Helen Duncan


Script-Excepts of a Trance Séance in English language with Claudius Congregation whereby Claudius conveyed a conversation with Helen Duncan.



Cl: My friends, now I leave you to Helen Duncan.

HD: Hello friends!

W/E: Hello.

HD: I'm sure, you did not expect that I would speak tonight.

W: No, I didn't.

HD: I have to get used to this kind of connection. As you know, I was a physical medium, and connections to the spirit world at that time were a bit different. Where I speak from now is not the so called ”evidential” area, the evidential plane you could perhaps say, it's more the ”informative” one as you yourselves experience for all these years practicing this work. It is very interesting. I was drawn - ... let's say drawn – to this (special) spirit plane (meant is the plane from where Claudius speaks and Helen was invited to for this sitting to talk to us), since I'm very familiar with those people working with you from here, some of them are countrymen of mine.

I, of course, would like to talk in your language, and perhaps this might be possible at a later stage or another time. At the moment, I would say we both feel quite comfortable to speak in my language, if you don't mind.

W: No, not at all.

HD: You know, I was drawn to you not only through (my contact) with the people on my side, but also by your interest in my work, and also by your connections nowadays to my country, because I very often watch what happens in these circles.

Of course, you will not find too many physical mediumships nowadays, and, as you already discussed before, because of partly the danger. Perhaps now I would not be so much without any doubts in respect to the danger that can occur to you (as a medium).

Well, anyhow, I know, Walter, you have quite some questions. Although you do not have your question scripts with you, I'm sure you have something in mind to ask me, ...

W: Sure, yes.

HD: ... as well as the other gentleman, ...

W: Ernst.

HD: ... Ernst.

So perhaps we can talk a little while, and if I cannot answer all your questions tonight, we could continue our get-together or little conversation at another date, if you would like to.

W: We definitely can.

HD: For me and my friends over here, this conversation, of course, is of great value, and I'm very much drawn to the medium. She's got a lovely nature.

Now, please start to ask me what you want to know.

W: Thank you very much. I felt quite emotional touched when I read Alan Crossley´s book about your life, the various stages in your life were absolutely fascinating.

HD: Well, I had this gift not only to please others, but also being quite humble with this gift, I was able to feed my family, as you know. Actually, this gift is not for using it outside in public to have yourself admired. It is also for those people quite lifesaving that live in poor social condition, as in my case.

W: I understand this, and it is really the part where I got a feeling for the differences between the times in which we live now compared to your time. This somehow gives us a feeling for the difficulties in which you were living.

HD: Yes. And, of course, if you overdo things (medium's work) you get a bit punished at the end. Nowadays mediums would not have to produce themselves in that way so much. They are a bit spoiled now usually, not so much in England, but on the continent, because people start to admire them which is not good for the ego - and often gifts, spiritual gifts vanish quite easily.  

W: Yes, this is the general danger.  My remark specifically referred to your life and the situation where you had to feed your family, you jumped in for your husband, and all that was very difficult.  

HD: Yes.

W: So, I understand you as a consequence gave more sessions than was good for your health, I can understand that.

HD: Yes.

W: Perhaps you can confirm this, I'm pretty sure you are in contact with Oliver.  

HD: Yes, also with Conan Doyle and to Karin's beloved Hannen Swaffer. He is an admirable guy,…

W: Absolutely.

HD: … and all those that were involved at that time, not only in my time, but later times, the ones that died in the meantime and were in contact with some people (earthly).

W: I'm sure with Oliver.

HD: Yes, but I mean living people.

W: Yes, living, okay.

HD: Of course Oliver Lodge was very helpful at that time, although I did not have great contact. It was for other mediums, he was very helpful, yes.

W: We have meanwhile contact to Stewart Alexander and once to David Thompson.

HD: Oh, yes, I know.

W: Think you know them.

HD: I know Stewart. I am in mental contact with him, we have connections in form of spiritual experiences, and of course he knows about me, and he knows about my life and he is interested as well, and he was with Alan Crossley.

W: And you probably know or are in contact with Minnie Harrison.

HD: Yes, of course, and all these mediums, also Mrs. Leonard I'm in contact with - with others as well, I could tell you I think a hundred names, Arthur Findlay and those that were pioneers.

W: That I would call you, an exceptional pioneer in this field.

HD: Yes, of course, I was quite, let's say, gifted in that way. But others were as well, perhaps a bit in a different way, but I must admit, yes, I was gifted.  

W: May I ask a few questions to the mechanism?

