Medium  (Part 1)

Remark: Many thanks to our friend Inge Crosson for translating into English


Some Comments to the Phenomenon of the Mediumistic Ability in General

  • Mediums are normal persons with all their strengths and weaknesses.
  • They are channels and not causer/originators of messages.
  • They are subject to the danger of a special, overdrawn attention by sitters because of their so called direct access or direct wire.
  • Mediums are without exception involved in the messages from the so-called Spirit World with their own mind. This influence varies but can by all means amount up to 30%.
  • Basically influencing in regard to the “Quality” of the messages is the medium’s motive.
  • A strong religious minded education or a dogmatic background is mostly reflected by the choice of words by the medium.
  • It is important to mention that the so-called deceased giving messages through a medium are not only because of the fact that they are departed necessarily all-knowing (information bureau) or refined.
  • There is no neutral way of information transfer – also not in the instrumental communication; there always is a medium involved.


W: Can there be a connection between a person and a specific item, wedding ring for example, where the medium holds this item and receives messages from the afterlife, so that this ring acts as a connection, memory or attraction? 

Cl: It is a form of attractor in the mediumistic area, as this item can maybe attract a specific spirit person. For the medium it is the connection piece. But even without this connection piece will you have mediumistic communication.

St:  Would it also work, if we give the medium a different ring?

Cl: Possibly

W: I could imagine that a special ring would create a specific connection.

Cl: It is a tool.

St: similar to remote viewing, where you write number coordinates on an envelope.

Cl: Yes

W: I wonder why some countries have nearly a leader role in mediumistic communication. Why England?

Cl: This is to some degree present in every country, but England is the classical spiritual country in Europe.

It is possible that these traditions are preserved because it is an Island. Especially in those parts of the world, old traditions remain more than elsewhere – for example in your European continent – where one land flows into the next, where traditions of one land mix with the traditions of the next. Maybe this is the reason why England holds on to its own traditions, to build a certain protection around itself.

W: That actually makes sense. It is surely more untouched and less influenced when you have water around you.

Cl: Although England is very modern on one side, it is traditional in these things – nearly old fashioned.

Also is spiritualism in England not seen as a direct financial commerce? It is looked upon as something normal and not extra ordinary.

St: It is claimed that the mediumistic ability is given from generation to the next.  Is this a spiritual relationship within the family?

Cl: Yes, it is of course the spiritual connection, because it is definitely not a pure genetic cause. You come with this wish in your being to this world. It is a spiritual connection, for example Karin’s grandmother was a spiritual person and worked with spiritual subjects. She didn’t pass it on to her son, but to her granddaughter, and not to all 3 grandchildren, only to one – Karin – who continues with the tradition, which already her great grandmother experienced, and in this case she passes it on to you.

St: That is very interesting. It must not necessarily be like this?

Cl: No, there are families which have no spiritual current in any form since generations.

W: We had a different discussion before regarding how depletion can occur during communication with the spiritual spheres. How different forms of communication with the spirit world can create different grades of exhaustion/fatigue phases of elation?

Cl: Basically it should be like this: a medium, regardless if it is a voice medium or a healer, (who mainly also works as a medium channel,) after the sitting or healing should not be exhausted, because for the physical it is not sustainable in the long run.

Regarding the sitters, it as well depends on their physical and mental condition, if they feel exhausted or normal - or how you say- empowered after the sitting.

Also, feeling empowered, as you mentioned before, must not necessary be the desired aim.                                      

It should, in principle, be that a kind of balance is created. If someone with a normal conscious feeling goes into a sitting, he should leave the sitting in the same condition.

It happens that people who attend a sitting tired, like it happens with you sometimes, that St. or even Karin are very tired before the sitting, leave the sitting wide awake. It depends on the subject we discuss, if it is uplifting or depressing. These are all factors you need to consider.

In principle, we pay attention to ensure that you feel uplifted during and after the sitting. We can not influence how you feel before the sitting, in which condition you are before the sitting, but we make sure that you – as we said before – during and just after the sitting you are uplifted.

Every individual leaves a sitting with different emotions. So one sitter has maybe a lot of energy after the sitting and another might feel just the opposite. It depends on the mental and physical condition of each sitter. You can’t make a general statement about this.

E: There is an interesting argument, an interesting thought in this and it depends on the subject.

W: Yes that’s right.

E: We didn’t consider that before.

Cl: It depends on the subject, as we always try in this group, to address subjects which do not cause depression, which means even if the issue contains a negative component, we consider that this has no lasting influence on your psyche.

We try, as you can confirm, that all subjects, regardless of their nature will be fully discussed so there remains no bitter after taste. When, for example, as it happened here - S. (a friend of Karin) made contact. It was a very emotional issue which included the medium. We try, despite everything, to create a balance in the end, to ensure that no emotions of a negative type remain.

W: I appreciate it very much and especially to focus on the various aspects – no matter what circumstances – that are brought up, so that that it not so much becomes a one-sided assessment.

Cl: Even though, we do not always have the same opinion, we try to get along well.

W: Yes

E: You can say that as far as it concerns me.

W: Claudius has the better arguments.

Cl: I try to keep your feet on the ground despite all the “floating”. That’s our aim here.

E: That is not that hard with Walter and me.

A: I often try to transmit a vision to Karin. But to translate the scene into words is the difficulty you talk about. This vision, this feeling is in principle an emotional issue, which is hard to describe in words. So I send Karin a picture for the word “Happiness, being happy” but she can’t express it in words. Words are just a tool, yes. (Note: the picture I saw was Adelheid in a wide golden ray).

But we hope that the transmissions work. Mostly it is our aim to leave you with a feeling of happiness and joy. That is the most important, it is our goal.

E: I believe I capture it, because my next question which you already answered would have been: Does the psyche of the living experimenters in your group, the human psyche connected to the spiritual of course, has been helpful to develop the whole system and to make it work.

PE: (Padre Ernetti) It was a closed circle. It was on one side the psyche of the living humans, and then the information within the information field, the exchange, and the third part were the spiritual helpers with whom we had a connection.  

It is a triple function, and if the person is open and he attunes himself accordingly, he is able to achieve enormous things. This device works because the spiritual interaction worked.

Decisive was not the device itself; it was only an expression, a resource. We didn’t need this device, and this recording would have happened without it.

E: In which way would it have developed?

PE: It is a hypothesis as to the necessity of the device. How should I say, the device would not have been necessary, we could have been immersed like in a film, if man would be more open, if he were intellectually more open to these things, but the device was necessary as a medium.

W: From your current point of view, were the technical tools, you used to build the Chronovisor needed, or were they just assisting equipment?

PE: It was a tool, as I previously tried to explain with maybe not the right words. It was a tool; we needed to create a medium. We could have accomplished this with mental power and without equipment in a form, as you may say – Vision maybe.

W: Yes

PE: But then maybe only we would have had an insight. With technical equipment is it easier to convince non-believers and half-believers.

E:  Yes    

A: Basically a medium is needed, i.e. when it is about language you need a voice medium. If you work with a device like the EVP, then you have really two mediums, the communicator and the device with which he works. So there is still a medium interposed, the technical unit.

