Claudius and his friends answer questions to the topic Karma.

Introduction by Claudius: It is talked about karma, cause and effect, so that people believe: I will have, if I am a good human in this life, a good karma and will be privileged in my next life.

Cl: It is not the case that a life is chosen, a new one, due to certain karma. It is not like that.

Principally all incarnations with all probability worlds exist from the start, and each life - perhaps it sounds trivial, since we constantly repeat ourselves - is in existence side by side parallel at the same time cased by the simultaneity of time. Your life in the 16th century - as example only - is running at the same time we sit here together with you.

You are at any time, in every moment connected to these incarnations including all respective individual aspects.

To answer the question clearly, you actually always again run across people you still have to clear up something with where there are joint problems not yet are solved, and in these cases you talk about karma. But the problem settling is not solved one after another. It is not so that in one life you suffer caused by a wrongdoing in a life before. It all happens “now” at the same time simultaneously because of the parallel running incarnations in form of an interaction.

So that if a person tells you: “I have had so and so many lives and now I have ended the cycle of incarnations, because I have worked up my karma”. It is not so that you have to incarnate again caused by a “karmic guiltiness” in a former life. No, it cannot be, because all existences are taking place at the same time, and in every incarnation a part of you is included, and impulses flow from one incarnation into the other interactively.

Not strictly as you appear now physically and mentally structured, but a part of your whole being is involved in all these lives like at the moment a part of your whole being is included in this life as well.

AE: (Albert Einstein) You cannot say after this incarnation: “I did not accomplish all I intended to, now I will catch up in another life”. This will not be possible; you have to solve the problem right away, because the incarnation you want to transfer it to is already in progress together with this incarnation.

So that an exchange is not possible in form of one after the other, but at the same time. How this works underlies an automatism you are not aware of.

A:  I know amongst the esoterics it is common knowledge that everything is karmic induced. That would mean that you perhaps in one life would have to carry a big burden. This is not so extraordinary if you consider that you at the same time are connected with all your other incarnations that run simultaneously and that you vice versa take over duties as balance or settlement.

Karma is something you back up within a chain-liking with other incarnations. You might unaware realize that there is help necessary and you take over an action or a task from another incarnation into you life to work it up because your life conditions are predestined to handle it.

E: Yes, and we tend to concretely imagine that it is in the sense of “Cause and Effect”.

A: It is not that you get punished for your sins in a former life.

Cl: What we would like to put into perspective is that you in a “bad” life find the cause of something happening in another life, this is not the case. There is no cause-effect-principle in this sense. Of course one life reaches into the other, but not on the cause-effect-principle.

As said before, here are interactions involved. It is principally an act of humanity, of cosmic love to solve the problems you have in another life. There is no suffering involved caused by something done wrong in a former life.

In your life always an effect needs a cause. So that if the A-bomb is brought into action this is the cause for the effect that afterwards thousands, hundred thousands of human beings come to death. Every accident on the motorway is cause for a traffic jam. For you it is every day recognizable that everything that happens in your lives was caused by something, and so this cause-effect-principle thinking makes sense for your every day’s collective life.