it can end totally differently, and at the end you are disappointed not to have reached your set goal. It is the temptations that rule the world at the moment.

W: I can accept that.

E: Do humans in a way loose the ground under their feet caused by the speed-up, the increasing fast changes?

OL: Certainly. Drawing close to the end of the last century there were still some values, for example the value of the family. People got married and it was normal to get children, which seems nowadays is not like that anymore. Even women don’t want to get married and many do not want to have children anymore.

Especially in your country this is the case. Of course it seems to be more flexible, since it is easier to get apart; everything is not as rigid as it was before. That is true.

What is the use of it however if rigidness is eliminated and the human co-existence does not function anymore, because nobody wants to take over any responsibility for something anymore, even not for their own children that result out of a relationship, but these children need guidance by both, father and mother.

Today there are quite a number of single parents, and there is no social cohesion anymore. Everybody needs a place to relax, and this is possible only in the family.

Everything is more flexible and not so much more subject to dogmas, but the whole framework breaks off, because nobody is willing anymore to take responsibility for others, especially in respect to the children, so that this cannot function properly long term. I think that these current situations will change into a different direction again.

But as you said, in some way heaven has come closer to earth, but it is not possible to utilize it at your side, to channel it correctly.

In spirit spheres there are no family ties, but rather the family are spirits within a group, and it is no problem for the others if one of the spirits leaves the family to change into a different group, but on earth these things create pain, scars, since humans not yet are ready to understand that it is possible to live flexible in a collective, but that they then would have to give up their selfishness.

It would be to choose a form where the flexibility is not lost, but father, mother and children still build an unity, perhaps in a kind of commune, a living community where people in a greater number get together and stand up one another and take over all duties together, also perhaps in unselfishness and humanity for others.

Only this would be the way to create on earth a better more flexible life, similar to the situation we have it here in the spirit spheres. But greed, material advantages and indifference

W: Yes, I can accept that. It is extremely difficult with the possibilities on earth to disengage ourselves from that we call status symbols, ...

OL: Certainly.

W: ... in employment, in the family, the neighbourhood, everywhere. It is difficult to leave all that behind and start to live on different principles.

OL: It is difficult. Let’s say you share with someone who is poor. If this person is in a good position because of your sharing act and he has got therefore advantages, he might probably does not want to share with you anymore if the situation changes, in case you need help.

These are things that do not work that way, unless you are a totally altruistically person to give away all you have got and at the end you do not mind to stand on the street with nothing anymore.

W: As it looks like earth is designed to the principle of “Not to give up”, dominance, and this behaviour seems to me is almost planned or directed like that.

OL: It is not planned. It automatically resulted, developed, and if it was sensible to leave humans their free will, this is a topic which still sometimes keeps us busy thinking about.

W: I would any time change over to a harmonious surrounding, but in this situation here on earth it is difficult.

OL: Certainly. Even if you and many others would like to, it will not be possible. It is the same if you want to introduce socialism, it does not function, and it will never function on earth.

W:  On earth we can pretend to be a “Saint” and in truth we have totally different intents. And I am in good hope that this changes after the transition into your world - that this false behaviour is not possible anymore. A good indication for this is the openness of thoughts.

E: Yes.

OL: Yes.

W: And to that I’m looking forward.

E: Well, if the telepathy would increase here on earth it would perhaps be similar.

OL: We do not have a total oversight how earth will develop. I only can say and assure you that it is not too important. It is only important for the individual persons how they utilize their “intelligence”, the motives, how they expand their consciousness. That is the most important task.

The all over situation on earth is not predictable, not even for us. Of course there are probabilities, but it might come up totally different as well.

E: Yes, it is not our intent to get prophesies into the future. This we know from our last sitting with Claudius when Walter asked about the most probable probability. It seems to be incalculable and unclear, so to say a complex system, with many influences and many components.

OL: Right. If you ask me about the future then it is a look into various possibilities, probabilities, so that I cannot pick out one; I could describe them all to you.

E Yes.

OL: I can not pick out one and claim that this is the right one.

W: This reminds me a bit of chaotic conditions where a small happening eventually has great effects.

OL: Yes, right, like a butterfly’s strike of wing.

W: What is the most important enlightment for you in your past life with all the books you have published, the research work etc. seen out of our present point of view. What would you like to pass on to humans on earth in this respect?

OL: After I passed into this world?