But the communicator himself must also have certain mediumistic powers, because an interaction has to take place between this world and the hereafter, a spiritual connection, which can not be done by the device only.

It is a technically supported communication and for this reason, of course, sometimes tedious, but it is necessary that the earthly communicator can produce a spiritual connection to the opposite partner. And this is really the obstacle which many need to overcome.

It makes no sense to just sit down and believe that everybody will get voices, if the earthly partner does not fully identify himself with the spiritual wold.

This device, placed between them, a mere tool, and as you say, you can not separate. No matter which connection is made by you to the spiritual world, it includes a mediumistic spiritual component.

E: It is increasingly clear, as we have learned through observations and one can only hope that the mediumship in humans will strengthen over time. If the total of mediumship is summarily increased over large areas, as you said earlier, it is safe to assume that the technical contacts will become more frequent.                                                                                           

A: It is, however, as mentioned, also of great importance - especially for us here - which subjects the earthly partner is interested in. We are happy of course, particularly that you are open for things that extend above the "normal".

Each communicator here with us is pleased about the interest which his earthly partner extends to him, and that it not only remains in the small everyday banalities. When you e.g. take the technically based TK:  you get – same as with a Voice medium- waht you ask for, what you mentally attract, you will receive.

If the earthly EVP communicator has a wide field of interest and would ask how you ask, then I would imagine that there would be more interested spirit communicators who would then answer. Most communicators on your side only want to have success, no matter what comes through. There is no special interest behind it, there are no special areas of interest behind it, but what is important for us, too, is that questions are asked, which have general validity, which are just for the general public interest. Do you understand what I mean?

E: Yes, yes.

A: This is not about having success, success in the form: "I had another three or four voices," but it is also about the motive behind the contact searching: "Why am I looking for afterlife contact?"

E: You know, some contacts are so surprising concerning what I just read about French communicators. We also had this in Germany. Some contacts are surprising and come about spontaneously, also uncalled. Then something develops out of and with the support basically by the personal relationship between the deceased and the living here,  what in the "good" cases very soon  extends, it no longer remains in the personal sphere, but expands into a larger - to again make use of the word - more "mental field" or a mental space. This is what can be observed with people who open themselves to be truly spiritual.

A: Yes, it also requires a certain humility to - how shall I say – to create  a "good" spiritual contact. It is not only so in the case of a voice medium, but also with technology. A certain amount of humility combined with zest for life, with humour.

If I may recall Adolf Homes here, he actually presented the perfect communicator. He was not over exuberant, he was not arrogant, and he was still a normal person despite his - if you like so - successes. And if there would be more of these people, who of course are also highly mediumistic, then you would have more contacts.

Cl: I will go into depth about the basics, before we go into detail. Basically, there are different types of mediums. In our case, Karin is very good at visualisation, i.e. she can easily picture what we present and describe to her spiritual eye. She then has a picture in front of her, which she can then pass on to you, more or less correct, but that is not of upper importance. But she can describe it.

On the other hand, she relays thoughts in the moment when she receives them, unless she has a blockage, that she receives something from us, which she can not handle at the moment, eg. if it is a matter which she has trouble imagining, or if she is unable to cope with something technical.

We have no problems with philosophical subjects, but when it comes to technology, it can occasionally come to a little stagnation in the delivery.                                                           

For me it is possible, since I have worked with you for a very long time, to clarify what her vocabulary is, the size of her vocabulary, and here we come in, so that from time to time she uses words which are not part of her personal language usage, but of course in her total vocabulary. So words that perhaps otherwise would not have passed her lips, we connect deliberately to them, to make us understandable.

W: This means you reach into her vocabulary, including exceptions that are not part of her normal language use. It would be unimaginable to get Karin to speak in a language that is not familiar to her?

Cl: Only up to a certain extent. We would need very long to do so. We would have to practice the language with her, train her mentally. She must be open to it of course.

W: I am only asking to get a better understanding, it's not what we aspire to achieve. I try to imagine the communication as a sender / receiver relationship. You are the transmitter, Karin is the receiver.

Cl: It also would be possible ...let’s say, there are people who suddenly write – an automatic writing medium - in a foreign language which they never learned in this lifetime/ this incarnation.

W: That is correct.

Cl: Yes, but these are exceptions, and these people rely on a parallel incarnation or a parallel "past" incarnation.

It is different for each medium. The other medium has these qualities, but perhaps not a quality that we have here with Karin, since she leads our conversations with ease in a way that you think we are sitting here together at the table.

This does not apply to the automatic writing medium. Instead, the automatic writing medium has the quality to be able to communicate in this language, which is foreign to him. This shows that you can’t compare different mediums with each other.                                              

W: First of all no valuation.

Cl:  Do not use valuation or judging. And, as I said, the possibilities of each medium are different, so here we shouldn’t necessarily try to communicate in foreign languages, except maybe in English or ...we could, if it was French, communicate a few words. Because Karin had an interest in this language in the past, it would be easier for her than to, for example, speak the Indian language, but still it would be hard work.

But if we have the opportunity, we will communicate from here in your native language or in English, because we can best understand each other.

W: The thought which went through my head was, how did it work in the case of Father Ernetti , who I believe,  did not speak German.

Cl: But he has been a linguistic genius. It's been easy for him. There are language geniuses, who can tap into a language, which is required of them. You may have not yet noticed, but it is at times for Karin not that easy. She feels at this moment that this person has a different mentality, so that sometimes small discrepancies can arise, whereas the conversation might stagnate a little.                                                     

W: You mean with a different mentality, a different way of speaking?

Cl: The way of thinking, speaking.

W: Thought mentality.

Cl: Both voice and thought mentality. In the case of Father Ernetti it is because this person is very advanced spiritually and therefore he is a bit more detached from the earthly plane.

W: What do you actually do to get Karin to communicate thoughts, or does it happen simply because you want it to happen?

Cl: It just happens because we - yes, it may sound a little detached perhaps - but we are in principle a unit, so it is basically a flowing interaction. It's not like a translation that takes place of what I wish to communicate. Karin is quiet competent in expressing my impressions in form of your language.

W: If you would try the same with me or with St. it would probably not work, or it would not work at the moment.

Cl: I switch into your thought processes at times, of which you are not aware, and so it is with Karin. I often switch into her thoughts. She has an idea and then questions: it is mine or where does it come from? Meanwhile, she is now more aware when she picks up one of my thoughts or feelings.

W: So you yourself do not have to specifically focus on something?

Cl: No, you could raise any issue this evening, I would not necessarily have to focus on it first. I could transfer my feelings about the subject spontaneously to Karin. She would convert them into language, and depending on the impulse I send, is the language.

W: This means that you still send an impulse.

Cl: Yes, the impulse of my feelings.                                                                                         

W: You send them specifically focused.

Cl: Yes, to Karin, I could not send this to someone else.

W: Then you are planning a deliberate action.

