Introduction by Claudius

Cl: I come to you as Claudius superficially, so that you have a contact partner over here, but at the same time I come in my whole function, with my whole consciousness.

My task at the same time is not only to answer your questions, but I also act over here as tutor in a kind of study group, that means, as I already have mentioned before, quite a lot of spirits learn from our discussions with you, and this is an important assignment I am willing to fulfil.

There are very inquiring spirits over here, not only lay people, but also, you would say, highly intelligent spirits, having played important parts on the earth plane in science, economy and other areas of life.

They are all here to learn from our conversations, and since principally now our work went into a different direction in so far that more and more spirits from our side are interested in it, so that individual spirits around me are now able to talk to you as well, we should find a new term for our team over here: Congregation, this would be adequate.

A (Adelheid): For you the meetings do not take place too often. Over here it is different, over here the Congregation is existing constantly. Not that every member of the Congregation is always present, but the team always exists. Not everybody is present when we converse with you. If necessary it is sent out a thought impulse and the team gets together automatically.

It is not only that topics are discussed with you, but we over here discuss topics amongst ourselves as well, perhaps with a different focus, more oriented on spirit spheres. And in addition when your impulses reach us, your thoughts, than we also discuss these topics over here like you handle that in earthly conferences, where everybody present speaks freely.

E: Now we assume that you all still have a memory, so that you can remember.

A: If we want to.

E: If you want to, that means if we assume that a group gets together to discuss a certain topic this group would have the ability at a later meeting to remember what was discussed at the last meeting. Could we assume that you draw on the contents of the first discussion, or would you just leave it and take on a new topic?

A: It is retrievable, but it is not that everybody’s opinion is still the same, because other aspects might have occurred in the meantime. It is similar to your earthly conditions. Of course all this applies to special groups over here, it is not that everybody in spirit constantly is interested to communicate. There are some that do not converse at all, they have different interests.

But a group like ours always is in contact with one another, there is constant interaction, because the structure of the spirits is suitable, it is the mental attitude.

E: Yes, that is difficult to understand, because we always make comparisons with our earthly meetings. We have to be physically present, you don’t.

A: This is not the case over here.

E: Yes of course.

Cl: The Congregation team has got an exceptional position, since different levels work together, which is not ordinary. So that this group works in a “special area”, where from different levels impulses are bundled.

W: We sometimes use in the English language the expression ”Diagonal Slice”, figuratively a cut through various consciousness levels, representing various levels.

Cl: Yes, there are possibilities over here you can’t imagine, and this group here is one of these possibilities, one of the many possibilities, one that is extraordinary.

E: Could we assume, Claudius, that this dialogue for instance, concerning more or less factual questions from our side, is being partly perceived by the whole group?

Cl: Yes, of course, at any time. If it is necessary that one of the communicators needs support, than it is only a thought from other spirits that slips into the conversation. All what is said by the spirits communicator is covered by the whole team over here. Not one in the group would disagree with what is said.

Spirits in our group represent their individual manners, but in co-ordination with the group. We are connected through a spirit network. All thoughts by an individual spirit are absorbed by the group.

And if there is help necessary and backing up is requested, the group automatically is alarmed and gives support.

E: An interaction.

Cl: Yes, within the group everybody brings in their individual version. The terminology might be different, but the sense is the same. Spirits might answer your questions in a different way, but the content is the same. Principally everybody in the team could answer your questions, but for you it is more interesting to talk to experts if certain topics are concerned.

 OL: (Oliver Lodge) Yes, quite some time passed since we talked to each other, and today I’m the speaker in our team. But, as you know, at the same time all in the group participate in a way.

A: Our group is a special one that is only in contact with you in this special way. From this level we only have contact to you. If somebody else on your side asserts to have contact with us, with Claudius or Adelheid for instance, then it might be on a different level. Do you know what I mean?

 E: Yes.

 A: Other contacts would not be with this level. This group, as is consists as Claudius Congregation, only is in contact with you.