W: Yes.

OL: The realization that my mind still was the same as it was before my transition, this was for me the greatest enlightment. I had of course many contacts to the spirit world before, but I could not really imagine that I will be just the same Oliver Lodge as before - that I will pass over with the same mind structure.

This was the most important learning as well as the fact that it is especially important to open yourselves during lifetime as much as possible to spiritual matters, since it means an enormous help to get acquainted to spirit world after the transition. If you have worked on your spiritual advancement before it is much easier to “get aboard”. This was as well one of the most important perceptions.

W: … and that you were not instantly refined.

OL: Yes, it is not like that. I hope we will be able to converse together more often, and also the friends over here did listen to our conversation. We will try to introduce our group here.

W: Well.

E: I have a last question, Sir Oliver. Are you aware of the name Burkhard Heim?

OL: Yes.

W: ... and do you know his theories?

OL: Yes, we did already meet.

E: Thank you.

OL: Very interesting exchange of thoughts, similar structure.

E: Yes.

OL: I think, my friends, for now I hand you over to Claudius again, but let`s have a  short break before.

W: Many thanks.

OL: It was very pleasant to talk to you. Walter, should you one day get into contact with my friend Raymond Smith and his wife June, then please pass on to them my best wishes.

E/W: Yes, Thank you.

OL: Thank you for your listening to me. I say good bye.


2nd Conversation: Ectoplasm and other Physical Phenomena.

W: Perhaps you can tell us your present view on the ectoplasm phenomena.

OL: They are handled very controversially. On one hand side we appreciate that there are mediums that work with ectoplasm, on the other hand side it would be more sensible if you could work without the danger for the mediums. But the time is not yet quite ripe for it.

There are however phenomena that work without ectoplasm and which are not only depending on the medium alone, which can be directed without having the medium stressed too much by the ectoplasm's emergence.

Ectoplasm is - you discussed that before - a special form of spirit matter, because there is no better term for it.

As Ernst said, in principal everything is retrievable out of the morphic field or information field.

This substance is provided by the medium so that a spirit person can manifest. This would not be possible this way otherwise. The medium’s substance is necessary to build a body, to afterwards vanish back into the medium’s body, where it is not detectable.

Possible apparitions without ectoplasm would only be a shadow of what happens here. So, an ectoplasm manifestation is something different compared to a ghost apparition, an apparition that is not controlled by a real personality. In the case of an ectoplasm apparition the being that has lived , exists again in its original form, which certainly appears to you like a miracle.

W: Yes, probably for you back then as well.

OL: Certainly. It still is for us something that we cannot explain one hundred percent. It happens without being able to describe every step sufficiently.

From our side you of course can lead and support a medium, but you never know what is going on in the medium in that moment. It is an automatism that then becomes effective if the constellation is right.

The phenomena are not retrievable according to a certain plan at all times of the day. It even might happen that if the constellation is all right out of any reason the phenomenon is blocked, so that we never have full control over the occurrence.

W: The phenomenon is extremely convincing. And I am always curious if it would not be possible to come forward without the darkness with respective technical devices. I think of thermal imaging cameras which are actually a passive system that do not send out something. It is always pointed out from spirit side that this is not acceptable.

OL: These are precautions. Maybe it would work with technical devices, if you could get away from your fear of everything that could happen, the fear of all things that could happen and partially have happened in the past. The fear can cause what potentially can happen.

W: Therefore phenomena can be blocked?

OL: Phenomena can be blocked. The fear can possibly have the effect that something happens in connection with new methods. If the experimenters could be totally open and relaxed about new methods it probably would work, this has happened already. Fear in connection with new methods also can provide ground for failures. If a medium always is told that it is in danger the fear is always present. And if really something unpleasant happens fear can be one part of  triggering it off. You often attract danger with your fear.


E: Yes, perhaps the fear according to past experience, and as you said and also due these there has been built up a certain field of fear, ...

OL: Certainly.

E: ... and to destroy this it needs some courage.

OL: Yes, that’s right, in the past there were insufficient precautions in regard to the audience. There were no controls and regulations. Everybody just could walk in or out, and there are always people who deliberately like to disturb and to harm the medium.

And of course it is possible to harm a medium while in trance producing ectoplasm something that would not be possible with the medium in this room, because it is not in full trance, although in an altered state of consciousness. A medium totally in deep trance cannot react to disturbances quickly enough, and then that might affect the mind quite dramatically. This fact groups did not take into consideration properly in former times, of course, out of financial reasons as well. The more visitors the more the cash box was filled.