Cl: Yes, of course, but it's easier between us, as there is a knowing. Should someone communicate who Karin does not know, there is no problem, but there is first a sort of  scanning, and then it can happen that the message isn’t relayed one hundred percent. Of course, it can also happen, when I talk to you, that something is lost now and then. But this has nothing to do with our connection, but it is lost simply by cosmic disturbances or other problems, or there is something in the air, which may irritate you. Thru such disturbances little things can get lost. It is difficult to explain, but a disturbance   can also be present here, with us, but we certainly try, as you know, to eliminate this type of interference.

W: I have not consciously felt any disturbance yet.

At the moment it is like you were sitting here, which means we send out sound waves, as this is necessary for us to understand each other here. What do you feel from us, you can read the thoughts, or how do you recognize it?

Cl: I can read your thoughts – if I want- , but as I have always said, it is of benefit if you articulate. It is better for you and for Karin. Of course I can answer the questions without them being acoustically formulated, but despite that, we should keep talking to each other, because it is also easier for the medium.

W: Also for the documentation.

Cl: Of course, also for the documentation. It is overall easier if the question is put to us with involvement of the medium.

W: For us it is very difficult to finish our thoughts, without allowing any other distraction to enter them.

Cl: Yes.

W: Already, this has helped us a bit further.

Cl: Despite everything, you are not quite clear how the words come about. Is it not so?

W: How would you put it into words? Is it in the direction of telepathy, or is there even a word we can use for the transference of thought from you to Karin? How would one describe it?

Cl: It is a kind of telepathy, a more spiritualized telepathy than when humans work with each other telepathically. Here it is a more sensitive matter, because I have the option to connect with focus, not with "Good luck ", directly to Karin's receptor. If you want to communicate with each other telepathically, you are not sure whether the other welcomes your thoughts, and earthly or emotional interference etc. can also occur.

When I contact you, I am sure that I focus on Karin’s receptors directly, so that the message I want to give you arrives authentically, as intended.                                                               

W: Could you also transfer emotions?

Cl: Of course, we could do this. Only in the spheres where I exist, as I have already said, we have not got emotions any more, the .....

W: similar to ours?

Cl: .... yes, like yours, which come from the solar plexus. Spirit beings, who have not yet come to an understanding with this or still are close to earthly matters can very easily - you remember Sigrun – transmit emotions.

But we try not to weigh you down too much with emotions, because this is not very conducive to the entire conversation.

W: That's right; it was more a theoretical question.

St: I have another question. During my conversation with Inken (an earthly friend of St.), we talked about middle names. I posed the question mentally: Please tell me Inken´s middle name. I received a vision of an energy cloud with the name Christina. She was very surprised, because it was correct.

Now the question, does someone actually give the answer or you yourself refer to an information field and / or whether it even makes a difference?

Cl: There are two different possibilities. If you are very mediumistic – mediumistic ability has not necessarily to do with spirituality, as it is separated from the spiritual world, but  both, mediumship and spirituality, can come together - then you can actually retrieve the thought from your companion telepathically.

This is pure mediumship. In contact with the spiritual world, you also can get an answer if someone can or wants to answer you, so it cannot always be kept apart. In principle, however, both are  phenomena.

In the instance, that the subject has not previously been spoken of, she would not have had her second name in her head. If you would have addressed her spontaneously with Christina, it would have likely been  -  I would say not a hundred percent - but Ninety percent a tip from here.

In your case it is due to your mediumship. But as I said, you should always question in such things: did we just talk about it or not.

St: That's a good idea, I have not looked at it like that. But I probably picked up her thoughts.

Cl: And then it also can be, that both operated together and just in that moment someone in the spirit world felt contacted, that means she (Inken) had her name in her head and at the same time in the afterlife her grandmother perhaps connected. This is also possible.

St: We will practice that straight away.

Cl: You could practice these telepathic things and sharpen your mind this way.

W: That reminds me of the benefit of thought or mind force, which Adolf Homes used in the past, when he brought a radio to silence.

Cl: Yes. Since you just named Adolf Homes, I picked up the thoughts. You may ask yourself, maybe Ernst is asking, why Adolf Homes has not yet been in contact. It could have been expected, but not everything always works out the way we want it.

This would be a subject with him. Sure, I can explain that to you too, but it would be more interesting for you to hear it directly from him. And if you want, of course, you can include Ernst in this conversation.

W: Yes, sure, they know each other so well.

Cl: I think that would be one of his wishes.

W: Yes. He has already ever so slightly approached it.

Cl: Yes. This has nothing to do with preferences, but constellation must be perfect.

W: Last time we talked about mediums, about the sender-receiver relationship, but the topic is far from complete, we have some more follow-up questions.

If we now go into the different types of mediumship, I'll start with the motoric activation, that  means for example that a Writing Medium has to be specially focussed on. Can you tell us about it, how this happens?

Cl: It is the same with a writing medium as with a voice medium, as that they receive impulses and have the ability to translate them into graphic characters or even pictures, as in the case of your friend Oda who in addition receives messages in the form of thought forms and also hears voices. She has extensive mediumistic abilities. Have you got a question in regards to this?

W: When I look at the pictures of Oda P., there are very large embellishments, ornamentations, swinging elements. Is this something that comes from her or is it something the sender transmits?

Cl: It is both. There is an interaction, a co-operation exists. She on your side is receptive for these types of characters and images, and also sometimes humorous texts and even small puzzles that she receives to solve them.

She is sensitive to it, and then here on our side someone is present who uses her as a "tool" to convey his wishes to you, the form, how he wants to communicate with you. It is a symbiosis, I would say, in this case. Not every medium would be able to receive these types of messages, because not every medium is receptive to this form.

W: I still try to imagine how it happens, for example, somebody receives mental information and then artistically paints pictures.

Cl: Obviously this person, who brings about these artistic images, is not inexperienced in this area. They are mostly people - even if they don’t work directly as painters or artists – they are, in their nature, in a position to bring these creative structures to the paper. Another would find it very difficult to do so.

W: Now I would like to return to the writing medium, to the beginning. There are writing mediums, who write in another language, and as you said last week, the return to a parallel existence could be the cause.

Cl: Yes.

W: Is that with a writing medium, who writes in an ancient language ...

Cl: Similarly! It is the same in principle. If it is something that has not happened to this medium in this present life, and which she or he has not learned and she or he is capable to write in a foreign or say the old German language, then there is access to a parallel incarnation where this is possible, where she learned it. So it is in most cases.

Cl: The writing medium has at first not necessarily the words, the thoughts or the idea in his head. Quite the contrary, it might not even function in this way, but the medium is controlled more or less through a physical impulse, a mental-physical impulse whilst in an altered state of consciousness. Otherwise each written word would be questioned, especially in a foreign language, so that it is more a physical impulse.

W: Which needs to be initiated from your side.

Cl: Yes, which needs to be initiated from our side. This writing medium has previously agreed to it, without being able to recapitulate this process consciously.

W: Now, there are also other mediums, we have already talked about, who materialise other spirit beings through ectoplasm. What does actually take place there in regards to the control? Is this something from the outside, is it initiated by your side, or is the medium itself the trigger in the event of ectoplasm release?

Cl: You must consider, ectoplasm mediums acting as materialisation mediums are highly sensitive,  far more than other mediums. They are not simply an ectoplasm-medium, they already agreed to this prior to their incarnation, they have investigated this in the world beyond, so they can work with this form of mediumship in the physical when the time is right.