HD: Yes, this is what you wanted to know, and I hope I can help you and are able to bring it over. Basically I know what you mean, what you want to know.

W: I imagine, you were sitting while still on earth, working as a medium with a group of people, consisting of those that mostly had lost somebody and had the desire to get in contact.

HD: The séances.

W: Yes, sittings as it was in the years 1922/1923 or whenever. How does the contact come into existence? The sitters were people who might have lost a brother or father, how does it work?

HD: The presence of the sitters draws spirits towards them. There is an automatism that spirits who are of course willing and open for that venture feel drawn to the present people in the séance room. And to materialize is possible mainly through their openness. If somebody is dogmatized, let's say by church that this kind of sittings are evil, it will not be possible. You have to be very open and let's say free or open minded. And then these things happen automatically.

You know, sometimes spirits have difficulties to materialize, they have difficulties because of happenings in their past life. They probably recall these terrible horrifying happenings and then have difficulties. As more as you can free yourself from past life happenings, let's say unhappy experiences, and think more about the happy things you perhaps had together with one of the sitters in the room, the easier it is.

There is something that has to be taken into consideration, the spirit mind has something to do with the outcome of the ectoplasm shape, figuration, and, of course, love as well, the sitter's love, because probably nobody would go to a trance séance when they do not have love in their mind and admiration for the person in spirit world (they want to get into contact with). If you as a sitter would have negative feelings about the spirit, the (loved-)one that had died, it would not be possible for that one to manifest in an ectoplasm shape.

Now, to the medium, you wanted to know, what is the medium's part.

W: Yes, exactly.

HD: Yes, let me explain. As a deep trance medium you just have a total black out. You're taken somewhere. Sometimes, of course, when you are back, you remember your spiritual journey, but not always. Spirit takes care of your mind, of your consciousness, and they bring you usually to a nice place where you can rest in the meantime, and they take over, of course, your consciousness, your awake consciousness.

Only then, of course, you are ready and in line with the ectoplasm phenomena. You agree in advance. You already have that gift - you bring it into this life. Sometimes it develops later in life, because it would not be too good to develop very early. As you know, ectoplasm mediums often are not too well in their health. It is not that the gift itself harms you, but if you can't handle it properly, and mediums are sometimes (in that way) a bit stubborn, it can harm your health.

Because you are then constantly in a different (consciousness) plane, it is not too good for your physical health. Normally through the day you are involved in the earthly environment and - as you say – you ”swing” in a normal vibration, an earthly vibration. If you are in contact with spirit you are at a different vibration level. And if you overdo that, it harms you. This has not only something to do with ectoplasm mediums, but with all mediums.  I hope this was helpful.

W: Yes, thank you very much. The point is that in connection with these phenomena it looks like that always there is a child involved, perhaps it even materializes. Is that something for the sitters to make them open or is there another reason for this?

HD: There is not really a necessity, but, of course, it brings a lot of joy; it brings a lot of joy for sitters as well as for spirits. It is sometimes a child who comes over and did not have a very happy life, childhood. And then it wants to express its joy that it has received on our spiritual plane. But it is a typical English thing as well, it is the English manner in loving spirit children.  It is to show that not only elderly that die are able to be around, but also the children, and it is of course very helpful for those people that love children, that they can see they are not lost really.

W: Yes.  In that difficult moments when the police rushed in to disturb one of your séances, is that something that has to happen and you cannot prevent this, or is that something where spirit should or could have foreseen that something might go wrong in such a way?

HD: I know what you mean. It probably was a bit incautious by everybody involved.

W: Yes.

HD: But it is sometimes that cannot not really to be overseen, something that happens within the next hour. So usually when spirits expect happenings like that or - let's say - anticipate them, they would not allow the ectoplasm phenomena. It is very hard to blame anybody, perhaps it was even a bit incautious by myself.  We perhaps should have been a bit more careful.

W: Let's not blame anybody, it is just that you cannot always foresee everything.

HD: Yes, not always. Of course, I understand your point, you say: Spirit, they should know! Right, they should know, but sometimes things happen that are not be overseen in advance.

W: Sometimes I ask myself, if something like that has to happen at a certain point.

HD: I know what you mean.

W: Yes, like a destiny.

HD: Like a destiny …!? - well, it is hard to say, might be, might be, so that others can learn out of it. That might be, you are quite right, that could be, because life not only brings joy, life sometimes has to be lived the hard way, so you yourself and others learn out of it.