W: I have two more questions, one concerning the voice box and the other one concerning the mechanics.

I start with the mechanics. The ectoplasm phenomenon ought to create quite strong forces and actually also reaction forces (when for example the trumpet quickly changes direction), if I just compare it with our mechanics. I do not know how the forces are transferred or are our normal physical laws in that moment,  as we know them in our mechanics like action and reaction  or force and counterforce or torques etc., are they not applicable?

OL: It is switched off. It is a process that - let’s say - certainly would be possible without ectoplasm, since you probably heard already of levitations without ectoplasm.

W: Yes, we had that in Scole.

OL: In case it is worked with ectoplasm you cannot think in your physical laws. It is then our part as well to accomplish that. And the trumpets moving around in the room for example is something to - I do not want to say to amuse you - ...

W: ... to impress.

OL: … to impress you. It is similar to the effect as it was with the little lights in Scole, only that these were not bound to ectoplasm as the trumpets were.

E: I think there are, as we discussed during the last sitting, distinct hints about fields which do actually change the basic structure - we call them vacuum or so - metrologically proven, so that physical laws do not apply anymore. In this manner everything which is included in our laws of nature is being overpowered or shut off, and there exists primarily a psychic field which obviously changes space and with space the physical laws as well.

OL: Right. It even can happen that you see something, somebody else does not see subjectively, because he is not able to see it, or perhaps he is not willing to see it. You might be open minded and therefore you see it. Everybody approaches things from a different point of view to observe things and he will afterwards describe his observation according to his perception. For somebody who is questioning things constantly, for him there might be no lightened trumpets moving around in the room.

Everybody senses these phenomena differently. Also your skill for illusion is involved. A person without any imagination will not capture the phenomena as such. A person that is able to imagine that there is a subject in the air which is directed by a beam of ectoplasm - even if  he does not see it actually - for him the phenomenon is real. Another person might not be able to adopt to this idea and he will not internalise the phenomenon in this way.

It is a subjective matter, although the phenomenon is perhaps perceived by some like-minded people in the room that view it as objective happening at the same time.

E: It is the transition from a subjective experience by an individual person into a collective experience which we then indicate as objective.

OL: For a strong critic there would be no trumpets move around within the room the way they do.

W: Is this only in his perception, or does he influence the phenomenon?

OL: To begin with it is his perception, but he in the second step can also manipulate or prevent the phenomenon. If his thought field is strong enough to influence others he might be able to manipulate them and this might even initiate a breakup of the phenomenon. In case of a breakup a switch on of light would be for example could result in a possible harming of the medium without being able to proof that the disturbance as described before was the real cause.

E: It looks like - unfortunately it is not seen or it is not taken into consideration sufficiently, not even by people who have experienced this for years in spiritual and parapsychological circles - that the influences of negative minded critics can suppress phenomena that are normally very reasonable.

OL: Yes, suppress.

E: This means that on the other hand side this world in which we believe to live as material beings is much more rooted in our psyche than we normally accept.

OL: If this critic sits amongst a group sending out negative thoughts, it might be that these people will not notice this, but will unconsciously be affected, because of the critic’s strong presence.

According to your terms there are people that have a negative or positive presence. Even if a person shows a friendly face he or she can inwardly have a totally negative attitude. This is not being registered by other people in the same room knowingly, but is taken on board unconsciously. So that the whole room might suddenly be charged with a rather not positive flair, which then influences also the others in the room so that all in the room are affected by
those who are the initiators in the first place. A critic’s presence or attitude can influence the mental influence of all around.

E: Well, this is understandable.

W: Whereas I try to be fair in so far that the critics often have exposed those that have cheated.

OL: Walter, this is not unusual in life, everywhere is being cheated, and if you constantly would chase people that are cheating on others, then you would have a full time job.

If a medium commits fraud, it might be that he or she will have superficially an advantage, but at the end it comes back to that person. People that are cheating often attract people that cheat on them as well, they want to be cheated on. This is a fact.

There are too many gullible people. You yourselves have to find out in which company of people you get into, and you will, if your watch out carefully, get a feeling for it. There are people that are however eager to get cheated on.