It is something that has matured in them, something which, even before the ability to exude ectoplasm, was practised and discussed with us intensely, because it can be quiet dangerous.

This means it is a long term process. These people are mediumistic from childhood, and at a certain stage it is possible for them to produce ectoplasm visibly.

It takes a certain maturity and certain life experience, so that it usually happens in the later stages of life. We take precautions and we talk to these mediums again and again when they visit us here during their sleep, and when this medium is ready, then it is possible for us to give the impulse to exude the ectoplasm.

And the medium is basically just only the medium (tool).

W: This was the main point of the question, so the impulse comes from your side?

Cl: The impulse comes from us, but of course only with the consent of the medium. If the medium sits in the so-called Cabinet - as it is practiced in England - and is not fully mentally ready and willing, it will not work.

The medium requires a very close circle of people around him, which he can fully trust. And this trust makes it possible to ease the medium into taking this step.

W: To be available to others it is practically the medium´s support to help them.

I've actually never heard that an ectoplasm medium used this in order to profit from it, or out of selfishness.

Cl: In principle you're right, but, sadly, there were very well known mediums, mostly around the change of the century (18the/19th) who first started out of charity, but digressed at some point.

It was not so much because of the commercialism, but it was these ovations that they received from people, which let them to become very pompous. This is a pity, because  in retrospect, when they are on our side here, it is very difficult for them to cope with their earthly behaviour.

W: This is quite general.

Cl: But you are right in principle, these mediums are very modest people who like to help others selflessly.

W: Well, there is another phenomenom, where I wonder how that can come about, and it is that a medium is tied to a chair, it can not move from the spot, and after the meeting the medium is in a very different place in the room, or it has even been released from the ties.

Cl: It can be placed in the category of materialization. Something is dematerialized so that  the ties disappear. Either  the medium is retrospectively re-bound, then there is a materialization of the ties, or the medium is at a different location, you're absolutely right.

This is possible, but only in very few cases.

W: It's a phenomenon that is thought-provoking.

Cl: Yes, it makes you think, and this shows more and more that you and your physics, with your materialistic view are at the end.

W: Yes, that's right. Now, one could reconstruct such an experiment under scientific boundary conditions”, which could lead to bewilderment on our side.

Cl: These experiments were made. The problem is that the medium, a highly sensitive man, is suddenly put under pressure, which is not in favour of the experiments and in most cases it doesn’t work then.

W: Yes.

Cl: For it is in principle not the meaning of it all. The person should be able to intuitively absorb things and not just because they are scientifically proven and secured. That does not help you.

W: Again to the Materialisation-medium, the person can move from one place to another. Is that something that is triggered by the person or, as one can imagine as an interaction - for the dematerialization of a person and a relocation - it must indeed be some kind of arrangement between this world and the other world?

Cl: The difficulty is not the arrangement. These things are, as far as I can reconstruct, usually performed in the dark.

W: That is correct.

So there has to be a certain ability present in the medium.

Cl: Of course, a very special ability to overcome the fear of doing such things. Even a medium has still respect for certain things, and there must be complete trust in the other world, trust in themselves and, above all, just total fearlessness.

St: I've never heard about a person who can dematerialize himself willingly.

Cl: It is not deliberately. It's not that you sit down and say: I want to  dematerialize now. This medium is in a totally altered state, usually in deep trance and so just lets it happen.

St: The medium was bound, hence it must be assumed that it was intended.                    

Cl: It is quite clear, but the medium is not rationally thinking; it falls into a trance, like every other trance medium, and then these things happen. Of course he is aware in advance of what might happen or will.

But all these things have not always worked, and for this reason, you could not provide hundred percent scientific evidence.

St: That's not important. The question is anyway ' does it make sense.

Cl: It is not the purpose behind it, otherwise the spiritual subject, if it was scientifically researched and could be scientifically tested and proven, would become a worldly subject and be marketed, even on a larger scale than is already the case.

W: In that I would see danger.

Cl: And then the abuse would start with the mediums.

W: Yes, that's right.

Cl: They would be hunted, they would be blackmailed. By speaking with you, I can assure you of it. They would pursue these people and would ask of them disgusting things.

And that is the reason why even the best mediums are not able to predict lottery numbers;  even though they can give you the most wonderful messages from the spirit world, they cannot predict some specific thing. They would be in danger.

W: That is a point of view.

E: I have a number of questions, and we need to tackle this slowly. It has often been said, that you work with devices in your sphere. Can you confirm this in any way, does that make any sense, or is it sufficient to assume that these devices are simply conceptually, mentally present?

AH: (Adolf Homes) These devices are, of course, just as you would say, "virtually" present. They are present in our imagination. How could we have devices here, it would not be possible. In principle, they can only be mentally present in our imagination.

E: Yes.

AH: There are no physical devices here.

E: But look, you will remember that, for example in Luxembourg and other places, not only landscapes and images of people have been forwarded ....

AH: Yes.

E: ... but also images, where spirit people work on devices. You've seen those pictures, you will remember.

AH: Yes.

E: Then I would say as a critic, perhaps it is a concession to the human imagination, but ultimately it is a delusion.  

AH: People need pictures, and how should we send you impressions, if you cannot see  these images with your physical eyes, the ones you rely on.

E: And now I have second question. Do you believe and could you say that you can directly intervene in our devices or whether the first recipient is the actual living human being, and his abilities are used to some extend to feed the messages into the device, that’s what I think?

AH: Yes, we have very often discussed this and I believe you have also talked about it some time ago. As I said, there are, if you want, no mediumistic devices. In the technically based telecommunications there are two medium involved. It is once the device as a mediator, the person as a transmitter / receiver, and only as much as the person is ready to receive spiritual messages can the device express them, either in the form of EVP or the computer in writing.

The person is crucial in the first place, as you will not have messages without human mediumship,  there will be no success in that direction.

E: Yes, you say that you are at work, that you try to imagine what  could be improved. What do you think would be possible, as you cannot change the human receivers much?

AH: The problem is, that although the person is willing, it also depends on his motive. Often this is a handicap, the motive, why does the person do it? And here we are unfortunately not able to intervene, because the characters are so different. It is part of it, that the person is sensitive, very sensitive, and on the other hand, also has the desire to accomplish something. As it often happens, the sensitive person neglects the other component.

E: The activity.

AH: The activity is neglected. The one, who is very active, is often not sensitive enough.

E: Yes, very good.

W: Another point in reference to the discussion, which we had last week with Adolf Homes, Adelheid, and you about EVP.  

It was stressed very strongly that mediumship is necessary to create phenomena, even if the experimenter may not be aware of it.

I try to imagine in the case of EVP, when a tape is altered by a medium, what does actually happen. Could you help us a bit, what is the contribution of the medium?

Cl: It creates a kind of resonance. Do you mean the experimenter on your side as mediumistic factor?

W: Yes, but I imply that someone, who is not mediumistic, does not receive EVP, or is this wrong?

Cl: Everyone possesses a slight mediumistic ability, and when he activates this very strongly, he will also occasionally get a recorded voice.