AE: Yes, dear friends, in our realm Albert Einstein is a spirit as any other over here. On this level different laws dominate our being. Here different laws are accepted in regard to your earthly origin and background. You might not be able to conceive this, but in our team there does not exist any professional pride, ego or motives that are self-seeking. This is the reason why we are in this group (the Claudius Congregation) together in harmony and right order.

It is our desire to talk to you. It is not so that it is only your privilege to talk to us, but it also is vice versa, it is our privilege to talk to you, because humans are rare that are prepared to listen to us and are interested in the topics discussed with you in this circle.

I will not use the formal German ”Sie”, since we are already acquainted in this small circle. I will use the “You” since I am as well familiar with that and since it is much easier to converse.

RE: What was the reason you came tonight?

BH: (Burkhard Heim) I had the feeling I was called, there was an attraction to talk in this circle tonight. I anyway would have come, perhaps another time, but the topics and the current discussions attracted me. In our group over here we too still have different opinions, but we do not have quarrels.

Cl: You have to take into consideration that principally the opinions merge and it could be that spirits have the same opinion but it is brought over to you individually in different expressions. I could have answered to the last question myself, but probably we at the end would have ended in a different discussion.

W: Of course.

Cl: Perhaps we would have chosen at the beginning the same topic, but we would have ended somewhere else, because I am more settled in philosophics.

Cl: I feel quite obliged and it is a pleasure for me to also help other spirits to converse with you within the Congregation what might otherwise not be possible.

We stay in close contact to each other and in harmony so that it is blessing for me to converse with you within our team over here.

There are besides these contacts to you other areas where I have assignments. To explain this would go beyond the scope of this discussion. If you are interested we could talk about this at another time.

W: What we discussed in our circle here was the question what have spirits in common to be affected on your side when we send an impulse. Could you try to bring near to us what is common amongst the Congregation members, what have the individual spirits in common, that they respond to a certain question?

Cl: The Congregation consists of spirits, the inner core of the Congregation, that, you would say function on the same wave length, that means the content, the body of thought, if we at all could talk about thoughts, also the mental intellect – that does not mean necessarily earthly qualifications like mathematics, physics or else, they have in common the spiritual advanced consciousness which has, as we discussed before, to do with the release of the ego.

Therefore all spirits involved have the ability to answer your questions. and will give you some names so that you get an  idea – AE, OL etc. – these are only examples, all together there are of course many more, and as you already mentioned they have in common a collective consciousness.

Other spirits that are invited in the Congregation team once in a while, are for that time being part of it. We welcome them as temporary members. They have a similar structure to yours otherwise they could not communicate from our spheres to you. After the communication they return to their usual levels.

W: Yes.

Cl: I give you an example. Let’s say the visitor that was here over a while ago, is not part of the inner core of the congregation, but he is interested in what we are doing. For that he came, but he normally is at home in a different area of the spirit world.

The number of the Congregation members is not determined. It varies if spirits are figuratively step into a different level.

Not every member of the congregation converses with you. There are also in respect to communication passive members.

W: What is the difference between a higher consciousness and a lower consciousness?

Cl: We do not consider it in that way. It is only vocabulary to convey to you the difference between the various activation steps. Higher or lower does principally not exist, because the perimeter of the human consciousness is for everybody the same and non-varying. You can only activate for the given situation a certain step of the consciousness that is at your disposal altogether. This applies to us as well.

W: Yes.

Cl: If we talk to you about a “higher” consciousness then a spirit in question has merely activated their consciousness where others might have not activated theirs yet. It is necessary to leave out the judgment.

That means a so called ”higher” consciousness is a further elimination of ones ego.

W: Is it the actual criterion to release the ego?

Cl: To realise the ego and consequently serve the community.

W: Yes.

W: Are there certain principles of abandonment in the direction of more community?

Cl: You would perhaps say more in the direction of almightiness or something what some people understand under divinity. Then basically almost your whole ”Consciousness of Self” is dissolved. But at that point we are not yet. It is something we practice to get ready.

Cl: If the reader of this website asks, you are able to pass on what we try to tell you, but directly to put yourself in our position is not possible.

If a person is honestly interested to investigate the spirit realms than he will find it most interesting what we convey to you.