W: Now my question to the voice box. To get an idea mechanically, I have the picture that principally with ectoplasm vocal cords are being recreated to produce actually speech within the room, even music, possible.

OL: You as well know about voices within the room without ectoplasm.

W/E: Yes.

OL: So that this is a mixture.

W: The point I am focusing on is, our ears function or react quasi to these sound waves. That means a sound wave needs to be created. Do I have to create this in that way that I reproduce something to send an air stream through it - as it is common in the mechanic system - or does it work also differently?

OL: It also works differently. It is like that: we give impulses in form of thoughts that are translated into language. This is a difficult task. I suppose you have discussed this before that a kind of “help plane” is involved which - to just give a picture - translates our impulses, so that our thought forms can be heard with your ears.

This has nothing to do with any mechanical helping device, also it is not necessarily ectoplasm involved. We have, as you know, in Scole brought voices through a defective device to you. Here no ectoplasm was involved. This to explain is quite difficult, but it is possible to achieve this without mechanic intervention.

W: The conclusion is that if something reaches my ear drum, a sonic vibration, then it should theoretically come from somewhere being created at some spot. This mechanism is not clear to me. If in the centre of an empty room a vibration, an impulse emanates, has this something to do with materialisation/dematerialisation?

OL: The voice is quasi materialised, impulses are brought into verbal form. It is always materialized. Spirit matter is being made audible in contradiction to something tangible like a person or an object. It is in both cases the same basic substance, both are quasi materialisations.

W: You only needed a thought.

OL: Yes, it is not only the voice, there are other noises like raps and taps involved, all this is being materialised.

E: Yes, this is interesting, because Manfred Boden (a deceased paranormal researcher who had spirit telephone contacts) who heard voices via telephone while talking to a friend on the other end of the line. These voices were only heard by him and not by the person he had this telephone conversation with. He then asked the entities that intruded into the telephone line how they would do this. The answer was: “These are impulses that are only heard by a medium”.

OL: Yes, the interesting thing is if in a room with 50 people everybody can hear the voice then they are not necessarily all mediums. Although in this moment a special psychic field is established.

E: Yes.

OL: I would not exclude that a strong sceptic claims he does not hear the voice, because he is not willing to. I have talked about this before. Mostly of course people that attend such an event are normally in line with the procedures and contribute with a certain attitude so that everything is possible and the phenomena are working out without disturbance. In this case you could say at this moment in this room are sitting “mediums”, the way you probably meant it.

E: Yes, this is only one side, because you can record for example Leslie Flint´s voices via a normal microphone, and in this sense they are quite objective. This is again the problem where does subjectivity and the objectivity begin and how is it possible to differentiate.

OL: If they are generally audible then they are in your terms objective. If they are only heard by one person as in the case of the telephone conversation then they exist, but are only subjectively perceivable, because they are possibly only meant for this person or that the other person at the end of the line is totally blocked.

E: This can be true, since also in the case of Manfred Boden the voices are recorded. They objectively exist, or you would have to assume that he projected the voices onto the technical device with his psyche himself.

OL: If he had this ability then it would represent the way we work. Also you are in principle spirit, spirit entities in physical bodies. And why should you not have abilities like we do have them!?

Of course it is easier for us, because we can act independent from earthly physical laws. We are weightless. If I may say so, you are bound to your physical body that certainly is a handicap.

But it is possible that humans are able to produce phenomena that are similar to ours.

E: And this seems to be similar in the audible, in the optical section.

OL: Yes, humans are capable of many things and in the moment you discard your barricades, partially unconsciously, these phenomena happen. You are once in a while free entities, free from earthly ballast, something once you are afterwards in full consciousness you cannot reconstruct anymore.

E: Yes, but this means if we - as Walter does as an engineer - try to reconstruct in reducing these things in our system to certain sequences or details that the question is being asked wrongly.

OL: The speech you hear within the room seems for you to come from a person and that the words that reach you are spoken in a sequence. But they are not sent out by us this way. It is one impulse that includes everything, ...

W: Yes.

OL: … but you cannot perceive it in this form. You can do that only in your dreams. In your memory everything is recorded as sequence, but within the dream itself it is all extremely condensed, similar to our impulses that reach you as a sequence of words.

E: Yes, yes, whereas once Adolf Homes (deceased EVP researcher) received a message - which in this connection might be interesting -. It was said that this one impulse spirit partners send is being absorbed by us differently depending on the kind of our technical receiver unit, so that the message can have different effects.