There are obviously people who have basically no success in this regard, as they say, neither  with EVP or with any other technique, but that does not mean it is because they have no spark of mediumship in itself, the reason for it is in the activation of it.

If you have the burning desire to accomplish something in this direction, then you will bring it about, even if it is not quite as satisfactory as you wish it to be. But for people, who see it only as an exercise to try and check off, I do not think this will be successful. 

But let’s assume that people who deal with EVP do it gladly and with great dedication, and they bring a certain proportion of mediumship in the affair.

The relationship from here to you creates a resonating board. Now an intersecting device is installed, that has to be integrated in this connection..

W: link?

Cl: ... connection link as a materialistic, in principle dead device. But, as Ernst said already, this device is in a sense, independent of time and space, mentally available. It's not animated, it has no feeling like you, but it can, in spite of everything, be controlled. Not the device as a body, but certain functional parts in the device have to be brought  – as you would say - into vibration.

If this is the case from your side, and it is possible to bring this device into a sort of resonance at the right time and if we then  intervene from our side, then these sounds and voices manifest, which you interpret as EVP, spiritual voices.                                 

That there are now actually audible voices, initiated by us as thought is similar to what we do here with Karin. Now she is a person, has a brain function, is alive, an animated being, and despite all that in this moment she is pure medium, a kind of tool.

Cl:  Where there is a mediumistic person in the room, generally a voice could establish. Otherwise, this phenomenon will not occur.

W: Yes.

Cl: Well, I would not say "never", among a hundred cases voices will be established in 99 of cases if there is a mediumistic person in the room, or more mediumistic people.

It is in principle the same as when a spirit manifests, the energy is build up in the room and then it is possible that either with the help of ectoplasm released from the medium, a spirit manifests that maybe also speaks. With a voice alone, which arises mainly due to the mediumship of the medium, not so much energy is needed. On our side, this mediumistic energy, which of course can not be measured, is converted into a voice.

W: A voice we hear, is composed of sound waves, which brings our eardrums into resonance.  A sound wave has to be created in some way. Is it done by spiritual formation of vocal cords?

Cl: You can not form physical vocal cords. It is an effect, a mental simulation, if you like, not directly of the vocal cords but ...

W: The larynx?

Cl: How should I explain this to you? We do not think about it too much, and if you ask me, I'd like to give a plausible explanation. We have a thought, and if the mediumship of the people in the room permits, then these things happen, and in principle what you hear is a spiritual imitation of your vocal apparatus. You are right, otherwise it would not resonate in you. But if you ask me, how it comes about, it is very difficult to explain.

W: I believe that.

Cl: It's simple, here from our side to accomplish these things, without having to think about it for long, then it would be too late.

W: The contribution of the medium is to provide the substance, e.g. the ectoplasm?

Cl: Ectoplasm regarding  materialisation mediums. You can imagine how much energy is needed here - ectoplasm and voice -.

W: That means it is also possible without ectoplasm.

Cl: Yes, it is possible without, there are too few ectoplasm mediums. I do not want to deny that these phenomena, such as producing ectoplasm or direct voice use an enormous amount of energy. Also the phenomena which you accomplished in Scole used more energy than a normal communication.

W: From your side?

Cl: Also on your side. You know an ectoplasm medium can become very weak by this work and this is not really beneficial, but there is an enormous amount of energy needed, as you know also from your work in Scole. These things are not easy to sustain in the long term, especially concerning the medium.

It is always said that the medium should be in a stable healthy condition, but not every medium can maintain the workload as good as another. Basically during mediumistic work it is important that there is a regeneration phase of some form, even spiritually. Otherwise, it is that in the end the medium does not know anymore where his own thoughts come from, and so he must be able to switch off once in a while.

Cl: We won’t let it go that far. I am sure Karin wouldn’t be interested to sit here every day, and it would not be good.

W: Now when I think of what is possible, eg levitation, it seems to me that there is a great amount of energy needed.

Cl: It is mainly the mental outlook of the person himself, it doesn’t have to necessarily be a spiritual matter, do you know what I mean?

W: Yes, yes, I am already thinking. That means, it could happen without ..

Cl: Without spiritual influence .

W: .. from your side. Yes.

That's also interesting.

Cl: Basically if we wanted to intervene everywhere, where people declare that they are spiritual, doing spiritual work, we would have much to do in that direction. We focus on the cases that we feel necessary.

St: Are there people who have control to move things?

Cl: Yes, of course, there are people that have the power, the ability to move things. This has nothing to do with spiritual work.  It is a kind of mediumship. We have already talked about it. Mediumship does not necessarily mean to have a spiritual mindset. In English there are two names for it, here the Englishman would say it is psychic.

These people have the ability, as for example Uri Geller, to accomplish such things, although it has something to do with their mental attitude, but not with the "spiritual" mental attitude.

St: Doesn’t spiritual work change the overall mental attitude?

Cl: A person who works spiritually, will not necessarily want to move things, that's not his speciality, if you understand . For that reason, what you have done in Scole, in the strictest sense is not regarded as spiritual work . What you do here, is not only spiritual, but there are also other interests involved, which is quite normal, you are not to be blamed.

You are eager for knowledge and curious to know how things work, this is completely legal, so that people who move objects also are not to be judged. If they enjoy it, and they are able to do it, let them do it. And if they think they have to commercialise it, then they should do it, but then they should not say they are interested in spiritual work.

I want to come back to direct voice. The moment where this voice is established, the spirit person from which it proceeds, is connected with the person in the room who makes his mediumistic energy available, they are virtually one. And he uses seen from the mental aspect, the larynx, the vocal cords of the one who is physically present to give his thoughts via the sound of voice. 

The experimenter on your side offers his larynx to enable the spirit person to give his own voice the tone. This is how you should see it. So that it is not absolutely necessary to reproduce it here, but that would also be a possibility.

W: I'm trying to imagine the space in the room, when the voice comes from the middle of the room, but the medium is sitting somewhere else.

Cl: It does not matter.

W: I thought that something must be replicated because of the geographic distance.

Cl: This is not necessarily a problem for us.

W: You'd have to explain that to me again. How does it happen then, that the voice comes from a different part, when not somewhere something was replicated?

Cl: The vocal cords are not physically brought into vibration now, otherwise the voice would come from the mouth of the medium.

W: That is correct.

Cl: The spirit person uses you detached from the physical as a mental function, your mental image, your mental body.

You have a mental body, astral body, and this body the spirit person uses, which then .....

W: to talk?

Cl: ... speaks. For you must remember, a mediumistic person, who acts as a medium, is mentally partially detached from his body. We work in principle with his mind body and not his physical body, as w do partly with Karin.

W: That was helpful.

Cl: It will also create physical reflexes, physical feelings, which in a normal state of consciousness would not exist.

W: I have a point about our last conversation, in regards to the flower reading. Next time I initiate another subject. In the flower reading, what does actually happen, if someone brings a flower to a sitting, and the medium takes the flower in his hand and talks about the person who brought the flower.

Cl: This is similar to what Karin is doing here. There are different types of flower readings, which Karin is able to confirm. You take the flower in your hand, you don’t know (consciously) who it belongs to and make contact with the subconscious via the mediumistic or the spiritual way. Either it is the mediumistic side of the person who brought the flower, or you are getting the information from the spiritual side in regards to these people, then you relay what thoughts and images come to mind.