W: It was a problem we discussed in our circle. We of course suggest the Congregation as something consisting of various entities and spirits that all have their own areas of activity and now via an impulse are organized into a team. This means time is involved if we consider an earthly impulse.

Cl: This impulse, which you might consider as thought, exists principally not as something that happens. “IT IS”, it is something that in “this moment” is activated. To explain it is very difficult, and for hat reason we use the term “impulse”, because it comes the nearest to that what actually happens. For you it is only possible to imagine it in sequences, for us there is no time involved.

It is a situation that already “is” which is activated through an impulse. It is not that we are spatially separate over here, as you are on earth.

You always have a picture in mind, and this is quite all right. Karin would like to see us spirits within the Congregation around an oval table to chat with you.

W: Yes.

(amusement on both sides)

Cl: It might be quite disillusioned for you that it is totally different, we understand that. The multidimensionality makes it possible that we are principally simultaneously all over the spirit world. But this is another topic.

Cl: Yes, disillusioning, since it is not like that.

W: Difficult to grasp.

W: Since you in one of the sittings offered to tell us more about the members of the Congregation, this would be a good opportunity today.

Cl: You want to know who is participating.

W: Yes, what kind of spirits.

Cl: All kinds of spirit entities, but mainly of course those that are interested in our topics.

They are spirits that are interested in topics you are interested in: the understanding of coherences, interhuman coherences, also philosophical topics. They are interested in discussing circumstances concerning earthly life as well as life in our spirit world, etc.

W: Is it an open group, has it got open borderlines?

Cl: Yes, there are no boundaries, you know. Sprits that do not feel free in our environment, do limit themselves. This is a self-adjusting factor.

W: Yes. You said spirits with “ higher“ consciousness also immerge.

Cl: Yes.

W: Is this a support for the Congregation or how would you describe it?

Cl: Yes, you can see it like that.

Cl: It is a labour of love, if you at all want to use the word love.

W: Yes, I can accept that.

Cl: You might ask what is the benefit for an advanced spirit to step down to a different level. Nothing directly, but it will still strengthen his consciousness. But in our area this is not the reason to have an advantage, since we do nothing for selfish reasons.

W: Since you are already a higher spirit within the Congregation, do you realize when a further spirit like you steps in to participate in your work?

Cl: Yes of course, the halo is much …

W: ... brighter.

Cl: We illuminate each other, but I usually put my halo down, because in the meantime it is quite heavy because of the huge size.

(amusement on both sides)

W: Illuminates the whole room. The recognition probably is possible. Is it then in some cases a surprise?

Cl: No, you are principally within the thought pattern of the other spirit, because we both join a collective consciousness, in which we are still self-aware, but principally it is kind of oneness.

And this also applies for all the Congregation members. I am able to adjust at any time to spirits from different levels.

It is similar to the situation when you talk to a high-school graduate. You converse in a total different way with him as if you would do with a primary-school pupil. You have to adapt to the child. It is more difficult the other way round, to converse from a deeper level of consciousness to a higher one.

E: This would have been my next question. How far are spirits amongst themselves transparent to each other, as long as they still are self-aware?

Cl: Yes, we are transparent for each other. There is no limit for spirits that have activated their consciousness at the same level.

E: Yes, yes.

Cl: If you meet at the same level with similar spirit structure than principally everything is possible.

W: Then you are fully transparent with all your heroic deed and non-heroic deeds?

Cl: If necessary, yes. Out of fun we would not spy on each other.

W: Only if there is a need.

Cl: Yes, there must be a requirement, although we do not hide any secrets from each other. No one here is a “good” or a “bad” boy; we do not hide anything from each other. Still there exists an ethical guideline for protection of information.

On the astral plane it is anyhow not easy to step into other areas. Here also a requirement is necessary.

W: You said you are a tutor. Can you describe it to us?

Cl: Yes I have taken over the function to keep together the team of the Congregation, since some co-ordination once in a while is necessary and advisable.

W: Well, against 2000 years it is difficult to cope.

Cl: What I would like to mention. Your friend Nikolas Kopernikus is also member of the Congregation, but he is not a big ...

W: ... communicator.

Cl: ... not a big communicator, yes.