OL: Right.

E: And the differentiation is created by our sensory organs. It takes apart - hearing and seeing - what is actually a conglomerate of a coherent structure.

OL: Yes, it is one impulse which includes everything, and you then select in hearing, seeing and feeling.

W: Then this also applies to the film work in Scole - that the whole peom was imprinted with one impulse.

OL: Yes, we do not work in sequences. It is certainly very hard for you to understand and for us difficult to bring over to you something that you cannot imagine.

W: Not to be able to understand, this is the difficulty for us.

OL: You could say a drop of water includes the information of the whole universe. How shall a human being be able to imagine that?

W: That we heard before, but in connection with a grain of sand.

OL: Grain of sand or drop of  water, both are only pictorial aids.

W: Have you been aware what happened to David Thompson during the séance? At the end he - sitting on his chair - was placed in a distance of 1.5 m away from his original location. Could you please comment this?

OL: It is not a carrying through the room, it is a materialisation. Here it is worked for our understanding with simple means, because it is easier for us to dematerialise and materialise instantly than to conduct a transport from one spot to another within a room.

W: We have talked about the vest that was taken off the medium while he was bound to the chair. Now I read lately that somebody found a piano floating over his head, something very impressing.

E: It is an old discussion that somebody (probably Greek origin) once said: What we declare as a continous path is actually an instantly vanishing and a reappearance in a short distance. That means our perception is a chain of impulses.

If you view this from a different point it seems at least that there is the impression that the universe exists in such impulses. This would mean that we live half time in our world and half time in yours.

OL: You could describe it like that, yes.

W: Could you join us in this view?

OL: Let’s say, to give you an impression, yes, but we see it totally different.

(amusement on both sides)

W: This answer is what I have feared for.

OL: For us there is no progressive ...

E: ... progressive path movement, yes.

OL: But, let’s say, to approach a bit more from your sight, it is not a bad picture if you have an imagination. There are people who are not able to have any imagination. Total materialists cannot accept that picture, because they fear that this world then would not be a hundred percent built materially. For us this world in which you live is built up totally different. This thought humans are afraid of, since they cling onto matter totally.

With you in this room it is somehow different. You already search for the way out of this material world. But if this material environment brings you some kind of luxury and beauty, a good life, then you on the other hand side are not too much reluctant.

W: Right, yes.

OL: But, let’s say, you try however to question all that, and this is already - I don’t want to say praiseworthy - but remarkable for your advancement.

E: Ernst describes our perception of something that appears to us in a sequence in single pictures, but actually every picture is included in one picture instantly, but not perceived by us this way.

OL: Yes, that is right, as explanation when you use - let’s say - a term.

The concept water for example includes all that has to do with water, each drop of water, the ocean, the water you drink. All this simultaneously exists. If you concentrate on a chair then you see the piece of wood, how it is cut off the tree, etc. And if you could manage to bring together all these single steps in one thought then this would come near to how we perceive this.

E: Yes.

OL: And this applies to everything.

E: Yes of course, and we see the outsides, we see neither the procedure that has lead to something, nor do we see the world inside.

OL: This applies to every concept, also to a concept that is not tangible. If you take the concept “Beauty”, then you can touch something that is beautiful, but the term “Beauty” as such contains at the same time an enormous amount of details representing this concept. You use as human - if you describe “Beauty” – in succession several sentences and yet you do not strike the whole content. For us “Beauty” is a comprehensive concept instantly available in one impulse, describing everything that is involved in beauty.


3. Various Questions addressed to Oliver during a group sitting.

Cl: My dear friends, I will pass on to you Oliver.

OL: Hello, ...

W/E: Hello, Oliver.

OL: Walter, Ernst, etc. - all German names, wondrous that I memorize them, but I am already acquainted to, so that we can speak in German.

It is again a pleasure for me to be with you, and if you have questions concerning Scole I am very much willing to answer them. But feel free to answer other questions as well.

W: I start with a question and will then pass on to the others.

OL: You can ask, if you want, about totally different matters, let’s say, in connection with the human structure.

W: If you stand for something you believe in, then this is nowadays as it was at your time, and I especially refer to your situation in your time which was probably not totally uncritical. I count you to these people that have gone quite far. You have brought in your reputation to convince others that there is a live after death. This I find admirable.