You can not do much more as a medium. You can not verify at this moment, whether it's true or not. If it is true, then that's great, but you can also be mistaken, no medium is perfect.

W: Yes.

Cl: Then of course there are those mediums that are actually able to grasp the precise circumstances. Not any medium is able to do so and some other mediums may have only more general information. The effect is that it speaks to those who own the flower, somehow, on some level.

W: Yes. What creates the connection to that person, is it the touch or the flower owner's recognising that it is his flower?

Cl: Yes, the one who recognizes that this is his flower, will immediately signal, not with the eyes, not with gestures, ....

W: ... mentally?

Cl: ...mentally: this is my flower! And that is the mediumistic part, as I mentioned already. The other part is that there a three-way interaction takes place: the one who brought the flower, the medium and the spiritual world. It is not always identifiable. For the person who owns the flower, is not clearly understood where this information comes from.

W: Now there is also the phenomena that a person takes an object in his hand which was possibly worn by someone for a very long time, eg a wedding ring, perhaps a missing person’s ring,  where the owner can not sent signals that it is his property.

Cl: If he does not know?

W: If he does not know.

Cl: Then is it more difficult for the medium. There are of course very sensitive mediums who can make the best out of this situation, by using their mediumship. Even without the presence of the original owner of an object, they can connect, or they have a very good helper in the world beyond that just gives them this information.

W: .someone who recognizes the situation?

Cl: Yes, recognizes the situation and provides information, it is also a part of mediumship, detached, spirituality, influential.

For another medium the object is simply an attachment to something, a tool to precisely connect with the visitor who owns the object. There are several possibilities.

There is also another type of flower reading. There has to be brought no flower into the sitting, but the flowers can be already present in the room. Everyone in the group takes the flower that appeals to him.  On the basis of that the medium can give an individual reading . Because of the type and appearance of the flower that you choose, a good medium can analyse you.

Even this act does not necessarily require the spiritual world as an aid, but a medium has the gift to read the flower that you have chosen - it can just as well be a stone - and pick out your nature.

W: But it can also very well be that mediumistic someone brings in their thoughts.

Cl: Yes. It is also a matter of experience for the medium, gained from other readings which come up again and again with the same or similar structures, and provide the medium that gives readings, with knowledge to know what is needed, automatically, intuitively.

W: I want two things to stand out. For Karin, it is very important that she can rely on what she says. And since we have also agreed with you that if something comes over what needs to be corrected, you should intervene.

Cl: Yes, of course.

E: Yes, and there are plenty of examples where ancient languages, ancient Egyptian for example, have come thru mediums and the scholars were actually able to use something that was previously  not  accessible. This means that these worlds of thought are essentially nonverbal. This is hard for us to imagine.

A: That is something that happens between the medium and spirit, and if a spirit channels a text  in an ancient Egyptian, ancient Greek or Roman language , there is a spiritual consultation between the worldly and the otherworldly communicators needed.

Not all mediums are in a position to communicate in another language, which they didn’t learn in this current life.                                                              

This is a special form of communication. It means the medium submerges into a parallel life, that is in the so-called past, or it is capable of retrieving the information, wherever it may be. It is a special form of communication.

You will find that a medium usually communicates in his own language, or, as it is in our case, in a second learned language,  and us spirit beings, if we are open enough, try to cooperate here. When Karin would basically only speak Italian, then we would also have to adjust to this language here, and if we were not ready or could not do it, then we could not communicate. It is a mutual agreement. And you know me, Ernst, I am always ready for all escapades, I'm talking even in Italian.   

W: In the third book by Oliver Lodge via Ray Smith the point was raised, telekinesis, or what we experienced in Ibiza, moving objects with ectoplasm.

This raised the question, is it possible to do this without assistance from the other side?

Cl: By spiritual power?

W: Yes, with spiritual power.

Cl: I think we had already talked about it once. It is in principle possible, if the person has the mediumistic ability. I must return to Uri Geller. He has actually no direct connection with the spiritual world. He accomplished these things anyway, because he is mediumistic first.

W: Now, one would have to define "mediumistic" again.

Cl: It is the ability to create these things with your own, with your own spiritual energy, mental power.

W: With a bit of mental strength to ....

Cl: Yes, with mental power to move something.

W: ... to move or to feel.

Cl: Like these people who move the pointer in a compass through mental power, or objects which they influence with mental power and also with their own energy.

W: I'm trying to understand, that means there are people that are different from normal people.

Cl: Yes.                                                                                                 

W: Is that something what you bring in?

Cl: Yes, absolutely. You bring it into this life.

W: In order to achieve a goal?

Cl: In order to achieve a goal.

W: What task?

Cl: With the assignment  that you - let´s say -  although you have this gift, you may stay a humble person.

It is a very big challenge, and you often succumb the situation of admiration ...

W: As usual.

Cl: ... and you exploit  it.

W: This means one could regard it as part of the role you play in this life?

Cl: A role and a challenge for yourself to find out how to handle this gift which I brought into this life.

It is the same with a medium that achieved phenomena with the help of spiritual helpers. The difference is that the medium that purely relies on its own mental strength may be intellectually superior to the other medium, but not from the spiritual side.

W: To remove the rating here, you might say, no matter how I start here on this earth, I bring with me the things to learn and what I want to learn and that even a medium has been pre-programmed with modesty. 

Cl: You might put it as your aim, but if you reach it, is a different matter, because you succumb to the material very easily on this earth. At the moment you are incarnated, you totally forget what you were trying to achieve.

W: Yes.

W: Now, if someone has the ability to divert such as a compass needle?

Cl: It is not absolutely necessary that the spiritual world influences. But should any activity be planned for abuse, it may be that the spiritual forces from the so-called lower level of consciousness, are very willing to participate.

W: Yes, I can imagine that. What is different with the person who, without help from outside, can move a compass needle in comparison to a normal human?

Cl: They have - if you like -  a different  function. Of course, this is not alone controlled by the physical body, but this person has focused its antennas and receives information on controlling the adaption of the energy of this force from a superior force, from cosmic spheres, which then allows the needle to change.

It is the retrieval of information, unconsciously of course. The person puts himself in an altered consciousness in a way, and can now being aware of this incorporate this information into his conscious mind, which causes the needle to react.

W: Yes, it is now expressed in very general terms. Is is possible to formulate it the way that I can understand it better? Something has to be changed in some way to bring for instance the needle in motion.

Cl: When you examine the person, he will physically work just like any other person. There is no alteration in his brain, nor in his nervous system. It's like a normal person, but he can analyse information differently, he can convert the forces he emits from its physical body, which hits the needle as an energy impulse.

W: If I want to make an object move, I must produce in our physical system a force against the force of attraction, a deflective force against the magnetic field.

Cl: Yes. Here you have an invisible spiritual force ,.....

W: But which in our system is not measurable, but .....

Cl: ... which is not measurable, right.

W: .... but is still available.