I did not have this view at that time, but now since I can see this life, this past life of mine from another stage, I might agree to what you say.

W: We sometimes say, the time can accept a certain amount of phenomena and then needs a certain interruption.

HD: Yes, it is usually a consequence as well out of your doing. There is a consequence on earth, and you have to feel the consequences, so that you learn out of it.

W: We are planning to see Stewart Alexander and Tom Harrison very soon. Is there something, you would like us to pass on as message?

HD: Yes, I would love to give them a message and tell them that I know very much about their work. And it's funny, it comes all together like a circle sometimes. Things happen and then the circle is closed. So the circle this time will be closed with your talks about our work.

And it is a joint venture always, because we are always connected, you help us, we help you. So, I will be very much looking forward to listen to your talks. It will be very, very interesting for you, because you are connected with these people, not only on that earth plane, but as spirits as well. (Manifestation on the recording device at this moment for about 3 seconds: background voices like high singing) You know what I mean?

W: Yes, I think so, yes. I think all those people interested in spiritual matters are somehow connected.

HD: Yes, but there is sometimes a certain affinity to people, others perhaps do not have to these people. There is a certain affinity, and this is based on a spiritual connection, a spiritual basis.

W: Yes. It is quite interesting, after all your extremely well received and appreciated demonstrations of producing thousands of Ectoplasm-Phenomena as evidence to the living relatives and friends of spirit entities, there was quite an interruption of that. For many years nothing comparable happened anymore. Now it starts a little bit again with Stewart and David, and there is activity to revive it. Is that something that’s out of date?

HD: Well, let's say, at that time, in the early 20th century there was more necessity. People were quite - let's say - in activities with themselves. You did not have television, you did not have much around in your life. A lot of people had losses in the war, and common suffering brings people together, especially in England, since we had these spirit experiences for a long time and perhaps more intensively than you had it on the continent. It brings people together.

And then came a time when people had much more activity in their lives, they enjoyed other things. It was not so much important any more, and people almost forgot about it, or they rather went to a medium for fortune telling, which still nowadays is ongoing.

Things change. Of course, you as well need to have the right medium. And if there is at a certain time nobody with this gift incarnated you will not have physical mediumship. It has something to do with these circumstances as well.

It might be that now the phenomena is being brought to people once more, but perhaps in ten, twenty years it comes to an end again, or let's say you will not hear too much about it any more, because perhaps people practice it more in private, in private circles, perhaps not in that extraordinary ways it was done at my time, but in a smaller frame.

W: Yes. Is there something what we can do for you or somebody else, do you have a special request?

HD: This is very nice of you. The only thing you can do, think about me, talk about me, not because I would be proud directly – perhaps a little, well – but when I'm in contact with you, of course, it draws me to your earth plane. And, since I am still interested, it will help me, because while over here I am giving some lectures too, so I can bring in your (earthly) experiences as well.

W: Yes.

E: The main point is the connection between the two planes.

HD: Yes, that's very important, and you will feel that way as well when you come over of course. I was trained to be connected with spirits, and you are trained in a way, perhaps a bit in a different way, you are more trained with spirits perhaps than I was, because I usually was constantly away when they worked through me, but still I had connections, I felt that way.

So when you come over and you already had connections with spirit entities, it is so much easier - it really is because you are already used to the nature, to the structure of spirit ”people”. So, you can converse right away in a way – before you would have had difficulties with – just mentally, just mentally. And if somebody is not trained and comes over to the spirit world, to the astral plane, they cannot put things together.

E: Yes.

HD: They are in a kind of dream. They think they are dreaming, and then they wonder because usually a dream ends and afterwards you are again in a different state. This they remember that when you on earth have a dream you wake up and then you are again in a different state of consciousness. They still have this remembrance. But over here the dream goes on, and on, and on.

So if you are not trained in this, you might have difficulties. Some people who had no connections before and are very good in learning, they capture it right away, but most earthly people, coming over to our plane, cannot put things together. So it is very valuable that you had connections before.

W: Sure. Well, we very much appreciate your explanations, and it would be nice, once we have discussed the scripts of today's session to ask you some more questions.

HD: Yes, of course. I'm very much willing and pleased to come back, because I find it quite easy here to talk, it is a good feeling, it is a good atmosphere, do you know what I mean?

W: Yes, yes.

HD: And it is very important that you are in a loving atmosphere, it then is much easier to converse.

W: You are very welcome here.

HD: Yes. Thank you very much for listening to me.

W/E: We thank you, bye, bye