OL: Walter, only to be sentenced to the stake would have detained me. Thank goodness - I did not live in these days. And also Kopernikus (Polish/German Astronomer 1473 - 1543) was lucky, because it could have happened to him as well, to others it did, as you know.

I’m not sure if I would have set up my theses in medieval times or if I would have approached the public with them, if I would have gone that far as I did in my times.

I was able to, because nobody would have contradicted. You cannot recommend somebody for the Nobel Prize and at the same time declare him as insane. Then the scientists would have had to come to an agreement.

I anyway did not care, I was not afraid that my reputation would get ruined, since I had quite a number of like-minded people who perhaps did not step forward too much in public, but would have supported me, renowned personalities, so the danger was not too big.

You are quite right; it needs some courage to publish these statements in writing. But, as I said, the time was not too dangerous for that anymore. It was rather dangerous for mediums, as you know, because possible damages to mediums were not excluded, but not to a scientist like me.

W: Nowadays almost nobody is willing to prove these phenomena anymore, and this is something you did. You did have the basis and facts for that, which were not easy to be disproved by others. But in our time almost nobody has got the courage anymore to risk their title or position in society.

OL: Yes, especially on the European continent, since it is more difficult over there to defend these phenomena as it is in our small Kingdom, on the British Islands.

You will realise that over there quite some interesting and known people - let’s say - are engaged with these topics and bring them near to the public, more than this happens on the continent. The continental public is more sceptical, as it is in England. In England it can happen that you neighbour declares you as mad, but this doesn’t matter, he is used to cope with these types. Englishmen do not see themselves as so much important as individual person. Do you understand what I mean?

W: Yes, I think so.

OL: There are some social classes that superficially want to distance themselves from these matters, but nevertheless just these social classes are connected quite obviously with them. You only need to start with the Royals. Here healers go in and out, here mediums go in and out. This is the reason why it is easier to admit your involvement in spiritual matters, and this was always like that.

W: Yes, that makes sense.

RE: It depends also on the consciousness of the person that receives the information. And in our society it is the case that everybody is overfed with other activities that they do not want or can bother with these things.

OL: Yes. But it is also the case that on the continent out of everything is taken an advantage. This is something that happens in England too, but it is not yet established so strongly. On the continent the whole matter is seen commercially as the esoteric fairs clearly show.

And this is unfortunately ruinously for the substance, for the true substance which cannot penetrate, because it is overshadowed by these negative events and the exaggerated commercial attitudes. And this is a major difference to a country, a traditional spiritual country like England.

RE: A thesis which I personally find applicable says: Things get the importance that is given them.

OL: Correct.

RE: I have got myself a pentagram, ...

OL: Yes.

RE: ...but I also have bought a hexagram. Well, there a people who accuse the pentagram of a “negative” meaning, if the peak stands upside down. It the peak points upwards then it would be “positive” energized.

OL: Well, if you hand over the penta- or hexagram to a Kalahari inhabitant, he might turn it around in any direction; for him it will be neither “positive” nor “negative”, because he does not attach importance to this object.

RE: Why do you just mention the Kalahari inhabitant, this is my favourite example?!

OL: Well, you also could change it into Eskimo.


RE: Therefore it has no meaning.

OL: It is the same if some people assign a stone, let’s say a crystal, with some meaning, for example a mountain crystal or an amethyst or a rose quartz. If you use this stone with the sureness or with the wish to give healing to somebody then it will probably function.

And now again to the example with the Kalahari inhabitant who has no quartz on hand; he will take a normal stone he finds in the desert or a peace of wood, and with the same intent it will have the same result.

RE: That means every pebble stone can heal.

OL: So it is.

E: Yes, and he of course will have different objects that are for him more important in this connection.

OL: So it is, yes.

E: This of course relativises many aspects in the so called esoteric.

OL: Right.

E: I remember in the phase of my first EVP recordings that I left the house. While away the device was running, and after a quarter of an hour the following sentence was well to be understood: “For whom is this mission important?” This is actually exactly that we interpret the objects or the stream, the dynamic from our side very personally or in groups.

OL: Yes.

RE: This again means consciousness. What does influence our consciousness mostly, our thinking, I assume. The thinking influences the consciousness, I think, because I have to train my consciousness.

OL: You have to differentiate, how do you understand consciousness?

RE: Aha.

OL: Thinking is not doing it alone.