Cl: .. still available, yes. You as well can’t measure the so-called aura around you and you can’t measure the invisible spirit body, which emerges. This is the same substance, only in another form, or ....

W: other consistency?

Cl: not in another consistency, with another goal.

W: Yes.

Cl: But the same in principle. A spiritual force emerges from your body, which is the astral body or spiritual body and moves to anywhere. And the spiritual force the medium sends, to move something, is in principle, of the same material.

W: Are there rules in a way, like actio = reactio, even if it is a spiritual force?

Cl: Yes, you can see it that way.

Oft course, there is naturally also an interest from our side - to a certain degree - that these things work, to awake you humans, therefore we do not reject it. We are only opposed to dishonesty, and we talk about it repeatedly, and it also is addressed in this book. When a medium works, it should be honest and not mislead people with dishonesty, eg When a medium works without spiritual influence, it should not declare it otherwise.

W: As an outsider, does one have a chance to distinguish the one from the other?

Cl: No, as a layman you obviously do not. If you are experienced, Karin has a feeling for it. She has worked with both types of mediums. A trained medium can distinguish in another, whether it is a "psychic," as the English say, or a "spiritually influenced" medium.

The  paint  medium Coral Polge basically worked only with mediums who channelled the messages of people she had painted from the spirit world. She said: I have no use for a psychic. She knew immediately if someone withdrew the information from the person who was sitting there, and not from the spirit person she was painting.

These are the differences, and it is not objectionable to work that way, but one should inform those who pay money for a session, not lie about it.

W: The medium notices it or ought to know?

Cl: A medium can notice such things with another medium. You can not, as a layman.

W: Is it possible that the medium itself succumbs to the belief...

Cl: The medium will get to know in the course of his work, with whom he is working. Each medium has his spiritual helpers, who are known to him and with who he basically works, on which it can rely. So that a medium, which doesn’t require the spiritual world, knows this or at least should know for most of the times it transfers messages.                           

W: Yes.

Cl: So that if someone is working in the direction that he moves things via his mental strength, and he explains it to his audience, then this is fine. But one should not hold responsible or involve the spiritual world in things the medium has accomplished exclusively by his own willpower.

W: If the medium can truly do it on his own, then it ought to be able to repeat  the effect repeatedly. It must then be easy to verify scientifically the repeatability and the result.

Cl: This is like the contact to us. You can not repeat these things  one hundred percent. You can perhaps repeat it in almost identical form or produce similar phenomena, but to produce exactly the same phenomenon is very difficult, as you know yourself

Scientific research was done with these mediums, and it was found that it works, though, as I said, not hundred percent, but in a similar form. If the science proof was insufficient, you can’t ask for more, because the constellation is not always the same. It only needs to take place in another room, or there are different people present than before in the room, then the entire phenomenon is subject to these changing constellations, the current situation.

W: It probably can not be fully understood how it precisely works, but it works, and the person who accomplishes it, might not be fully aware how it happens.

Cl: Yes.

W: That's an interesting point.

OL: (Oliver Lodge) The transmission is very difficult. In the past - and even now - I've been asked why I, as a scientist, don’t bring scientific dissertations from the spirit world to you.

And that is a fundamental problem. We rely on the medium as to what we can transmit, i.e. if we had a scientist as a medium, our conversation would be of course easier for both sides.

But since we have to work with the current mental structure, training and orientation which is present in the medium, it is not possible for us now to go deeper into the scientific things and use  correspondingly accurate data and terminology.

E: Yes, it would obviously be a dream if you one day, maybe not you personally, but a group, whoever, would be able to activate the computer so that a medium is not necessary on our side. If some one would create something logically, then it would be possible, to transmit such a book.

OL: That might be possible in the future, but regardless, a contact person as a personal connection point is still needed at your side. At the moment I can not imagine to work with devices alone. Somehow there must be a personal connection to the person who manages this unit.

E: Yes, that is interesting, because we just previously had, as you probably noticed, a conversation with Claudius regarding this computer-influence, which has apparently taken place here in this house. At that moment Claudius said, we attempted something. And now we miss the medium, as at the time of the manipulation probably nobody sat at the computer, except  Karin. So has Karin worked unconsciously as a medium in this case as well?

OL: Yes, of course. That also would have been the case if she had not been present in the room. It probably happened when she didn’t sit directly in front of the device after it was turned off. Her prior presence alone, the information of her person is sufficient.

E: Yes, that's interesting. I asked last time from a different angle. What is actually going on and whether it is possible for more highly developed spiritual beings to enter the structure of the device without any human medium.

OL: That was the conversation with Claudius, who said to my knowledge, it looks for every opportunity to manifest itself, if that is what is meant.

E: Yes, yes.

OL: But of course this is a very, very, very further developed form, where spirit does not mean a spiritual being from our world, but  neutral spirit as spirit information.

E: In the cosmic world, where cosmos does not mean the material cosmos, but in the spiritual.

OL: Yes, in the spiritual sense, i.e. when devices, so-called intelligent devices, should be built in the future and spirit manifests, it will not be as such that a spiritual being from our world will manifest there....

E: Aha

OL: ... what is the case so far.

E: Yes, I see.

OL: If your computer or if your tape device is manipulated, then it is a fact, that this comes from our spiritual level. However, in regard to these future devices, that might be used, this is a different kind of spirit influence.

E: Yes.

W: It is interesting, we just before this séance heard your voice, which was heard as direct voice in Leslie Flint's home.

OL: Yes, I have worked with very good mediums. But as I said, they are all located more on the philosophical side, so that it is difficult to transmit scientific scripts to you. And you would have noticed this yourself within your previous work in the Scole Group.

Even there, we had the opportunity to speak through two very excellent mediums, but we could only give directions and vague explanations, because even for a scientist here, things are often not easy to describe in earthly terms and also sometimes not repeatable from our side, as you know.

W: This repeatability is characteristic of science here, so that if it is repeatable, it is in the realm of credibility.

OL: This is certainly not the case for us experimenters, as we are convinced by these phenomena, but not all scientists over here. There are some who reject it.

HS: Were you in Ibiza in the same room during the sitting with Stewart (as medium), and are you now here in the same room with Karin (as medium)?

WAS: I'm sitting here! (Pointing to the left seat next to Karin) but only Karin is aware, but she doesn’t always feel it when she is busy. If she would sit quietly in meditation, she would feel my presence as perhaps a cool breeze.

I would like to say that not every medium feels the same sensations. It is often the case that someone is in the room, and the medium is not able to feel this spirit physically. It depends on the current condition and how deep the medium is spiritually connected with us at that moment.

It often happens that questions are already answered, like in this session, that have not yet been asked. It is, that when you have a question ready, we already respond to it at the appropriate time, as we are in advance informed about the information you are interested in.

But basically it is always better to articulate questions in collaboration with the voice medium, since the medium can then take up the question.

Sometimes we receive your written down or mental questions in advance, which we then answer before you asked, without the medium being aware of it.

HS: It does not always have to be a question, it can also be a message, without presence of a medium?

WAS:  (Father of HS) Yes, as I have already said a while ago, if you extend your antenna accordingly and you don’t want to send a  message  superficially, but there must be a deep inner need.  And you can only achieve this state when you come to rest, not force anything and think of me. You may imagine me, perhaps, as I sit comfortably in the mountains, breathe the fresh air or elsewhere, where you think I might feel good.