RE: Yes, true.

OL: It is the quality of your thought.

RE: And the acceptance.

OL: Yes. There are great thinkers that are not more advanced in their consciousness as somebody who works on the field from morning to evening to earn his every day’s bread and doesn’t have time for thinking.

And this applies also to somebody who has every possibility financially to buy himself books etc. He must not necessarily be more advanced in his consciousness as somebody who has no means and only is busy working to satisfy his family’s basic needs. Nevertheless he might be a person that will arrive in spirit world with quite an advanced consciousness, because he managed his meagre existence with bravery.

RE: That means consciousness always refers to special parts of our being, of our life. There is for example a spiritual consciousness and a body consciousness and probably a lot more forms of consciousness, and all together determine a human.

OL: Right. Let’s say a mentally disabled person has got generally a different consciousness. Nevertheless he can - even he never was able to exchange thoughts about spirituality - get into spirit world with a far more advanced consciousness as somebody who was concentrating on that subject his whole life.

HE: Does it mean, it is important to live my life according to the slogan:  Don’t do anything to somebody else what you do not want he does to you?

OL: Yes, there is this one commandment that includes all others, if you consider your ten commandments. You only have to obey this one.

But, as you know, you are not judged by anybody else over here after your transition. You yourselves evaluate your life, and then you will find out what you have neglected to do and what you could have done.

But everything is not that tragical, humans cannot be perfect. You live in a world with millions of influences that affect you, and your assignment is to learn out of the situation. So it would be senseless to put a perfect human in an imperfect world like yours, because he then would not have the opportunity to learn, unless he would deliberately choose a live in perfectness. But this is not realistic. Even Jesus was a human with human weaknesses.


4. Exchange of thoughts with Claudius and friends about Oliver Lodge

In the following chapter we recite small fractions of conversations with our spirit friends about Oliver Lodge.

Walter is posing the question about the whole creation.

Cl: There is neither a beginning nor an end, as you know.

One world permeates the other. One sphere penetrates the other. Everything happens in this moment right here.

W: In this connection Oliver Lodge talked about an all-pervasive ether. Is this only a mental theoretical aid for us, or is it something what makes sense to you as well?

Cl: He was already during lifetime very much interested in these things and researched in this respect. I can generally speaking agree to that. There are various terms for this ether, but principally it should be found a terminology that is understood by everybody, and I can get friendly with this one.

As human you cannot capture it, even for some spirits it is not easy to imagine something all-pervasive.

W: Could you replace the term ether by information field?

Cl: It is, you could say, placed above the information field. Nevertheless you should not imagine a borderline. As we always say, it is floating.

W: We always think of a local limit, although it is not like that.

Cl: Imagine the ocean. On top you have the warmer layers of water pervaded by the sun. Here you have not any boarder lines either. Once in a while the warmer layers emerge into the colder parts underneath to return back again into their warmer realms above. This is a similar picture.

W: This is a nice picture.

CL: Also a fish that normally swims in the layers above will once in a while dive into the deeper layers and will return back. It will not feel comfortable in the deeper layers of water, therefore he automatically will return to the realms where he feels well, into the layer above.

W: Is there a possibility for us to understand ether?

Cl: You always have the imagination of a substance.

W: Yes, this is the problem.

Cl: It is not a substance. If at all, you could talk about a spiritual substance.

W: For us neither tangible nor traceable.

Cl: In no way traceable.

W: Therefore with our physics not detectable.

Cl: Yes.

W: Many people tried to prove ether.

Cl: People mix up ether with the so called ectoplasm. Both at first sight have nothing to do with each other, because ectoplasm is visible and physically tangible. This as well is not easy for you to comprehend. The act of an ectoplasm emission is being controlled spiritually. It is for you a visible part of spirit matter.

Cl: Depending from where, from which level, from which sphere you observe the cosmos it will appear differently.

Researchers like Oliver who arrive here with the knowledge of physical matters, especially the cosmos, the universe will at first follow up these topics over here as well as they did on earth, because for us the cosmos does not exist the way it does for you. The cosmos over here exists only if you want to have it.

A level higher - this is no judging - a step further into a higher consciousness level, he will handle this topic differently as at the beginning.

He does not handle it anymore like he did on earth, he will see everything in a whole simultaneous happening. And in this consciousness level you do not need anymore earthly numerical calculations to figure out the cosmos.

There is nothing to calculate, because everything is present at the same time. In a unity everything is included, even the one who is calculating, so there are no calculations necessary anymore.

This is the view when you arrive on that consciousness level where you perceive everything simultaneously. And it is not important anymore if there was or was not a big bang. This is an imagination created by humans.

W: The book “Raymond“ by Oliver Lodge gives good insights and confirms many facts, it also contains additional and supplementary descriptions I never thought of before. I like it very much, because it also takes off the grief. Other books by him go into this direction as well, and I am sure we will have further questions in this connection.

Cl: Yes, these books are authentical. Books that are published nowadays are a collection of the contents of many other books, but Oliver’s books are authentical, because everything was experienced by himself, he did not leave anything out and did not add something that has not happened.

This book “Raymond” of course helped many people at that time, but actually it can only help of course if people find an entry into this topic.

Cl: Yes, as Karin said this afternoon, Oliver’s book that was written at the beginning of last century contains similar explanations in regard to thoughts about the human being, similar to what we have already discussed with you years ago. Actually the book contains exactly what we have discussed with you.

AE: (Albert Einstein) We often have discussions over here, because Oliver for example lived a different life stile in comparison to mine, but he quickly learned - like I did too - that all this is not relevant anymore, it does not count over here anymore if you had titles like “Sir” or doctor or professor, what ever. In your case, when you come over to us, you will be just Walter Schnittger, all your titles acquired by studies and in your profession have no meaning anymore.

Titles will not be valued anymore if you are together with like-minded spirits that are consciously advanced. They will be only valued on a level where spirits are still clinch to this earthly hierarchy thinking. In our spheres there is some hierarchy as well, but in a totally different sense, it is a spiritual hierarchy order.

And this is exactly what Oliver quickly recognised. Therefore we had and have discussions, we also come together with like-minded spirits, because we discarded these earthly privileges and still do approach each other with greatest respect. Also Nikola (Tesla) had great difficulties, the greatest of us all. He at first hesitated to accept this law.

About my case - we perhaps talk at another time -, and perhaps also Oliver would like to participate in such a discussion, since he at the time of his transition was already very much acquainted with spiritual matters and had a basic spiritual background. Our discussions over here are very interesting, since we both see things partly differently. Oliver was very much into the ether theories during lifetime, something I was not that much interested in, but now we find a consensus quite easily.

We - as well as you on earth - should be honest with each other. Exaggerated adulations do not bring anybody forward in their life, because everybody has got his own qualities. Not only Albert Einstein, Oliver Lodge or Nikola Teasla have “eaten the wisdom with a spoon” (German expression “Die Weisheit mit dem Löffel gegessen”). There were many things I could not accomplish during my lifetime; others perhaps were maybe better in doing them, things potentially achieved more for the individuum, but this is difficult to judge.

NT: (Nikola Tesla) The composition we have at the moment over here is that several spirits are in our round, and perhaps one or more will join us. That we, Oliver, Albert and myself work together with you again was triggered off by you mainly, because we feel familiar with you, I because of our sittings many years ago with the medium Franz (deceased German medium), Oliver and Albert of course with you in Scole. 

Cl: Although we are here together in harmony, it is important that for example Nikola Tesla presents himself to you in his individual form, different to, let’s say, Albert Einstein or Oliver Lodge. All spirits have their peculiarities, although we are in agreement about these spiritual topics. But also here there are different interpretations according to the structure of the individual spirit. It is of major importance that the individuality comes through. Otherwise it would be boring for you - for us as well -.

W: Perhaps you can confirm this, I’m pretty sure you are in contact with Oliver.

Helen Duncan: Of course Oliver Lodge was at his time very helpful, although I did not have great contact. It was for other mediums, he was very helpful, yes.

AE: (Albert Einstein) For example, I never had the courage to present my “spiritual knowledge” to the public, as our friend Oliver Lodge did. Although I was known as a, let’s say, “somehow slightly crazy type”, I did not dare to state things like Oliver did.

Montague Keen: ... and I very often think about you. I do not want to go into any details, I just want to let you know, it is all fine over here, and our work is excellent. I’m over here together with some of my colleagues. Some of them I did not know in lifetime, for instance Oliver Lodge, whom I now call a colleague. I just want to say hello, I also pass on to you greetings from Oliver and from all the friends over here, and perhaps we get the opportunity to talk together in the new year.