And then we are in alignment and we can exchange thoughts. Then I can receive your thoughts. It is not as easy as to flip the switch and make it work, it is not that easy.

You must remember when you go into the next world, you may not necessarily be still interested in the earthly world, and as for your other relatives, they are - and this is no judgement - just not too keen on it. They want to focus on their own further advancement. They might believe, and that's just something dogmatic from earthly thoughts: let us rest. They may, eventually will, overcome this. But that does not mean, that you maybe do not receive messages via a different medium, through a medium, who works in these certain areas.

Also the communicator over here and the medium on your side must match. This medium here would not necessarily want to channel everyone from our world. So that so the structures have to be right. There is no rating, each medium is structured differently.

HS: So it would be possible that you would like to communicate through a medium and the medium blocks your message?

WS: Let me explain this way. Not every medium can channel every message. Suppose I would like to communicate something of general interest, something philosophical or scientific through a medium. Then a  medium, as there are many in England, who tell you in half an hour something about their relatives over here - they may give you names and dates – would not be a suitable medium for these topics we want to bring over to you.

They communicate with a specific area here and are specialized in this. I could use this medium, perhaps, as you call it, to give some so-called  'Evidence' in the form of names, dates, etc. to be transmitted, but not full details of for example my present existence, because the medium is not accordingly structured for this.

With this medium, with Karin, it is the other way round. She specializes in a certain way of communication, which helps you to and also perhaps many other people to understand what we have to say at this level of consciousness  which is valid for all humans.

FJ: (Friedrich Jürgenson)  We try to mentally adjust to the group, which naturally appears different from today's perspective compared to the work 40 years ago. But 40 years ago it also worked, and possibly the whole subject changed in regards to TBS, so that today we must first address the psyche of the people. This is also due to your fast paced world. Because if we do not, we find no connection, and the connection to the experimenter needs to be established first. And then secondly to the device, which we of course try to manipulate by impulse. But first, the experimenter is for us the most important link.

It is also possible in complete silence, but it depends on, with whom you communicate. There are experimenters who cannot create any message in absolute silence. They need a medium, i.e. the language as a medium or a device as a medium. It is different for each individual, everything is possible. But of course you can also try to get TBS in a total silence. If you run the tape recorder in a silent room and get a voice, then this is unmistakable.

Often, of course, you receive a croaking, because no medium (carrier) is available.

FJ: It depends on myself and of course the mediumship of the receiver - and the TV as means for the purpose, as medium in connected to the experimenter – not as living but imprinted medium.

W: So it was deliberately caused by you?

FJ: Yes, yes,  and it is often the case that we don’t know in advance what exactly will be te outcome, but it is a strong connection - if you will - one might say a telepathic connection, because I am as the sender attach to the receiver, and both of us create the image. Although the receiver is unaware of this process, the receiver assists that this picture comes about.

A: (Adelheid about a drawing, which Karin has painted because of  the picture Adelaide gave Karin during a séance as visualisation) It so happens that we are connected with each other, and if we transmit something (Visual) to the medium, we have a certain image that passes into the medium's imagination.

Cl: In former times you could identify by code, if you like, who sent the message, because language was not used, instead messages were transferred via sensations (telepathy).

W: Are there any special dispositions for it, ....

Cl: Yes.

W: ... that one is better gifted for that than the other?

Cl: Of course, as you also know from history, attempts have been made before, not too long ago, in England with mediums who had special skills, you have read about it ...

W: Yes.

Cl ... and these people also belong to it.

You could conduct different experiments with them and would find out, that, in terms of telepathy, they are just especially gifted and have highly trained sensors.

You could practice it. It is also a matter of practice. Of course you might not have the same result like these gifted mediums, but in spite of that you can still practice, if you arrange a certain code with another person.

First you try at an agreed specific time, and then you might choose a specific location or a specific room, etc., etc. In the end you can specifically say that this person wants to send a message, because you receive the impulse e.g. at a certain place, at a certain time.

W: It doesn’t seem to always lead to success.

Cl: No, the constellation around you must be right. You must be in a certain mood, you must be in a particular environment. If you, for example, are constantly disturbed, you can not do telepathic exercises. You have to actually set up your life accordingly, which is of course not always possible. I don’t want to encourage you here, but it is interesting nevertheless, to attempt such exercises.

W: Does motivation play a role, I think, in places where radio waves don’t reach, many experiments with submarine communication have been made, so that communication with people under water, where no electromagnetic waves or other communication is received , may not lead to success?

Cl: A telepathic connection will not be interrupted by these outside circumstances, if the person has focused his antennas and receives a message in highest need from a sunken submarine. That has nothing to do with it.

W: Distress is certainly a special incentive to send something, consciously or unconsciously. But also, if there is no need, but simply, that no one is reachable. But it is completely independent of your view, .....

Cl: Yes.

W: ... also of any matter?

Cl: It must be independent, because if we would be dependant on matter or electromagnetic waves in this regard, it would not fit into the spiritual areas.

W: Yes, that makes sense.

Spirit: When we speak from here, via a medium for the first time, generally a few of our emotions come up, which then are partly adopted by the medium, but this is normal and natural. It always gets better. It was so when Adelaide communicated at the beginning. But now there is really only a pleasant, partly humorous conversation. As if Adelaide or I sit here in your group.

W: That's exactly in the direction of responsibility. We talked earlier about the essence, this fortune-teller who has talked about things in the other world, which she had partially invented herself, only to stay in business, and we realised that this responsibility is immense.

Cl: Yes. These people obviously have a tough "job" if you like, as depending on - they are just people – how they feel at present, they have a more or less access to their helpers in the other world. Of course, here it is particularly important that these mediums work responsibly, which means if they have no access, then they maybe could use the time to help that person in a different way, by supporting him and at least switch on their own intuition, but not tell the client what they want to hear and not say things that can end in tragedy, which is also dangerous for the medium itself, because it will either during it’s time on earth or on our side get the feedback. So it is.

W: That goes back to the question of "consciousness". Probably such a medium isn’t aware of the whole consequence, however in spite of that, it must then (10.38 voice hm "") work out these things after transition.

Cl: You must remember, a medium is not necessarily a very - as far as the consciousness goes - advanced being, it has the gift to gain access to a spiritual plane, with which it has then contact, however, it is not necessarily aware, what it means when it abuses his ability.

Normally it should answer the person, who sits opposite, truthfully, and if this is not possible, then it must cancel the session. Of course it would - as you say so beautifully – stop the Rubel from rolling, but that's the price for it, because you can not have it all.

A medium, that works in that way, has no, if you like, healthy access to the spiritual world anyway, because which spiritual being would support such a way, allegedly helping other people? Hardly a spiritual being, which is here at home at an advanced level of consciousness, so that you can assume that this medium, although possibly has access to the world beyond, but that this access is not necessarily based on a respectable manner.

W: I can follow.

Cl: Yes, yes. You must take in consideration, that this medium is on the same consciousness level as the clients, because like attracts like.

W: Yes.